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No. 1.-Statement of the Number of Unions formed, with the Agency of each

Assistant Commissioner; the Number of Parishes united; the Po-

pulation; and the Average Amount of Poor-rates


2.—List of the Unions, with the Names of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman,

Clerk, and Auditor of each respectively


3.—List of Unions for which Workhouses have been ordered by the Poor

Law Commissioners to be built or purchased, with the Number of

Persons to be provided for, and the Sum authorized to be expended.

(Continued from Third Annual Report, Appendix (C.) No. 4) 329

4.-List of Unions for which Workhouses have been ordered by the Poor

Law Commissioners to be altered and enlarged, with the sums

authorized to be expended. (Continued from Third Annual Report,

Appendix (C.) No. 5.)

. 333

5.-List of Unions in which Parochial Property has been sold under the

Orders of the Poor Law Commissioners, with a Statement of the

purposes to which the proceeds have been directed to be applied 334

6.-Statement of the Number of Persons who have emigrated, and of the

Sums the Poor Law Commissioners have authorized to be raised or

borrowed, between July, 1837, and July, 1838. (Continued from
Third Annual Repori, Appendix (C.) No. 6.)


7.-List of Unions formed, Parishes included therein, Population, Average

Poor's Rate, and Number of Guardians. (Continued from Third

Annual Report, Appendix (C.) No. 9.)


8.--Comparative Statement of Expenditure for the Relief of the Poor in

the Parish of Birmingham, and in the Parish of Aston, during the

Years euding 25th March 1837, and 25th March 1838


9,-Extracts from a “Report on the Progress and Present State of Pau-

perism in Berwickshire." By George Turnbull, Esq., W. S., and

Convener to a Committee of Inquiry (appointed by the Michaelmas

Head Court) as to the Relief of the Poor in that County. 364

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Poor Law Commission Office, MY LORD,

4th August, 1838. The approaching termination of the fourth year of our official employment again imposes upon us the duty of submitting to your Lordship

the Annual Report of our proceedings. The performance of that duty, at all times rendered difficult by the multifarious nature of those proceedings, becomes more embarrassing at the present moment, owing to the peculiarity of our position in reference to the committees of the two branches of the Legislature, who have instituted a searching examination both into the general and special results of the administration of the Poor Laws, under the regulations which we have issued, and who have not yet closed their labours.

Under these circumstances it is almost impossible for us to avoid the repetition or anticipation of facts which have been, or will be, made known to the public by those committees, and the statement of inferences or opinions which possibly may not be in exact accordance with those which they may place before Parliament in their Reports.

Whilst adverting to the proceedings of those committees, we venture to express our regret that the systematic course of amend. ment we have adopted in fulfilment of the objects of the Act under which we derive our authority, should have been unavoidably exposed to a protracted scrutiny whilst it was confessedly incomplete, and that so much of the attention of ourselves and our Assistant Commissioners, which would otherwise have been

on the defects within our view, or which must have been presented to us upon due revision, has been devoted to the

supplying of information necessarily required by the committees for the elucidation of so extensive a subject,--to the refutation of adverse statements, for the most part unfounded, which have been made to them or to Parliament, and to the support of those main principles of the law, at the several Boards of Guardians, to which, although originally adopted with cordiality, they have in some instances become less disposed to adhere, in consequence of the supposed indications of doubt manifested by the Legislature, by the institution of these inquiries.

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