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The attentive reader will find abundance of entertainment, instruction and edification in the perusal of this work. The prophetic chronology by which the different prophecito wranged into one continual series, and which seems to accord so well with history, merits the particular attention of the learned. I have no doubt, the Lord wil graciously bestow his bles. sing upon it, especially in the present critical juncture of times. The long and intimate friendship existing between the author and myself, pre. vents me from saying more, than to express my wish, that his learned labours may meet with that success, which they so eminently and deserv. edly merit.

J. HENRY CH. HELMUTH, D. D. Senior Reverendi Ministerii of the Evangelic Lutheran Church in Pennsylvania and the adjoining States, and Pastor of the

Lutheran Church in Pbiladelphia. Philadelphia, Oct. 11, 1816.

Reverend and Respected Sir, I have read with attention and pleasure, your “Prophetic History, &c.” In a style easy and luminous, and with a train of illustration purely evangelic, you have prepared a pleasing and edifying entertainment for your future readers. I am aware o the difficulties that have offered themselves to the Commentator on the Revelation of John. Every endeavour to elevate the veil, by which its prophecies as to import and period, are con

cealed from public view, deserves commendation. I shall be happy to see the principles contained in your introduction, employed in elucidating the latter chapters of the Apocalypse.

I am, Reverend Sir,

Your attentive Fellow Servant,

In the Kingdom and Patience of Jesus,

W. STAUGHTON, D. D. Pastor of the Baptist Church in the city of Philadelphia.

That the propheries of the Apocalypse, are progressing in their accomplishment, by the events of our own days, is an interesting truth; and that its credibility is abundantly established by the history of the ages, since its publication in the world, is clear to every well instructed and unprejudiced mind The partial conflict of interpreters, are so far from invalidating, that their discrepancies of sentiment on minor points, have exhibited the prophecy itself, in a clearer light, and given it a more convincing efficacy. ''Of these the Reverend Mr. Schmucker, has availed himself; his knowledge of the subject, and his piety, will strike every reader. Bengelius, he most prefers, whose discrimination and pungency are seen in his Gnomon. Mr. Schmucker's Prophetie History, &c. merits, and it is hoped, will receive the attention and gratitude, both of the Student, and the Christian

Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia,

Pastor of the Presbyterian Congregation of York-Town,

My Dear Friend and Brother, You have been so good as to send me the manuscript of your work, enti. tled “Prophetic History,&c. I had not time to read the whole of it; but what I did read, pleased me much. I have no doubt of its being a useful work, and have no hesitation in recommending it to the public. May your labours in the Vineyard of the Lord, not be in vain! And may this work of yours, be the means, in the hands of Providence, to bring many to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus, and to strengthen the faith of the weak,

Your's sincerely,

GEORGE LOCHMAN, A. M. Minister of the Lutheran Church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and

President of the German Lutheran Synod of Pennsylvania.

BALTIMORE, Nov. 20, 1816, Reverend Sir, I have attentively read your Exposition of the Apocalypse. The new plan which you have adopted to elucidate the Prophetical Chronology, is a proof of ingenuity and deep research. Every attempt, by a discerning mind, to explain this prophetic Book, which certainly is drawing near its fulfilment, deserves commendation. Your readers will be gratified with many historical facts, and pious reflections.

I sincerely wish the public may be favoured with a continuation of this pteresting work, and solicit you to lose no time in its completion.

I am, very respectfully,

Yours, &c.

DANIEL KURTZ, D. D. Minister of the Lutheran Congregation in the city of Baltimore.

Reverend Sir, I have only had time to take a cursory view of the work of the Reverend Mr. Schmucker, which you were so good as to put into my hands; and consequently, I am not able to speak with confidence of its merit. But it appears to me to be a performance of great ingenuity, and deep research. Whether he has discovered the true key to the Revelation of St. John, I would not venture to say; but his arguments and illustration, seem to throw additional light on this difficult subject.

I am, Reverend Sir,
Yours, &c.

JAMES KEMP, D. D. Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Maryland! Doctor KURTZ.



Senior Reverendi Ministeric of the Evangelic Lutheran Church, and Min

ister of the Gospel at Philadelphia.


To live retired from the bustle of the world has always been my delight, and the study of the Holy Scriptures my greatest pleasure; ever since I had the honour of studying divinity under your care, and of be. ing inducted a fellow labourer by you, into the vineyard of our Lord. Many of sure hours from official duty, have particularly been devoted to a more close investigation of the prophecies and their completion. The Apocalypse of St. John had long been impenetrable to my view, and the authors

my lei.

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