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Of those who have suffered for the TRUTH in SCOTLAND,

Since the Year 1680.

Together with An APPENDIX containing the Queensferry Paper,

Torwood Excoinmunication, a relation concerning Mr RICHARD CAMERON, Mr.DONALD CARGIL, and Henry HALL; and an account of those who were killed without process of law, and banithed to foreign lands: With a short vitw of some of the oppreffive exactions

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Rev. vii. 14. These are they which came out of great

tribulation, and save washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

The Tenth Edition, corrected and Enlarged with the Ter

timonies of John Nisbet younger, John Nifoet of Hardbill, Robert Miller, Thomas Harkness, etc A Leiter of John Semple's, aod of Archibald Stewart's. The Paper found upon Mr. CAMERON at Airfmos, and an Acrostick upon his name. The Testimony of fohn Finlay in Kilmarnock. The Epitaphs upon the Corave-stones of Mr Samuel Rutherford, Mr. John Welwood, and the noble Patriots who fell at Pentland-hills, etc.

A B E R D E EN: Printed and fold by J. BOYLE, Head of the Broadgate.





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HE glorious frame and contrivance of Religion, ree vealed ny the ever-bleffed JCHOVAH in the face or person of Jesus Christ, for the recovery of loft

Mankind into a state of favour and reconcilement with hinself, is to excellently ordered in the counters of infinite wiidoñ, and exactly adjusted to the real "delight, contentor meat and happiness of the rational world ; that it might justig be wondered, why so many men in all ages, otherwise of good intellectuals, have nor only had a fecret disgust thereat themselves, but lavoured ro‘rob others of the comfort and benefit of it, and make the world a chaos of confusion by Perfecutions raised against it; had not the holy Spirit in the Scriptures laid open the hidden springs of this malice and en miry, which exerts itfelf in so many of the children of men We are told in these divinel; inspired writings that the firt. fourse of this opposition that the true religion neets'with in the world, flows originally froin Satant that inveterate enemy o God's glory, and man's happinels; who having himseif, let. bis original state of obedience to, and enjoyment of God hi Creator, hath no other Leava ben of his inevitable miseries but to draw the race of mankind into the like ruin, which i the only fatisfaction that malicious fpirit is capable of. Phi reftlets adversary perceiving, that, through the grace and love of God manifested in Chrift, a great number of these whom hi thought he had secured to his Navery, are redeemed, and calted by the gospel out' of thiae intolerable fervitude, into a glorious liberty, and secured by faith to falvation ; labour by two great engincs, open force, and Iccrct fraud, to keep them in, or regain thein in his obedience ; hence the facred Scriptures describe him, both as a Dragon for cruelty, and a Serpent for fubtility: But because he either cannot, or thinks not fit to do this viiibly in person ; therefore he does it more invisible and so more successfully by his agents, in whom he works, who, becaufe of their unreasonable unbelief, are called children of imperfwafion: These he acts and animates, as it were so many inachines, to endeavour by crafty seduction, or violent persecution, to draw, or drive the followers of the Lamb from their subjection, obedience and loyalty to the captain of their falvation, that he may drown them in perdition and destruction. This is the latent origin of all persecution, the mint where all the other more visible causes of the bloody vio. lence the people of God meet withal, are struck and framned. This is the grand design to which they tend, to root out the obedience of Faith out of the world, and deprive the Son of God of his rightful dominion over his fubjects, whom he hath chofen, redeemed and fanctified for himseif

As this holds true of all the perfecutions, raised againlt the church and truths of God, wheiher in the persons of the Jews or Chriftians, by whatever hands, Pagan or Antichristian, fo 'tis eminently verified of the persecutions of the Church of Scoiland, prosecuted by a profane wicked generation of malignant Pretatilts, during the reigns of the late King Charles II. and James VII. Fór as the other persecutions were all levelled against roine point of truth or or other, wherein the obe. dience of faith was concerned, respecting either the existence and worship of the true God, or the perton, natures or offices of Jesus Christ etc. So this perfecurion was directly bended against that office and authority of Jesus Christ, whereupon his formal claim to the obedience of his church is founded, viz. his headship over his 'church. This was the peculiar depotiturn concredited to the church of Christ in Scotland, and her distinguishing dignity to have the royal supremacy of the King of Zion to defend against the kings of the earth, who not content with the princely authrity of ruling the persons of their fulject, according to the laws of God, and the realm, would needs ulurp a 'blafshemous facrilegious prerogative of ruling the church and confciences of men in room of the Mcdiator by what laws and ftatutes they pleased, and found most fublervient to their luft, for advancement of Popery and arbitrary government.

Jetus Christ the only begotten of the Father, having received the Church of; as one of the uunoit illes of the earth for his poffeffin, by folemn grant from Jehovah, was pleated, as to call her from the deporable itate of Pagan, and reform

her from the ruinous condition of Antichristian darkness; ro to dignity her in a peculiar manner, to contend and suffer for that truth, “ That he is King and Lawgiver to his Chørçh," having power to inftitute 'her form of government, to give her laws, offices and ensures, whereby the should be governed and hath not left it ambulatory and uncertain, what government he will have in force for the ordering of his houte, but hath exprefly determined in his word every neceffary part thereof, and hath not put any power into the hands of any mortal, whether Pope, Prelate, Prince or Potentate, as a vicarious head in his personal abtence, whereby, they may alter the forn of government at their pleasure, and make what kind of officers, canons and censures they please; but all the power that this king hath left in his church, concerning her governmenc, is purely and properly ministerial under the directin and regulation of his sovereign pleasure, revealed in his writo ten word.

This, this is the most radiant pearl in the church of Scot land's garland; that she hath been honoured valiently to ttaud up for the headship and royal prerogative of her king and husband, Jesus Christ, in all the periods of her reformation. For no fooner had the thrown off in yoke of the Pope's pretended jurisdiction and authority, but prcfently, while the was labouring by means of these cenfures, which Chrift had inttitute, to root on the damnable herefies which that

had sown, all on a suddeo 'king James VI. naturally ambitious and inttigate by interest and projecting counsellors, artempis i rape upon her chastity and loyalty to her husband and Lord, and by his royal order stops her freedom of fitting, yoting and acting in her supreme courts, imprisons some of her most zealous and fathful ministers, calls them before his cour. cil, indicts them of treason and leese Majefty, for their making use of the freedom Christ had given them, and after their declining his and his councils usurped authority in fpiritual matters, and so witnessing a good confefliog for the royal dig pity of their Master, banish them their native country, (Sec Calderwood's history, froni Page 491, to Page 536, and dowoWard) upon thie fame bottom of a pretended royal jurisdiction over the church, he attempted, and in a great measure effected the eltablishment of Popith hierarchy and Romish ceremonies, by setting up Prelates, and bringing in the Perth articles, fara tring fome, and overawing others of the ministry into a complyance therewith, perfecuting the zealous and faithtul contenders for Christ's headthip, and the government of his divine in ititution, with vexatious profecutions before bigh commiffion courts, fufpenfions from their office, wandrings, confinem


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