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provided for the strong, while the weak are put off with a few crumbs that fall? Shall the fathers be regularly served, while the habes are only occasionally fed? Some, I know, think much of their talents, and boast much of their ability in always administering strong things to their hearers; and many hearers are dissatisfied if such things are not invariably set before them. But why is the poor lamb in the fold to be neglected for the sake of those who are advanced to a maturer age? Does any wise parent spend the whole of his time in educating and adorning, protecting and enriching, the elder of the family, to the neglect and injury of the younger ? Certainly noti neither should we. Let the aged be respected, the experienced fed; but let not the young convert be forgotten or discarded. Let us behold such with tenderness, strengthen their weak hands, exhibit to them what. the gospel has provided, and thus help them on in the good way.

It may be said, God will take care of them. Yes, he will. But that does not supersede the use of means for their encouragement and edification. He who has knowledge and experience, talents and opportunity, and disdains to stoop and feed the weak, is unfaithful to his God, and cruel to his brethren. They stand in need of every exertion that can possibly be made on their behalf. Their little knowledge, the evils to which they are exposed, and their small degree of experience, call upon us loudly to assist them to the utmost of our ability.

This little work I have written for this express purpose. I have endeavoured to state the various duties in which they are to be engaged; to sug

gest suitable cautions against the dangers with which they are surrounded ; and to encourage them in the midst of all those difficulties which so frequently arise. The whole is interspersed with a variety of incidents and anecdotes gathered from the experience of others; so that I trust it will be found a suitable volume to put into the hands of every serious enquirer, whether of a tender or a more advanced age. That it may prove a source of instruction and consolation to every reader, is the earnest prayer of the author.

C. B.




Religion of importance.-Doctrines the foundation of religion.

-Decision as to doctrines necessary.--Doctrines stated.

To be studied in their connexion and dependency.-Estab-

lishment in them.--Earnestly to be defended. The more

mysterious to be examined with caution............

.......................... 14


Religion not speculative.--Esperience explained and defended.

- Particular experiences. How abused. --Not to be depend-

ed on.-To be reviewed. --Admiration of God's goodness..... 23


Holy practice the result of just principles.-Retirement.--Me."

ditation.-Self-examination.-Prayer ejaculatory, closet, fa-

mily, and social.-Rules for understanding the scriptures. -

Advice as to reading human authors.........


Public worship.--The Sabbath.--Ministers.-Directions for

hearing profitably.- Punctuality in attending ordinances.-

Joining a church.-The Lord's Supper.-Objections to re-

ceiving it answered.-Advice to church members.-Faith and

patience. -Diligence in temporal and spiritual concerns.-

Rules for the improvement of time.....


Zeal inculcated -Stedfastness.-Order.-Conscientiousness.

Leadings of Providence.-Restitution.-Uniform obedience.

-Usefulness.-Joy.-Gratitude ..............

............ 58


Cautions as to Pride.--Volatility.--Loquacity.-Forwardness.

-Forming connexions.--Marriage. Unhappy partners, and

conduct towards them...........


Cautions as to novelty.- Vain curiosity.---Captiousness.-Dis-



Cautions as to a worldly spirit.-Fashions.Customs.-Dress.

- Recreations.-Imprudence.--Unwatchfulness. -Spiritual


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