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Accountant, Hen. R. Williams, esq., DivisioN FOR SCIENCE.
Assist. to Ditto, J. J. Mayo, esq.

Metropolitan School of Science, apProfessional Members of Marine De

plied to Mining and the Arts. partment. R. Adm. Beechey, Director, Sir R. I. Murchison. Capt. W. H. Walker.

Registrar, Curator, and Librarian, Inspectors Railway Depart., Lt. Col. Trenham Reeks, esq.

Wynne, R.E., Capt. Tyler, R.E., Assist. Librarian, W. Long, esq. Lt. Col. Yolland, R.E.

Lecturers.-General Natural His. Chief of Statistical Department,

tory, T. H. Huxley, esq.; Mining Albany Fonblanque, esq.

and Mineralogy, Warington W. Assist. in Statistical Depart., Rich.

Smyth, M.A.; Chemistry, AugusValpy, esq.

tus W. Hotfman, esq.; MetalComptroller of Corn Returns, Hen.

lury, John Percy, M.D.; Physics, F. Jadis, esq.

Geo. G. Stokes, M.A.; Applied Deputy ditto, Fred. Bunter, esq.

Mechanics, Robt. Willis, M.A. Meteorological Statist, Capt. R. Assist. Chemist, Mr. H. M. Witt. Fitzroy, esq.

Assist. Metallurgist, Mr. R. Sinith. Surveyor-Gen. Marine Department, Office Keeper and Resident AttenComin. R. Robertson, R.N.

dant, James Private Secretary to the President, Attendant and Messenger, Samuel Louis Mallet, esq.

Private Sec, to the Vice President, Door Keeper, Geo. Hallett.

G. J. Swapston, esq.
Office Keeper, Geo. Mitchell.

Assistant ditto, Will. Joy.

Keeper of Mining Records, Robt. Housekeeper, Mrs. Charlotte Vodoz.

Hunt, esq.
Messengers, Will. Scott, Thomas Draughtsman, Richard Meade, esq.

Hardie, Thomas Ridler, Will.
Mallett, Thomas Mitchell, Joseph GEOLOGICAL SURVEY
Sanders, Ben. T. Brown, Will. UNITED KINGDOM.
B. Scoons, Hen. T. Burgess, Fred.

Director General, Sir R. I. Mur

chison. Porter, W. Davison.

Locol Director for Great Britain,

Andrew C. Ramsay, esq.
Marlborough House,

Local Director for Ireland, J. Beete

Jukes, esq. Secretary, #Dr. Lyon Playfair.

Naturalist, T. H. Huxley, esq. Registrar, Norman MacLeod, esq. Nining Geologist, Warington W. Senior Clerks, R. G. Wylde, E.

Smyth, esq. Stanley Poole, V. T.Doyle, esąrs. Palæntologist, John W. Salter, esq. Junior Clerks, W. Deverell, Philip Assist. Naturalist, W. H. Baily, esq. Owen, H. W. Williams, esqrs.

Geologists on the Great Britain Sur. Storekeeper, Mr. W. G. Groser.

vey, Henry W. Bristow, Will. T. Printer, Matthew Smith.

Aveline, esqrs. Messenger, W. Higgins.

Assist. Geologists, Hen. H. Howell, Horseherper, Mrs. Hall.

Edw. Hull, E. Best, F. Drew, Assistants in Offices, Museums, &c.,

esqrs. 2nd Corporals F. Key, J. Mack, Fossil Collectors, Rich. Gibbs, J. Roy. Sappers and Miners.

Cotton, esqrs.

Assistant, J. Rhind.

Geologist on the Irish Survey, Walt. Inspector General, +H. Cole, esg.

L. Willson, esq.



Assist. Geologists, G. V. Du Noyer, Assist. Reg. Gen., Chas. Boyd, jun.,

F. Foot, G. H. Kinahan, J. O. esq.
Kelly, A. B. Wynne, esqrs.

Chief Clerk, Jas. E. Boyd, esq. General Assistant, S. Medlicott, esq. Clerks, 1st Class, Rob. PepperFossil Collectors, Jas. Flanagan, C. corne, Everard Home, Roberts Galvan.

Coleman, And. Hardie, David S.

Brown, Isaac 0. P. Stuart, esqrs. MUSEUM OF IRISH INDUSTRY,

Clerks, 2nd Class, John S. Brown, Dublin,

John Symonds, Thos. Wild, Fras. Director, Sir Robt. Kane.

F. Firmin, Jos. Date, John Lang, Chemist, Dr. William Sullivan.

John H. W. Robertson, Geo.C.S. Assistant Chemist aud Curator, Mr.

Stuart, Ralph J. Nicholson, esqrs. Alphonse Gages.

Clerks, 3rd Class, Edw. A. WilliamHall Porter, Patrick Taylor.

son, Will. H. McDermot, Fred. Messenger, Will. Taylor.

Fitton, Chas. Stone, Will. Drake, Laboratory Porter, J. Corrigan: Rob.Blackler, Rich. Lewis, Alfred DivisioN FOR ART.

C. L.West, Hen. E. Dickson, Edw.

J.Wood, Fred. A. Mason, Gabriel Art Super., Rich. Redgravé, esq. Hards, Will. Courtis, esqrs. Librarian,

Clerks, 4th Class, Chas. Carter, Geo. Clerk, Mr. R. Laskey.

T. Hann, Will. Strugnell, Geo. Curator of Vuseum, J.C. Robinson,

Tribe, John Simmons, Fred. esq.

Shaw, Adams Dennis, John SarClerk, Mr. C. B. Worsnop.

gent, Rob. Jackson, Thos. StuchMoney Taker, J. Towers.

bury, John W. Willes, Chas, Training School.

Beach, Arthur Carr, esqrs. Head Master, R. Burchett, esq. Messengers, Joseph Tween, Will. S. Masters, R. W. Herman, T. F. Col- Barthrop, Will. Deacon, Andrew

lier, C. Swinstead, W. Binns, Walsh. H. Hagreen, W. Denby, K. Col- Housekeeper, Mrs. Marg. Hubbard. linson, W. Wills, H. Hancock, Designs OFFICE, I, Whitehall. D. Brucciani, C. P. Slocombe, W. Simpson, J. Thompson, V.

Estab., July 1, 1839.-Pursuant Brooks.

to Act 28-3 Vic. c. 17, to secure Mistresses, Miss A. Waterhouse,

to Proprietors of Designs for ArtiMiss Channon.

cles of Manufacture the Copyright Attendants, A. Imrie, J. Macdonald,

of such designs, for a limited time. J. Jennings.

Amended by Acts 5 8 6 Vic, c.

100, 6 & 7 Vic. c. 65, and 13 of Central Female School.

14 Vic. c. 104. Superintendent, Mrs. M'lan. Registrar, Clement Johnson, esq. Assistants, Miss Gann, Miss Wilson. Assist. Regis. Hon. Edw. C. Curzon. Attendant, Sarah Hughes.

Chief Clerk, J. H. Bowen, esq.

Clerks, H.C. Woollett, R.D.Spinks, GENERAL REGISTER and RECORD

esqrs. of Seamen.

Office Keeper, Chas. Triston.
Lower Thames Street. Messengers, Jas. Clifton, Geo. At-
Registrar Gen., J. Hoskins Brown, kinson.

Printer, Geo. Duck,

(See p. 185.)

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BOARD of COMMISSIONERS for the Affairs of India, Cannm-row. President, #Rt.Hon. Robert Vernon B. Phillimore, Hen. C. Deedes, Smith.

esqrs. The Lord President of the Council. Junior Clerks, Josceline CourteThe Lord Privy Seal.

nay, W. Ireland Blackburne, The First Lord of the Treasury. esqrs., Hon. Gerald N. Dillon, The Principal Secretaries of State. Henry C. Pierson, esq., Hon. F. The Chancellor of the Exchequer. J. Hobart, H. S. Jones, esq., Hon. Secretaries, H. Danby Seymour, Fred. A. H. Chichester, Arth.

esq., * Sir Thos. N. Redington. Hobhouse, Henry Waterfield, C. Assistant Sec. and Senior Clerk in the R. Markham, Henry Bull, esqrs.

Accountants and Financial De- Private Sec. to the President, W. F. part., Wm. Leach, esq.

Vernon, esq. Senior Clerks.-Military, C. H. C. Keeper of the Papers, Mr. T. Sharp.

Plowden; Public, W. H. Deedes, Assistant, Mr. J. T. Ludlam. Secret and Political, T. N. Wa- Housekeeper, Mrs. Pilgrim. terfield; Judicial, C. W. Fletcher; Office-keeper, Thomas Scarman.

Revenue, R. Corbett, esqrs. Messengers, W. Laws, G. B. FalAssistant Clerks, Hy. L. Hunter, cieri, J. Larrett.

Pryce B. Williames, Thomas B. Porter, George Perrott.
Lenon, Cecil Ed. G. Lukin, c.


Palaces, and PUBLIC BUILDINGS, 12, Whitehall Place. Commissioners, * Rt. Hon. Sir Ben- Assist. Corresponding Clerk, A. Marjamin Hall, bt., First Comm.;

shall, esq. Her Majesty's principal Secs. of Junior Clerks, W. H. Van Baerle, State; the President and Vice- Erskine Cooper, R. Waddington, President of the Board of Trade.

esqrs. Secretary, Alfred Austin. Book-keeper, W. G. Goodliffe, esq. Assist. Sec. John Thornborrow, esq. Paymaster, H. R. Crozier, esq. Private Sec. to the First Commr. Registrar, F. W. Vincent, esq.

A. V.D. Berrington, esq. Keeper of the Papers, Mr. W. T. Surveyor of Works, Will. Southcott Goodenough. Inman, esq.

Office Keeper, Mr. T. Godfrey. Assistant Surveyors :

Messengers, J. Bushell, C. Godfrey, (In London), John Phipps, esq. J. Hale. (Out of London), Will. Starie, esq. Solicitor, John Gardiner, esq. Measuring Clerk, W. B. Barker,esq. Architect and Surveyor, Jas. PenneChief Examiner and Accountant,

thorne, esq. Joseph Bedder, esq.

Clerks of the Works, Messrs. P. Assistant Examiners, W. J. Barker, Hogg, James Whitman, W. J. John N. Round, esqrs.

Brown, W. Burnett, Jas. FinchClerk of the Furniture, James R. S. am, J. R. Turnbull, Will. GreenCox, esq.

hill, Thos. Kelly, J. Gould, C. Assist. to Mr. Phipps, Mr. Williams. Hagan, W. Arliss, A. Cleland. Assist. to Mr. Starie, Mr. Goodyear. Collector and Rec., C. F. Reeks, esq. Assist, to Mr. Cox, Mr. J. Minikin.

(In Scotland.) Architectural Assist.W.J.Smith,esq. Clerk of the Works, Rob. MatheDrawing Clerk, T. A. Dash, esq. son, esq. Principal Clerk in the Department of Office Clerks, Mr. Andrew Ker and

Correspondence, Wm. Adams, esq. Mr. Charles Doyle.

Royal PARKS, CHASES, AND Superintendent of Greenwich and GARDENS,

Victoria.parks, Mr. J. Gibson. Ranger of St. James's, the Green, Keeper and Paler of Hamptun-court

and Hyde-parks, Duke of Cam- Park, Lady Bloomfield. bridge.

Ranger of Bushy-park, Superintendent in the Department of Bailiff of Hampton-court and Bushy

the Ranger, H.F.Stephenson, esq. parks, Mr. J. Neil. Superintendent in the Department of Superintendent of Regent's-park,Mr.

the Commrs. of Works, Mr. John Charles Edwards, North-badge. Mann, Kensington.

Director of the Royal Botanic GarRanger of Richmond-park, H.R.H. dens at Kew, Sir W. J. Hooker.

the Duchess of Gloucester. Assistant Director, Dr.J.D. Hooker. Deputy, Col. Hon. G. A. Liddell. Curator, J. Smith, esq. Bailiff, Mr. J. Sherratt.

Bailiff of Phænix-park, Dublin, Mr. Ranger of Greenwich-park, Earl of W. S. Wilkie.


Office of Her MAJESTY's Woods, Forests, and Land Revenues,

Commissioners, The Hon. Chas. Messengers, J. Bryan, J. Weblin,

Alexander Gore, Hon. J. K. W. Hall, J. Portchmouth.

Quit Rent Office, Custom House, Principal Clerks, Richard Rotton,

Dublin, William Ash, esqrs. Senior Clerks, James Frazer Red-Chief Clerk, John Burke, esq. grave, George S. Bedford, esqrs. Ranger of the Curragh of Kildare,

Senior Clerk, Edw. L'Estrange, esq. Assistant Clerks, George Mazzoni, Win. N. Round, Geo. Bellairs,

Rob. Browne, esq., 24, PemWarner C. Higgins, John Chas.

broke-place, Dublin. Rogers, Fras. Adams, John N. RECEIVERS of CROWN RENTS. Higinbothom, esqs.

(England and Wales.) Junior Clerks, Geo. S. Smythe, E. County of Middlesex, City of London,

R. Thomas, W.O.Bartlett, Chas. and Bailiwickof St. James's, WestWray, E. Burrough, A. Cottam, minster, Sir John Kirkland, 80, Geo. E. Barnard, Geo. L. Hig- Pall Mall; E. M. White, esq. ham, J. R. Sowray, esqrs.

1, Whitehall-place. Receiver General and Paymaster, Bedford, Berks, Bucks, Cambridge, Edw. Marshall White, esq.

Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Essex, Assistant, Arthur White, esq. Gloucester, Hereford, Herts,HuntBook-keeper, Alfred J. Phipps, esq. ingdon, Hants, Kent, Leicester, Registrar, Robert Marymau, esq. Lincoln, Northampton, O.xford, Solicitors, H. Watson, John Gar- Salop, Somerset, Stafford, Surrey, diner, esqs.

Sussex, Warwick, Wilts, WorSolicitor for Scotland, D. Horne, cester, John Clutton, esq., White

esq.,96, George-street, Edinburgh. hall Place. Solicitors for Ireland, Messrs. Hal. Cumberland, Derby, Durham, Lar

lowes and Hamilton, Dublin. caster, Northumberland, NottingSure'. of Houses, J.Pennethorne, esq. ham, Westmoreland and York, Clerk to the Crown Estate Paving John Higgins, esq., Alford, Lin

Commissioners, F. Adams, esq. colnshire. Drawing Clerk, Mr. G. Somers. Norfolk and Suffolk, Henry F. Day, Paper Keeper, Mr. C. G. Bartlett. esq. Swaf ham. Office-Keeper, Mr. H. Light. Chester, Monmouth, and Principality tton, esq.

of Wales, and Receiver of Fee- THE ROYAL Forests. Farmand other Unimprwable Rnts.

New Forest in England and Wales, Wm.

Deputy Surveyor, Lawrence H. Wilkin, esq., 10, Spring-gards.

Cumberbatch, esq.
Isle of Man, F. C. Skrimshire, esq., Dean ForestThe Gaveller,

Douglas, Isle of Man.
Isle of Alderney, Rich.Sanford, esq., Deputy Surv., Sir Jas. Campbell

, bt.

Deputy Gaveller, J. Atkinson, esq. Alderney.

Assistant, Mr. John Langham. STEWARDS OF Crown MANORs. Alice Holt, Bere, Parkhurst, and Bromfield and Yale, County Den- Woolmer ForestsDeputy Surv.,

bigh, #Sir W. W. Wynn, bart. Newburgh Higinbothom,esq. Burwell, Cambridge, John Eaden, Delamere Forest –Deputy Surveyor, jun. esq.

Thos, Linnell. esq. Dunstable, Beds, C. S. Benning, esq. Whittlebury and Salcey ForestsEgham, Surrey, John Secker, esq. The Ranger, Duke of Grafton. Eltham, Kent, J. Clutton, esq. Wychwood Forest - The Ranger, Lyndhurst, Southampton, Lawrence Lord Churchill. H. Cumberbatch, esq.

Superintendent, Robert Morris. Portland, Dorset, Will. Bridge, esq. Windsor Forest and ParksDepuły Poynings, Perching, and Pangdean, Surveyor, W. Menzies, esq. Sussex, J.

Chopwell Woods-Deputy Surveyor, Rialton, Cornwall, P. Wallis, esq. Mr. Will. Thomson. Richmond, Surrey, J.A.Powell, esq. COMMISSIONERS FOR THE CONSERShefford, Beds, Chas. Austin, esq. VANCY OF THE RIVER MERSEY, WINDSOR GREAT PARK.

* Rt. Hon. Sir James Grabam, bt. Ranger, H. R. H. Prince Albert. Earl Granville, Hon. Chas. A. Gore. Deputy, Lt. Col. Seymour. Conservator, Capt. Geo. Evans, R.N. RECEIVERS OF CROWN RENTS. Office of LAND REVENUE RECORDS (Scotland.)

AND ENROLMENTS, for the RegisCounty of Aberdeen, &C.J.Reid, esq. tration of Deeds relative to Crown Lordship of Galloway and Duncow, Property, 11, Spring-gardens. David Campbell, esq.

Keeper of the Records, T. R. FearnEarldomand Bishopricof Ross, Hugh Innes Cameron, esq.

Assistant, Mr. E. Naylor.
Archbishopric of Glasgow, D.Horne, Messenger, L. Atkins.

Interim Receiver.
Bishopric of Orkney, John Spence,

LONDON GAZETTE OFFICE. esq. (Interim Chamberlain.)

45, St. Martin's-lane. Lordship of Dunfermline, James Editor, Manager, and Publisher, M'Farlane, esq.

T. L. Belau, esq. Lordship of Fife and Stratheurn, Chief Clerk, Mr. F. M'Gedy. John Berry, esq.

Second Clerk, John J. Ford. Lordship of Dunbar, A.J.Napier,esq. Warehouseman, T. Nonmus, esq. Bishops Rents, John Blaikie, esq. Printers, T. R. Harrison and Son.

side, esq.

Lord Commissioners.

*Hon. H. B. W. Brand. Visct. Palmerston.

Secretaries, # Rt. Hon. Will. G. Rt. Hon. SirG.Cornewall Lewis, bt. Hayter, # James Wilson, esq. Visct. Monk.

Assistant. Secretary, * Sir C. E. Visct. Duncan.


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