The Court of King James the First, 2. köide

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R. Bentley, 1839

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Page 267 - Netherlands to train him up a soldier, and he makes a tolerable country justice, but a mere coward at fighting ; my next I sent to Cambridge, and he proves a good lawyer, but a mere dunce at divinity ; and my youngest I sent to the inns of court, and he is good at divinity, but nobody at the law.
Page 129 - Also, when I ride a hunting or hawking, or travel from one house to another, I will have them attending ; so, for either of those said women, I must and will have for either of them a horse. " Also, I will have six or eight gentlemen : and I will have my two coaches, one lined with velvet to myself, with four very fair horses; and a coach for my women, lined with sweet cloth, one laced with gold, the other with scarlet, and laced with watched lace and silver, with four good horses.
Page 112 - When Johnson was brought to the king's presence, the king asked him how he could conspire so hideous a treason against his children and so many innocent souls who had never offended him ? He answered, that dangerous diseases required a desperate remedy ; and he told some of the Scots that his intent was to have blown them back again into Scotland!
Page 283 - She is full and big-lipp'd, which is held a Beauty rather than a Blemish or any Excess in the Austrian Family...
Page 3 - I spake what of grief and choler as much against him as I could; and I think he standing at the door might very well hear the worst that I spoke of himself.
Page 128 - Now I have declared to you my mind for the settling of your state, I supposed that it were best for me to bethink, or consider with myself, what allowance were meetest for me. For, considering what care I...
Page 129 - Also, I would (besides the allowance for my apparel) have £600 added yearly (quarterly to be paid) for the performance of charitable works, and those things I would not, neither will, be accountable for. ' Also, I will have three horses for my own saddle, that none shall dare to lend or borrow ; none lend but I ; none borrow but you.
Page 125 - Hymen bringing in a bride, and Juno, Pronuba's priest, a bridegroom, proclaiming that those two should be sacrificed to nuptial union. And here the poet made an apostrophe to the union of the kingdoms ; but before the sacrifice could be performed, Ben Jonson turned the globe of the earth, standing behind the altar, and within the concave sat the eight men-maskers, representing the four Humours and the four Affections, who leaped forth and disturbed the sacrifice to union.
Page 106 - I generally hear to be held of your worth, together with the great interest you have in my Lord of Northampton's favour, makes me thus far presume of your willingness to do a poor afflicted gentlewoman that good office (if in no other respect, yet because I am a Christian) as to further me with your best endeavours to his Lordship, that it will please him to help me out of this great distress and misery, and regain me his majesty's favour, which is my chiefest desire.
Page 207 - The Lower House this day has been a little unruly ; but I hope it will turn to the best; for, before they rose, they began to be ashamed of it. Yet I could wish that the king would send down a commission...

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