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| burg-Gotha, K.G., b. June 21, 1818, WILLIAM, Duke of Brunswick suc. his father, Jan. 29, 1844, mar. and Lunenburgh, K.G., born Apr.25, May 3, 1842, Alexandrina, sister of 1806. Suc, on the expulsion of his the Grand Duke of Baden, b. Dec. 6, brother Duke Charles, Sept. 7, 1830. 1820. MECKLENBURGH.

Brother of the Duke. GEORGE V., Grand Duke of

Albert, (see Great Britain.) Mecklenburgh Strelitz, born Aug.

Uncle and Aunts of the Duke. 12, 1779, succeeded his father,

Juliana, born Sept. 23, 1781, Charles, Nov. 6, 1816, married

widow of the Grand Duke Aug. 12, 1817, Mary Wilhelmina,

Constantine of Russia. cousin of the Elector of Hesse Cassel;

Victoria (see Great Britain.) born Jan. 21, 1796. Issue :

Leopold (see Belgium.) Fred. born Oct. 17, 1819, mar.

There are 16 other smaller June 28, 1843, Augusta, daugh. of

principalities, which including the the late Duke of Cambridge. Issue,

4 free towns and their territories Frederick, b. July 22, 1848.

amount in all to 36 states, of Caroline, b. Jan. 10, 1821.

which the confederation consists. George, Jan. 11, 1824.


OTHO, brother of the King of ADOLPHUS, Duke of Nassau, Bavaria, b. June 1st, 1815, elected born July 24, 1817, succeeded his King by the Provincial Government father Will. George, Aug. 20, 1839, of the Grecian States, Oct. 5th, marr. Ist, 31 Jan. 1844, Elizabeth, 1832; ascended the throne, Jan. 25, Archduchess of Russia, b. May 1833. Marr. Nov.22, 1836, Amelia, 26, 1826, d. Jan. 28, 1845; 2nd. daughter of the Duke of Oldenburg, April 23, 1851, Adelaide, dau, of born Dec. 21, 1818. Fred.,Princed’AnhaltDessau. Issue, William, b. April 22, 1852.

Frederick, b. Sep. 23, 1854. Lord High Commis. Sir Henry

Geo. Ward, G.C.M.G.
Theresa, Aug. 17, 1815.
Mary, Jan. 29, 1825.

Half Brother and Sisters.

ROBERT,Grand Duke of Parma, Helen, Aug. 12, 1831.

Piacenza, and Guastella, b. July 9, Nicholas, Sep. 20, 1832.

1848; succ. his father, March 27, Sophia, July 9, 1836.


Mother of the Duke, and Regent CHARLES, Grand Duke of Saxe during his minority. Weimar, born June 24, 1818; succ. Louisa, sister of the Duke of his father, July 8, 1853; married Bordeaux, b. Sept. 21, 1819. Oct. 8, 1842, Sophia, sister of the Brothers and Sister of the Duke. King of the Netherlands. Issue:

Margaret, born Jan. 1, 1847. Charles, born July 31, 1844; Alice, born Dec. 27, 1849. and three daughters.

Henry, born Feb. 12, 1851.
Sisters of the Duke.
Mary, Feb. 3, 1808, wife of

Prince Charles of Prussia.

FRANCIS V, Duke of Modena, Augusta, Sept. 30, 1811, wife of Massa, Regio and Mirandolo, born Prince William Louis of Prussia,

June 1, 1819; succ. his father, Jan. SAXE COBURG GOTHA. 21,1846; mar. March 30, 1842, AdeERNEST II., Duke of Saxe-Co. line, sister of the King of Bavaria.

Brother and Sisters. John, b. Mar. 16, 1842.
Theresa, b. July 14, 1817. Mary Anne, b. July 21, 1843.
Ferdinand, b. July 20, 1821; died Antonia, b. Feb. 18, 1845.

Dec. 15, 1849'; marr. Oct. 4, Ferdinan, b. July 23, 1846.
1847, Elizabeth, Archduchess Augustus, b. Nov. 4, 1847.

of Austria, b. Jan. 17, 1831, Maria Beatrice, Feb. 13, 1324.


PIUS IX., Giovanni Maria Mastai
NETHERLANDS. Ferretti, born May 13, 1792; elected

Pope, June 16, 1846.
WILLIAM II., King of the
Netherlands, Prince of Orange-

Nassan, and Grand Duke of Lnx-
emburg; born Feb. 19, 1817 ; succ.

ALEXANDER II., Emperor of his father March 17, 1949; married, all the Russias, and King of Po. June 18, 1839, Sophia, dau of the land, born Apr. 29, 1818, succ. his King of Wurtemberg, born June 17, Ap. 28, 1841, Maria, sister of the

father Nicholas, Mar. 2, 1855, mar. 1818. Issue: William, born Sept. 4, 1840.

Grand Duke of Hesse Darmstadt. Alexander, born Aug. 25, 1851.

Issue ; Nicholas, b. Sep. 20, Mother of the King.

1843; Alexander, b. March 10, Anna, aant of the Emperor of

1845; Vladimir, b. April 22, Russia, b. Jan. 18, 1795, marr.

1847; Alexis, b. Jan. 2, 1850; Feb. 21, 1816, Williamll. King

Maria, b. Oct. 5, 1853. of the Netherlands, who d. Brothers and Sisters of the Emperor. March 17, 1849.

Mary, Aug. 18, 1819, marr. July Brother & Sister of the King,

14, 1839, Maximilian, Duke of

Leuchtenberg. Henry, June 13, 1820.

Olga, 11 Sept. 1822, marr. July Sophia, Grand Duchess of Saxe

13,1846, Charles, Prince Royal Weimar, April 8, 1824.

of Wurtemberg. Uncle and Aunt of the King.

Constantine, 21 Sept. 1827, marr. Frederick, born Feb. 2e, 1797

Sept. 11, 1848, Josefowna, married May 21, 1825, Louisa

dau. of Luke Joseph of Saxe sister of the king of Prussia.

Altenbourg, Marianne, born May 9, 1810,

Nicholas, 8 Aug. 1831.
married Sep. 14, 1830, to

Michael, Oct. 25, 1832.
Prince Albert of Prussia.

Mother of the Emperor.

Charlotte, sister of the King of PORTUGAL.

Prussia, born July 13, 1798.

Aunts. PEDRO V., King of the United

Maria, Duchess Dowager of SaxeKingdom of Portugal and Algarve,

Weimar, b. Feb. 16, 1786. born Sept. 16, 1837 ; succ. his mo

Anna, Queen-dowager of the Nether, Maria de Gloria, Nov. 15,

therlands, b. Jan. 18, 1795. 1853. Father of the King, and Regent.

SARDINIA. Prince Ferdinand of Saxe Co

VICTOR EMMANUEL, King of burg, nephew of the Duchess of Sardinia, Duke of Savoy, PiedKent, born Oct. 29, 1816.

mont, and Genoa, born March 14, Brothers and Sisters of the King. 1820; succ.on the abdication of his Louis Phillipe, b, Oct. 31, 1838. father (wlio died July 28, 1849), March 23, 1849; marr. April 12, 12, 1819, Louisa Charlotte, eldest 1842, Adelaide,dau. of the late Arch sister of the King of Sicily, duke Rainer, of Austria, who died born Oct. 24, 1804, d. Jan. 29, January 20, 1855. Issue · Clotilde, 1844, Issue: Isabella, May 18, 1821; b. March 2, 1843; Humbert, b. Francis, May 13, 1822, marr. tc the March 14, 1844; Amadeus, b. May Queen; Henry, April 17, 1823 ; 30, 1845; Otho, b. July 11, 1846; Louisa, June 11, 1824; Josephine, Maria, b. Oct. 16, 1847.

May 25, 1827; Christiana, June 3,

1833; Amelia, Oct. 12, 1834. SICILY.

Cousins— Issue of the late Don FERDINAND II., King of Naples

Charles Isidor. and the Sicilies, born Jan. 12, 1810. Charles Louis, Jan. 31, 1818. Succeeded bis father Francis Nov. Jobu Charles, May 15, 1822. 8, 1830; mar. I, Nov. 21, 1832, Christiana, daughter of Victor Ema

SWEDEN. nuel, late King of Sardinia, who OSCAR, King of Sweden and died Jan. 31, 1836. Issue: Francis, Norway, born July 4, 1799 ; succ. b. Jan. 16, 1836. II, Jan. 9, his father, March 8, 1844; married 1837, Theresa, dau. of Archduke June 19, 1823, to princess Josephine Charles of Austria, b. July 31, of Leuchtenberg, born March 14, 1816. Issue: Louis, b. Aug. 1, 1807. Issue: Charles, Crown Prince, 1838,Alfonso, Mar. 28,1841. Maria, duke of Scania, born May, 3, 1826; Mar. 24, 1843. Inmaculée, April marr. June 19, 1850, Louisa, Prin14, 1844. Frederick, Jan. 12, 1846. cess of Orange, b. Aug. 5, 1828. Maria, Aug. 3, 1819; Pascal, Issue : Louisa, b. Oct. 31, 1851; Sept. 15, 1852; Louisa, b. Jan. 21, Oscar, duke of Ostrogothea, Jan. 1855.

21, 1829; Charlotte, April 24,1830;
Augustus, duke Dalecarlia, 24

Aug. 1831.
ISABELLA II., Queen of Spain

and the Indies, born Oct. 10,
1830. Succeeded her father Fer.

Confederation of twenty-two Indinand VII. Sept. 29, 1833, mar.

dependent Cantons. Oct. 10, 1846, to her cousin Francis, President of the Diet.

His Excellency,Jacques Staen:pfli, Duke of Cadiz, eldest son of the Infant Don Francis de Paula, born May 13, 1822. Issue: Maria Isa

TURKEY. bella, h). Dec. 20, 1851.

ABDUL MEDSCHID, Grand Mother of the Queen.

Signior and Sultan of the Ottoman Christina, sister of the king of Empire, born April 23, 1822, sucSicily, born April 27, 1806.

cceded his father Mahmoud JI, Sister of the Queen.

July 1, 1839. Issue : Murad, born Maria Louisa, born Jan. 30,1832, Sept. 22, 1840, & several daughters. mar. Oct. 10, 1846, Anthony, Duke de Montpensier, son of the late

TUSCANY. Louis Philippe, Ex-King of the LEOPOLD II. Grand Duke of French. Issue: Maria Isabella, born Tuscany and Duke Lucca (cousin of Sept. 21, 1848; Maria Amelia, born the Emperor of Austria), b. Oct.3, Aug. 28, 1851.

1797 ; succ. his father, Ferdinand Uncle and Cousins of the Queen, III., June 18, 1824, mar. I, Oct.

Don Franciscie Paula, Infant, born 28, 1817, Maria Anne, niece of the March 10, i794, married June king of Saxony; born, Oct. 28,

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1799 ; died 22 Mar. 1832. Issue : New Jersey, Rodman M. Price. Augusta, born April 1, 1825; II, Pennsylvania, James Pollock. June 7th, 1833, Antoinette, sister of Delaware, Peter F. Cansey. the King of Sicily, b. Dec. 19, 1814. Maryland, Thos. W. Ligon. Isske: Isabella, 5. May21,1834; Fer- Virginia, Joseph Johnson. dinand, b. June 10,1635; Charles, b. North Carolina, Thos. Bragg. April 30, 1839; Maria Louisa, b.Oct. South Carolina, J. H. Adams. 31, 1845; Louis, b. Ang. 4, 1847; Georgia, Herschel V. Johnson. John b. Nov. 25, 1852.

Florida, James E. Broome.

Alabama, John A. Winston, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Kentucky, L. W. Powell. President,

Tennessee, Andrew Johnson. Major FRANKLIN Pierce, inau- Ohio, William Medil).

gurated 4th March, 1853. Louisiana, Paul O. Herbert. Vire-President,

Mississippi, John J. McRae. Secretary of State, W. L. Marcey. Indiana, Joseph A. Wright. Sec. of the Treas. James Guthrie. Illinois, Joel A. Matteson. Sec. of the Home Department, Rob. Missouri, Sterling Price. M'Clelland.

Michigan, A. Parsons. Secretary at War, Jefferson Davis. Arkansas, Elias N. Conway. Sec. of the Navy, James K. Dobbin. Wisconsin Territory, Will. A. BarAttorney-General, Caleb Cushing, Post. Mas, Gen., James Campbell. Iowa, Jas. W. Grimes. GOVERNORS

Texas, Edmund Pease.

California, John H. Bigler. of the several STATES. Oregon Territory, John W. Davis. Vaine, Will. G. Crosby.

Minesota Territory, Will. P.Gorman. New Hampshire, Noah Martin. Utah Territory, Brigham Young. Massachusetts, Jobri H. Clifford. New Mexico, David Merriwether. Rhode Island, F. M. Diamond. Kansas Territory, AndrewA. Reeder. Connecticut, Chas. H. Pond. Nebraska Territory, Sam. Lacompte. Vermont, John S. Robinson. Washington Territory, Isaak J. New York, Myron H. Clark.




ENGLAND. HERALDS COLLEGE, Incorporated 1484, (St. Benet's Hill, St. Paul's.) EARL MARSHAL.

Windsor, Geo. H. Rogers HarriDuke of Norfolk, K.G.

son, esq.,

Kings OF ARMS.

Somerset, Will. Courthope, esq.
Clarenceux, Jas. Pulman, esq.F.S.A.
Garter,'Sir Chas. G. Young, D.C.L.,


Portcullis, Geo. W. Collen, esq. Norroy, Rob. Laurie, esq.

Rouge Dragon, Edw. S. Dendy, esq. Six HeraLDS. Chester, Walter Aston Blount, esq.

Bluemantle, H. Murray Lane, esq. Lancaster, Albert W. Woods, esq.,

Rouge Croix, Jas. R. Planché., esq. F.S.A. Richmond, Matthew C. H. Gibbon, Registrar, Rob. Laurie, esq. esq.

Earl Marshal's Secretary, Edward York, Thos. W. King, esq., F.S.A. S. Dendy, esg. KNIGHTS of the most Noble Order of the GARTER.

Instituted, January 19, 1348.


King of Hanover.

14 Marquess of Hertford.
Duke of Cambridge.

15 Duke of Bedford. King of the Belgians.

16 Duke of Norfolk. King of Wurtemberg.

17 Earl of Clarendon.
King of Prussia.

18 Earl Spencer.
Emperor of the French. 19 Marquess of Normanby.
Duke of Saxe Meiningen.

20 Earl fitzwilliam,
Duke of Brunswick.

21 Duke of Northumberland.
Duke of Saxe Coburg Gotha. 22 Earl of Carlisle.
Prince of Leiningen,

23 Earl of Ellesmere. I Duke of Rutland.

24 Earl of Aberdeen. 2 Duke of Pevonshire. 3 Marquess of Exeter. 4 Duke of Richmond. 5 Duke of Buccleuch.

Prel. of the Order, Bp.of Winchester. 6 Marquess of Lansdowne. Chancellor, Bishop of Oxford. 7 Duke of Sutherland.

Registrar, Dean of Windsor. 8 Duke of Buckingham & Chandos Garter Principal King of Arms, 9 Marquess of Salisbury.

Sir Chas. Geo. Young. 10 Duke of Cleveland.

Gentleman-Usher of the Black Rod, 11 Earl de Grey.

+ Sir Augustus Clifford, bt. 12 Marquess of Abercorn.

Ribbon of the Order, Garter Blue. 13 Marquess Camden.

Motto, Honi soit qui mal-y-pense. KNIGHTS of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the THISTLE.

Instituted 787, restored 1540, revived 1687.


H.R. H. THE PRINCE ALBERT. 1 Earl of Aberdeen.

3 Marquess of Tweeddale. 2 Marquess of Ailesbury.

4 Earl of Fife.

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