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RECEIVED.-W. E. J.-R. C.-W. McG.-J. H. L.-J. R.-
S. W.-J. G. -T. 8,-1. P.-M. F.-G. B. W.-C. V.
D. R. W.-H. C.-J. W. R.-J. G. P.-T. H.-T. T.-J. B. B.
--J. B, T.-S. H. and T. B.-E. J.-G. A.-J. C.-A Teacher.
--J, H. D.-T. L.-E. W. M.-J.S.S.-H. A. W.-J.P. N.-
J. H. S.-C.S.-B.C. Y.-J. B. G.-S. B.-F. H. R.-J.J.S.
-G. J.-E.J.-G. G.-J. C.-J. H.-C, A.-S. T.-H. P.-
W.C.-J. V.-J. B, H.-E.R.-A Listener.-W. K.-H, V.G.
--G.V.-J.J. W.-W. H.-J. H.-J.P.I.-T.P.H.-J.C. H.

J. S.-J. R.

BOOKS AND PAMPALETS RECEIVED.-—“ Divine Warning to the
Church,"_E, Bales," _“Green's Review of Barrett,"_Seven
Letters to the Society of Friends.2" Path to the Bush."

PORTRAIT OF DR. CAREY.-We proposed, in our last, to
give a Portrait of Dr. Carey with this number. It was our
intention to have used that which appears as the Frontispiece of the
MEMORIAL ; but as that has been much seen, we have determined
to furnish “SOMETHING NEW" in its place. Our friends will
believe us when we say, we shall fulfil our promise, and that the
execution of the engraving we contemplate, shall be in proportion to
the increase of our 1843 circulation.

ANTED, a respectable young man, as SHOPMAN in the

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YOUNG MAN, a member of a Baptist church, of respectable

family connections, is desirous of obtaining a SITUATION.
He has, for many years, been engaged in the Grocery Busi-
NESS. Salary not so much an object as a comfortable home iu a
pious family. Reference as to character, &c., will be gladly given.

For further particulars, address by letter, pre-paid, to Mr. J. F.
WINKS, Leicester, for A. B.



STOUT Active Steady YOUTH, about thirteen years old,

as an Apprentice to the FRAMESMITH Business.

Application to be made to Thomas PARSONS, Framesmith,
Alfreton, Derbyshire.


When the Foreign Missions of our Baptist brethren commenced, the French Revolution had begun. The opening scenes of that fearful drama arrested all eyes. Its violent and wondrous changes, and its terrific victories, were filling the civilized world with hope or alarm. The year of Carey's missionary discourse, was that in which the September massacres drenched the streets of Paris with gore, by a series of butcheries more atrocious than the judicial murders of the guillotine. Amid these sanguinary and frantic convulsions at home, the French people were looking abroad with undaunted mien; and their National Couvention, in the same year, flung down the gauntlet of defiance to all the governments of Europe, by pledging assistance and fraternization to all nations who would rise and battle for their own freedom. The following year, that in which the English missionaries set sail, was that in which France gave proof of her stern abjuration of all monarchical government, by bringing her sovereign to the block, and the blood of the houses of Bourbon and Hapsburgh, among the oldest of the royal lines of Europe, flowed on ihe scaffolds of her capital. It was not a mere revolution, it was a war of opinions, upheaving the old foundations of society, and the most cherished and venerated principles of antiquity, Not only were the floods of change shaking the base of each European throne, but the authority of heaven was boldly questioned and cast off. French infidelity was already maddening all Europe; and Paine's “ Age of Reason” was in preparation, intended to carry on the same work through the language and literature of England. The privileged and titled classes, who saw with horror the political changes, were largely infected with the principles of his revolt against religion. And many who might dread French democracy, were but too partial to French atheism. Then it was, when the people were thus imagining a vain thing, and saying of Him ihat sitteth on the throne, and of his anointed Son, " Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us," that He whose name and"being they would have abolished, laughed, and the Highest had them in derision. When the pride of hell was thus assailing his church in the west, he replied, by calling for a new and vigorous onset upon the gates of the enemy in the ancient east. The times of the ignorance there long winked at, were now to end. He summoned to his service in the

JANUARY, 1843,


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