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Of plunder flowly failing in the deep.
Beneath the fhadowing canopy the ground
Glitters with flowery dies; the primrose, first
In mofly dell returning Spring to greet;
Pilewort, with varnish'd bloom, and spotted leaf;
And hooded arum, with its purple club;
Anemone, now robed in virgin white,

Now blufhing with faint crimson; changeful spurgets
On redden'd ftem turgid with milky fap,
And circled with dark foliage, rearing high
Its golden head; forrelt, whofe modeft cups
Midft verdure wan their ftreaky veins conceal;
The pendent harebell; and the fcentless plant §,
That with the violet's borrowed form and hue
The unfkilful wanderer in the fhade deceives.
Flutter with wings the branches, and refound
With notes that fuit a foreft. Hoarsely screams
The jay. With fhrill and oft repeated cry
Her angular course, alternate rife and fall,
The woodpecker pursues; then to the trunk
Clofe clinging, with inceffant knockings shakes
The hollow bark; through every cell the stroke
Echoes; hope glistens on her verdant plumes,
And brighter fcarlet sparkles on her creft.
Chatters the reftlefs Pie. In fober brown
Dreft, but with nature's tendereft pencil touch'd
The wryneck her monotonous complaint
Continues; harbinger of her, who doom'd
Never the sympathetic joy to know

That warms the mother cowering o'er her young
Some stranger robs, and to that stranger's love
Her egg commits unnatural; the nurfe
Deluded the voracious neftling feeds
With toil unceafing, and amaz'd beholds
Its form gigantic and difcordant hue.

Meanwhile the tuneful race their brooding mates
Cheer, perch'd at hand; or with parental care
From twig to twig their timid offspring lead;
Teach them to feize the unwary gnat, to poife
Their pinions, in fhort flights their ftrength to prove,
And venturous truft the bofom of the air."

This author, notwithstanding the defects which we have pointed out, is unquestionably entitled to confiderable distinction among defcriptive poets.

† Wood Wood forrel. Oxalis

Wood anemone. Anemone nemorofa Linn.
fpurge. Euphorbia amygdaloides Linn.
§ Dog's violet. Viola canina Linn.'
acetofa Linn.

The Welsh confider this bird as the forerunner or fervant of the cuckoo, and call it gwàs y gog, or the cuckoo's attendant. The Swedes regard it in the fame light. Pennant's Brit. Zool. 4th edit. vol. i. p. 238. In the midland counties of England the common people call it the cuckoo's maiden.'



To the REMARKABLE PASSAGES in this Volume.

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Table of Contents, prefixed to the Volume.


Armstrong, Dr. account of, and of
his writings, 71:

AIR, carbonic acid, fuccesfully Arrowsmith, Mr. his geographical

applied in the cure of ulcerated

cancer, 308.
Airs, factitious, directions for pro-
curing, 220. Nature and pro-
perties of different kinds of
airs, 221.

Allies, their impolicy during the

prefent war, 542.
Alps, Pennine, picturefque tour
to, 63. Defcription of fome
remarkable ice-mountains, &c.
America, first peopled from the
N. E. of Afia, 194.

North, the present con-
ftitution of the United States of,

highly extolled, 551. The
perfection of liberty, 553.
Anacharfis, Travels of, that work
depreciated by an uncandid
critic, 537.

Anderfon, Dr. his obfervations on
peat-mofs, 39. His account of
the different kinds of fheep
found in the Ruffian dominions,

Anian, Streights of, inquiry into

the origin of that name, 22.
Antelopes, in Ruffia, manner of
hunting them, 486.
Ariftocracy, dreadful tyranny of,
over the French, under the
Princes of the Carlovingian
line, $78.

labours commended, 22.
Atwood, Mr. G. on the theory of
motions, for determining the
vibration of watch-balances,


Bank-notes, and bills of exchange,
commercial analyzation of, 379.
Bark, Peruvian, new fpecies of,
its medical efficacy, 181.
Barton, Benj. Smith, on the
queftion whether the true
honey-bee is a native of Ame-
rica, 196.

Bartram, Dr. extraordinary cafe
of conftipation, &c. 532.
Beaumont, M. his picturesque tra-
vels in the Pennine Alps, tranf
lation of, 63. Defence of the
tranflation, 360. Answered,

Beauvois, M. De, observations on
the plants cryptogamic, 193.
Benyowski, Count, particulars re-
lative to his plan for colonizing
Madagascar, 380. His death
and character, 382.
St. Bernard, monaftery of, on the
Alps, curious account of, 370.
Extraordinary benevolence of
the monks, 371. Sagacity and
ufefulness of their dogs, ib.

Bible, neceffity of improving the
verfion of, 242. Answers to
the common objections against
the improvement of, 243.
Bidlake, Mr. his characteristic de-
fcriptions of Homer, Pindar,
and Horace, contrafted with the
fame by Mr. Pope, 259.
Blackman, Mr. his liberal dif-
clofure of his method of making
oil-colour cakes, 53.
Bligh, Capt. account of the plants
brought by him from the South
Sea, 54

Bramieri, Don, his account of
the Leit methods of cultivating
the vine, from the Tranfac-
tions of the Milan Patriotic So-
ciety, 503.

Breafts, general caution with re-
gard to the cure of the difeafes
of, 559

Bridge, at Pont-y-prid, verfes on,

Brothers, Richard, his prophecies

of the most dreadful events,
344. His character and mif-
fion attacked and defended,

Browne, Mr. his invention of an

evaporator, 52.
Bucknal, Mr. his fuccefs in prun-
ing orchards, 51.
Bugge, Mr. on the latitude and
longitude of feveral places in
Denmark, 60.
Bulam, accounts of the new fet-

tlement there, 103, 104.
Burrell, Lady, her Thymbriad,

&c. 37.

Butler, Mr. his improvement of
the well-bucket, 53.


Cancer, two cafes of, efficacy of
the carbonic acid air in the
treatment of, 308.
Charette, M. takes the lead of the
Royalifts in La Vendée, 508.
His great fucceffes, 509. Ex-

periences a reverse of fortune,
511. Recovers his fuperiori-
ty, for a confiderable time,

Choiseul Gouffier, Comte de, his
travels in Greece highly va-
lued, 536.

Chouans, a clafs of Royalifts in
La Vendée, account of their
origin, formation, and various
fucceffes against the Repub-
licans, 513.

Clergy, of France, bitter invec-
tive against them, 523.
Colman, Mr. particulars of his
life, &c. 352.

Condorcet, M. his writings under-
valued, 553.

Confumption, mucous, remarks on

the nature and cure of, 560.
Corbet, Mr. his profitable re-
claiming of marih-lands from
the tide, 52.
Monthly Reviewers, viz. Cle-
ricus, relative to Morell's The.

faurus, &c. 239. H. C. con-
cerning Teyler's Theological So-
ciety, ib. The Editor of the
Lounger's Common-place Book,
concerning a mistake in the re-
view of that work, 240. A
Conftant Reader, relative to a
paffage in our last Appendix
refpecting Profeffor Schultens,

ib. Mr. Halhed, in defence of
his writings concerning M."
Brothers, 358. O. P. in de-
fence of Dr. Priestley, ib. R. P.
refpeding Mr. Edwards's Hift."
of the West Indies, 360. T.G.
the Tranflator of Mr. Beau-
mont's Hiftory of the Pennine
Alps, ib. E. 5. relative to the
fource of the Thames, ib.
S S. Toms, on the Marquis de
Cafaux's Bock on Taxes, 477.
Mr. Beaumont, complaining of
his Tranflator, 478. Mr. An-
fice on mechanic force, ib.
Corfica, fuperior advantages of
that ifland, compared with G.

[ocr errors]

Britain, in refpect of parlia-
mentary reprefentation, 311.


D'Alembert, M. his literary cha-
racter flightly appreciated, 535.
De Pauw, M. his Recherches Phi-
lofophiques fur les Americains
pronounced to be defpicable
dreams, 551.

Dies, red, yellow, &c. ufed by
the American Indians, mate-
rials of, 194:
Drennan, Dr. his well-written let-

ter to Lord Fitzwilliam, 450.
Dropy, doubts relative to, 560.
Diggelei, an extraordinary ani-

mai in Rufia, described, 488.
Dysentery, method of treating,


Education, cuftomary modes of,
in fchools, inveftigated, 126.
Proper fchool-books pointed

out, 129.

Electricity, yet in its infantine ftate,

28. Existence of an electric
fluid difcuffed, 30. Repulfion
confidered, 33. The conduct-
ing qualities of different fub-
ftances investigated, 34. Far-
ther remarks on this head, 160.
The theory of electricity ap-
plied to explain the phenomena
of our atmosphere, 161. Ori-
gin of natural electricity, 162.
Beautiful phenomena of, 164.
Improvement on metallic con-
ductors, 197.
Elphington, Mr. his literary cor-
refpondence, 152. Specimen
of his remarkable reform of the
English language, ib.
Embankment of marfh-lands.
Evaporator for the ufe of chemifts,
ingenious invention of, 52.



Fancy and Genius poetically de-
fcribed, 256.

Ferns, raised from feed by Mr.
Lindfay, of jamaica, 267.
Fevers, bilious, 560.
Fidler, repartee of one, to Philip
of Macedon, 581.

Filtration of water, new method
of, by afcent, 179.
Fishery, of Great Britain, ob-
fervations one errors and
mismanagement of, 45.
Fordyce, Dr. George, account of
a new pendulum, which fhall be
always of the fame length, in
whatever exposure to cold or
heat, 58. His differtation on
fimple fever analyzed, 280.
Foreft-fcenery, poetically de-
fcribed, 583.

France, tracts relative to the re-
volution in, and the war with,
98. 201. 206. 287. 393. 429.
472 507 53. 520. 534. 538.
540. Horrid tyranny of the
nobleffe of France over the
common people, under the Car-
lovingian race, 578-580.


Genius, poetically depicted, 257.
Gentleness, its moral quality, 78.
Gentoos. See Hindoos.
German literature, advantageous
account of, 231.
Gefcon, the Carthaginian, his ge-
nerofity to the enemies of his
family, 374.

Gold and filver, obfervations on

their precife worth, as commo-
dities in commercial fpecula-
tion, 378.
Goodenough, Dr.obfervations on the
British fpecies of carex, 268.
Goofe, Solan, that fpecies ex-
tremely pernicious to the Bri-

tifh herring and mackarel fifh-
ery, 46. Astonishing calcula-
tion relative to, ib.
Grammarian, a title of honour,

Grammont, Count, the Memoirs

of, commended, 544:
Greenway, Dr. on the beneficial
effects of the caffia chamachrista
in enriching poor or worn-out
lands, 195. On the fuppofed
remains of a volcano in North
Carolina, ib. On a poisonous
plant in Virginia, ib.
Gutta Serena, cafes of, 560.


Halbed, Mr. his teftimony in fa-
vour of the character of Rich-
ard Brothers, and his belief in
the divine miffion of that

phet, 345. Controverfy with
Mr. H. on that account, 348.
His letter to the Monthly Re-
viewers, 358. Farther con-
troverfy with Mr. H. 469.
Hannibal, his courfe over the
Alps afcertained, 363. His
ftratagems to circumvent the
inhabitants of the mountains
who oppofed his march, 366.
His perilous fituation, 369.
The famous ftory of his open-
ing a paffage through the rock,
by the aid of fire and vinegar,
afferted, 370. the note.

Hart, Major, observations on an-
tient work of art, &c. near the

[blocks in formation]

Herschel, Mifs, her discovery of
a comet, in October 1793,


Dr. obfervations on a
quintuple belt on Saturn, ib.
-on the rotation of the fame
planet on his axis, ib. On the
late eclipfe of the sun, 57.
Hindoos, character of, 26. Style
their country the " Paradife of
Nations," ib. Their mytho-
logy, 563. Excellent moral
precepts, 567.

Hip joint, obfervations on the dif-
eafe of, and white-fwellings of
the knee, 421. The difeafe
defcribed, ib. Modes of treat-
ment, 423.

Holland, Rev. Philip, account of
him and of his fermons, 77.
Home, Everard, facts relative to
Hunter's preparations for the
Croonian lectures, 144.
Homer poetically characterized,
259, 260.

Hopkinfon, Mr. defcription of a
machine for measuring a ship's
way, 196.

Horace poetically characterized,


Hospitals, on a fmall fcale, pre-

ferred to thofe on a larger
fcale, 558.

Humming-bird, the ruff-necked
fpecies of, defcribed, 49.
Hunter, John, his preparations for
the Croonian lectures, 144. His
curious difcoveries relating to
the eye, 145. His celebrated
mufeum in danger of being loft
to this country, 354.
Hurd, Bishop, publishes his pro-
mifed account of Bishop War-
burton, 322. His declaration of
the fatisfaction derived to him
from his edition of the works
of that great man, 329.
Hydrocele, obfervations on the
treatment of, 220.


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