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(Schedules E. and F.)

Form of Transfer of Mortgage.
Schodule (C.) te Public Health Act, 1848.

SCHEDULE (C.) (a.)
Form of Transfer of Mortgage.

Transfer of

I A. B. of

in consideration of the Sum of paid to me by C.D. of

do hereby transfer to the said C.D., his Executors, Administrators, and Assigns, a certain Mortgage bearing Date the

Day of

and made by the Local Board of Health for the District of

for securing the Sum of and Interest thereon at

per Centum per Annum [or if such Transfer be by Endorsement on the Mortgage, insert, instead of the Words immediately following the Word Assigns,” the within Security], and all my Right, Estate, and Interest in and to the Money thereby secured, and in and to the Rates thereby assigned. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal, this

Day of

One thousand eight hundred and

A.B. (L. S.)

Schedule F.

downe dedicated to the Public.

Streets at Mont- List of Streets dedicated to the Public on, over, near, or leading to the

Montpellier and Lansdowne Estates.
Montpellier Terrace Road, from the Bath Road to the New

Painswick Road.
Roads leading out of Montpellier Terrace to Suffolk Square.
Montpellier Parade and its Continuation alongside Vittoria

Road in front of Montpellier Spa Place and Montpellier Spa

Buildings, and thence to the Bath Road.
Montpellier Avenue.
oad leading from thence in front of the Montpellier Pump-

room to Montpellier Terrace Road.
Lansdowne Crescent Road, and Road at the Back of such

Crescent and at the Back of Lansdowne Place.
Road communicating between Lansdowne Place and Lans-

downe Crescent.
Lansdowne Terrace Road and Back Road to such Terrace.

(a.) See see. 112 of the Public Health Act ante sec. 122 page 166.

(6.) See section 48 page 66 ante,

(Schedule F.) Road in continuation of Lansdowne Terrace as far as Christ

Malvern Place Road and its Continuation in front of Lans-

downe Parade to the Gloucester Road.
Douro Villas Road and its Continuation in front of North-

wich Place up to the Christ Church Road, and Back Road

to the same.
Road in front of Tivoli Place.
Tivoli Street, Lypiatt Street, and Hatherley Street, and

Road communicating between such Streets.
Hatherley Place Road as far as Houses are built on its Side,

and Back Road to the same.
All the Footpaths adjacent to the before-mentioned Roads,

except that called the Montpellier Promenade.



NO. 1.


By the 69th Section of The Cheltenham Improvement Act, 1852,"

ante, page 96 it is enacted that the Commissioners may exercise in the Borough all and every or any of the Powers conferred by an Act passed in the 9th and 10th Year of the present reign, intituled An Act to encourage the Establishment of Public Baths and Washhouses, and an Act passed in the 10th and 11th year of the same Reign, to amend the same, given to Vestries, Churchwardens, and Commissioners appointed under that Act, or any of them ; and the expenses of carrying this power into execution shall be defrayed out of such rates under this Act, and the monies to be received, and the income to be derived from baths, wash-houses, and open bathing places, shall be carried to such fund under this Act, as the Commissioners shall think

expedient and just." The above section does not expressly take away the rights, fc. conferred

on the Ratepayers, Churchwardons, and Vestries to carry the Baths and Wash-houses Acts into operation, and as the Commissioners may think proper by themselves to carry these Acts into execution, it is thought best to give them in full in the Appendix, rather than embody them in the Act after the 69th section, which does not incorporate the Acts, more especially as the 4th section of the Baths and Wash-houses Amendment Act incorporates therewith the Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845," of which last-mentioned Act all but 23 sections out of 153 are incorporated in the Local Act by sections 26, 28, and 66, pages 41, 44, and 86 ante. See the Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, post, Appendix, No. 6.



[26th August 1846.] WHEREAS it is desirable for the Health, Comfort, and Welfare

of the Inhabitants of Towns and populous Districts to en

c. 74.

of Act.


No. 1. courage the Establishment therein of public Baths and Wash-houses 9. f. 10 Vict. and open Bathing Places: Be it enacted by the Queen's most Excellent

Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled,

and by the Authority of the same, That this Act may be adopted for Act may be any incorporated Borough in England which is regulated under an Act adopted in certain Boroughs passed in the Sixth Year of the Reign of His late Majesty, to provide and Parishes.

for the Regulation of Municipal Corporations, or any Charter granted in pursuance of the said Act, or any Act passed for the Amendment thereof, and also, with the Approval of One of Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, for any Parish in England not within any such

incorporated Borough. Interpretation II. And be it enacted, That in this Act the following Words and

Espressions shall have the several Meanings hereby assigned to them,
unless there be something in the Subject or Context repugnant to such
Construction; that is to say,
(a.) “ Parish” shall mean every Place having separate Overseers of

the Poor, and separately maintaining its own Poor :
Borough” shall mean City, Borough, Port, Cinque Port, or Town

Corporate :
(a.) “ Rate-payers” shall mean such of the Persons for the Time

being assessed to and paying Rates for the Relief of the Poor of the Parish as for the Time being shall be duly qualified to vote for

the Election of Overseers for the Parish : “ Churchwardens” shall mean also Chapelwardens, or other Persons

discharging the Duties of Churchwardens : “Overseers” shall mean also any Person authorized and required

to make and collect or cause to be collected the Rate for the Relief of the Poor of the Parish, and acting instead of Overseers

of the Poor : (a.) “ Vestry” shall mean the Inhabitants of the Parish lawfully

assembled in Vestry, or for any of the Purposes for which Vestries are holden, except in those Parishes in which there is a Select Vestry elected under an Act passed in the Fifty-ninth Year of the Reign of King George the Third, intituled An Act to amend the Laws for the Relief of the Poor, or elected under an Act

passed in the Second Year of the Reign of His late Majesty, 1 & 2 W. 4. c. 60. intituled An Act for the better Regulation of Vestries, and for the

Appointment of Auditors of Accounts, in certain Parishes of England and Wales, or elected under the Provisions of any local Act of Parliament for the Government of any Parish by Vestries, in which Parishes it shall mean such Select Vestry :

59 G. 3. c. 12.

(a.) These words by the Amendment Act, next after this Act, post, have different Interpretations given to them as they are to be read in this Act.

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