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Erskine's Institute of the Law of Scotland.

With the Notes of LORD Ivory and previous Editors, and additional Notes bringing down the Law to the present time. By JAMES BADENACH NICOLSON, Esq., Advocate. In Two Vols., demy 4to. Price £4, 10s.

no one can look at a page of the edition now before us without seeing evidence of the immense labour bestowed upon it, nor can a page be perused without the reader being satisfied of the capacity and thoughtfulness of the editor.

The institutional writer who has held his ground best against all comers has been worthily reproduced ; and equally the student and the advanced lawyer will find himself in great security, trusting that by referring to this edition he will be placed thoroughly abreast of the present state of legislation and decision."-Journal of Jurisprudence.

"We have the fullest confidence that the author's selection of authorities has been judicious and adequate ; that his interpretation of them is accurate; and that his work, in its entirety, will be found replete with interest both to laymen and to lawyers--a safe introduction to the systematic study of Scottish law, and a useful reference in the exigencies of practice."--N. B. Daily Mail.

Erskine's Principles, by Guthrie.

Principles of the Law of Scotland. By John ERSKINE of Carnock.
Fifteenth Edition, with Extracts from the Lectures of GEORGE
Moir, Esq., lately Professor of Scots Law in the University of
Edinburgh; and Notes by WILLIAM GUTHRIE, Esq., Sheriff-
Substitute of Glasgow. One Vol., 8vo. Price 21s.

Begg's Treatise on Law Agents.

A Treatise on the Law of Scotland relating to Law Agents, their
Admission, Retainer, Authority, Rights, Privileges, Liabilities,
Disabilities, Duties, &c., including the Law of Costs as between
Agent and Client, with Notes of English decisions. By JOHN H.
BEGG, Esq., Advocate. With an Appendix containing Relativ
Acts of Parliament and Acts of Sederunt, all the Tables of Fees,

and Forms, &c. In One Vol., 8vo. Price 14s.
"A very able and exhaustive bit of work."--Scotsman.
"Should be at every practising lawyer's hand.”Daily Review.

"We cannot speak too highly either of the discrimination which has guided this research or of the care with which its results have been used."--Courant.

"So exhaustive and complete a treatise cannot fail to take its place as a vade mecum of the practical lawyer." —Aberdeen Herald.

M'Laren on Wills and Succession.

The Law of Scotland in relation to Wills and Succession, including the subjects of Intestate Succession, and the Construction of Wills, Entails, and Trust Settlements. By JOHN M'LAREN, Esq..

Advocate. In Two large Vols., royal 8vo. Price £3, 3s. "No book of this rank has been published since the death of Professor George Joseph Bell, except the works of Mr Fraser, Mr Dickson, and Professor Montgomerie Bell. It is high praise to Mr M'Laren that his treatise is not inferior in excellence to any one of them."-Journal of Jurisprudence,

Mr M'Laren must trust to any character that we may have gained for honesty and independence in the expression of our views for the authority of the verdict which we very willingly pronounce in his favour. If we add that these volumes have everywhere the stamp of scholarship, and the sign, not only of professional, but of general culture, we but make an acknowledgment that has been men ned. Mr M'Laren makes no claim to philosophical authorship, in

but as a scientific expositor of his subject he takes the very highest

Manual of Summary Procedure, under the Act for the Amendment
of the Law of Entail in Scotland (11 and 12 Vict., cap. 36), and
Relative Statutes and Acts of Sederunt. By JOHN M. DUNCAN,

Esq., Advocate. One Vol., 8vo. Price 12s.6d.
Duncan's Entail Digest.

Digest of Entail Cases, in which Deeds of Entail have been chal-
lenged on the ground of alleged defects in the Prohibitory or Fenc-
ing Clauses, with the Clanses founded on, and the Judgments of

the Court. By John M. Duncan, Esq., Advocate. 8vo. Price 9s.
Duncan's Parochial Ecclesiastical Law. Second Edition.

Treatise on the Parochial Ecclesiastical Law of Scotland. By JOHN
M. DUNCAN, Esq., Advocate. Second Edition. One large Vol.

8vo. Price £1, 108.
"The most cursory perusal will convince any one that the book is a useful one. It is
much more than a mere digest of cases, which is usuully the highest result attained in legal
literature. The subjects treated embrace Parishes in general, Patronage, Churches, Church-
yards, Stipends, Manses, Glebes, Teritors, Schools, and Schoolmasters."

Glasgow Herald.

Cameron on Intestate Succession.

A Summary of the Law of Intestate Succession in Scotland ; em-
bracing Tables shewing Distribution of Intestate Succession in
Moveables and Descent in Heritage; with an Appendix, contain-
ing Relative Enactments, Forms of Inventories, and Succession
Duty Tables. By P. H. CAMERON, Esq., S.S.C. In One Vol.,

royal 8vo. Price 5s.
"To agents both in town and country it must be invaluable." - Scottish Law Reporter.
Cameron on Joint Stock Companies.

Summary of the Law of Joint Stock Companies, under "The
Companies Acts 1862 and 1867," with an appendix containing the
whole of the Acts relating to Joint-Stock Companies, together
with a copious Index. By P. H. CAMERON, Esq., S.S.C. Crown

8vo. Price 10
"Contains everything wanted, and it is the most convenient and practical work of the
kind yet published. Glasgow News.
Juridical Styles. Vols. I., II. Fourth Edition.

The Juridical Society's Styles, comprehending the Constitution,
Transmission, and Extinction of Heritable and Moveable Rights
Vol. 1, HERITABLE RIGHTS. Royal 8vo. Price £1, 14s.

II, MOVEABLE RIGHTS. Royal 8vo. Price £1, 14s.
Bell's Law Dictionary.

Bell's Dictionary and Digest of the Law of Scotland, with Explana-
tions of the most ordinary English Law Terms. New Edition, with the
numerous additions. By the late GEORGE Ross, Esq., Advocate,
Professor of Scots Law in the University of Edinburgh. Royal

8vo. Price £1, 14s.
Dickson's Law of Evidence. Second Edition.

A Treatise on the Law of Evidence in Scotland. By WILLIAM
GILLESPIE DICKSON, Esq., Advocate, Sheriff-Substitute, Glas-
gow. Second Edition, edited by JOHN SKELTON, Esq., Advocate.

Two Vols., royal 8vo. Price £2, 5s.
"We seize the opportunity afforded

by the

appearance of the second edition of this important work to express our sense of its great value, both as a contribution to the jurisprudence of Scotland and as a guide to the practitioner: The editorial department could not liave been placed in better hands." Journal of Jurisprudence.

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