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fevre, esq.

Inspectors, E. Gulson, W. H. T. sury, Lord President of the Coun

Hawley, Richard Hall, Robert cil, Secretary of State for the Weale, esqrs. Sir John J. Wal- Home Department, the Chancelsham, bart, Alfred Austin, G. G, lor of the Exchequer, the Lord W. Pigott, John T. Graves. Chief Justice of England, the Andrew Doyle, John Manwaring, Master of the Rolls, the Lord Harry B. Farnall, Nichs. E. Hurst, Chief Justice of the Common esqrs.

Pleas, the Lord Chief Baron, the Private Secretary to the President, Judges of the Prerogative and G. F. Buller, esq.

Admiralty Courts, the Deans of Chief Clerk for Correspondence, Fras. Canterbury, St. Paul's and WestFletcher, esq.

minster, the Earls of ChiChief Clerk for Office Management, chester and Harrowby, * Rt. Hugh Owen, esq.

hon. Henry Goulburn, Rt. hon. Clerks, First Class, Senior Division, Sir J. Graham, bt., #Rt. hn. E.

R.B.Cane, E. Sutton, A. H. Mon- Cardwell, John G. Shaw Le

tucci, J. Hodgkin, esqrs. Ditto, Junior Division, T. Austin, D. Church Estates Commissioners, the

P. Fry, W.C. Glen, F.Purdy,esqrs. Earl of Chichester, J. G. Shaw Architect, C. W. Savage, esq. Lefevre, esq., *Rt. hon. Henry Clerks, Second Class, Senior Divi- Goulburn.

sion, E. Adrian, T. H. Jarvis, Treasurers, Earl of Chichester, H. C. Lloyd, esqrs.

#Rt. hon. Henry Goulburn. Ditto, Junior Division, G. W. Bur- Secretary, Jas. J. Chalk, esq.

row, J. Jorden, Edwin Hutching Accountant, Benj. R. Aston, esq. Abel Simner, T. Harries, C. Gee: 1st Class Clerks, G. W. Wood, G. esqrs.

Wear, G. Pringle, esqrs. Clerks, Third Class, Senior Division, 2nd Cluss Clerks, Robert Cook, J.

Joseph Hughes, D. Jones, G. R. Bruce, J. Lightfoot, T. E. Fluck, T. Winning, G. Clark, J. Foakes, John Cox, esqrs. Bellamy, W. A. Mason, Henry 3ril Class Clerks, Messrs. R. Evans,

C. Mott, C. J. Fluck, esqrs. W. Walton, E. F. Webb, W.J. Ditto, Junior Division, W. Tomp- Goodwin, J. Gulley, J. Milne.

kins, James Paluier. J. E. Tra- Private Sec. to Mr. Chalk, George vers, E. Mence, G. J. Bauke, A.

Pringle, esq. T. Howell, Vincent Griffiths, Office-keeper and Messenger,J.Bubb. Benj. Montague, esqrs.

Messenger, George Kendall.
Clerks, Supplementary Class, Messrs. Auditor, Arthur Morgan, esq.,

Hugh Owen, Jun., A. C. Bauke, Brdge-st., Blackfriars.
A. Robertson, Thomas Coode, Solicitors, J. M. White, esq., 10,
G. B. Gattie.

Whitehall-place, Messrs. Murray Office Keeper, Mr. Thos. Collot. and Calthrop, 9, Whitehall-pl. Messengers, J. Bright, Baker Steg- Surveyors, Messrs. Clutton, 8,

gall, W. Goodsell, Rob. Burch. Whitehall-place, Messrs. PickerHousekeeper, Mrs. Sarah Collot. ing & Smith, 14, Whitehall-place.

Architect, Ewan Christian, esq.

Actuary, W. A. Yool, esq.


COMMISSIONERS, 3, St. James'sThe Archbishops and Bisbops of square.

England and Wales, Lord Chan- Commissioners, William Blamire, G. cellor, First Lord of the Trea- Darby, Henry Chas. Mules, esqrs. Assistant Commissioners, Lt. Col. R. Secretary, Thos. Beachcroft, esq.

K. Dawson, R.E., T. S. Woolley, Surveyor, J. H. Good, esq.
Jn. J. Rawlinson, Jn. Parkinson, Chief Clerk, Mr. W. G. Kent.
Nath. Wetherell, J. Bell, John
Martin, E. W. Wilmot, esqrs.

Assistant Commissioners for Special

Appointed 1853. Purposes, G. W. Cooke, F. 0. 8, York-street, St. James's.

Martin, W. W. Attree, esqrs. Unpaid Commissioner, #Lord John Secretary, James Stewart, esq. Russell. Clerk to the Board, H. Pyne, esq. Chief Commissioner, Peter Erle, esq. Clerks, 1st Class, J. W. Tottie, G. Second ditto, James Hill, esq.

Taylor, Ed. Blain,F. C. Ryan, W. Third ditto, James Campbell, esq. E. Boyson, esqrs.

Secretary, Henry Morgan Vane, esq. Clerks, 2nd Class, Edgar Chrismas, Inspectors, Thomas Hare, Walker

A. M. Attree, W. H. Cadogan, Skirrow, Jun., esqrs.
Chas. Upham, Jos. M‘Kimmie, Chief Clerk, Will. Good, esq.
Rich. Dalton, C. Lyne, Will. Clerks, 1st Class, T. W. Erle, G. H.
Thornburgh, esqrs.

Gauntlett, William Goodenough Record Keeper, Chas. J. Moore. Hayter (Accountant), G. Lee, A. Assistant Record Keeper, Will. H. M. Price, J. H. Jephson, Rob. M. Appleby

Hume, Edwin D. Maddy, esqrs. Office Keeper, Chas. Scammell. Clerks, 2nd Class, Alex. Cumming, Messengers, G. White, G. Smith, G. Fred. J.S. Dore, J. F. Martineau, Reynolds.

Fred. Drake, Will. F. Adcock,

Hugh Cooke, esqrs. COMMISSIONERS under the Act 58 Clerks, 3rd Class, Messrs. J. T.

Geo. III. chap. 45, for building Joyce, A. J. Stanford, G. H. Lee, ADDITIONAL CHURCHES in pu- William Walter, Robert Gibson pulous parishes, 13, Great George- Harwood. street, Westminster,

Office Keeper, James Thurley. Archbishops of Canterbury and House Keeper, Mrs. Martha Thurley.

York, Bishops of London, Win- Messengers, Sam. Fry, John Heath, chester, Lincoln, Chester, Lich- William Cox. field, Ripon ; Deans of St. Paul's and Westminster, Archdeacon of GENERAL BOARD OF HEALTH. London, Archdeacon of Middle- Appointed 1848. Reconstituted 1854. sex, together with the Lord Richmond-terrace, Whitehall. Chancellor, Lord President of the

Board. Council, Speaker of the House # Rt. Hon. William F. Cowper, of Commons, First Lord of the (President); Her Majesty's PrinTreasury, Home Secretary, Chan. cipal Secretaries of State for the of the Excheqner, Chan. Duchy time being; and the President of Lancaster, First Commis. of and Vice-President for the time Works, &c., Master of the being of the Board of Trade. Faculties, Dean of the Arches, Medical Officer, Jobn Simon, esq. and the Judge of the Consistory Secretary, T. Taylor, esq. Court, the Principal of King's Assistant Sec., J. F. Campbell, esq. College, London, all for the time Superintend. Inspectors, H. Austin, being ; also Earl of Harrowby, W. Ranger, A. L. Dickens, esqrs. Bishop of Worcester, Bishop of Chief Clerk, J. J. Scott, esq. Ely, Archdeacon Harrison, #Rt. Clerks, E. W. Wight, J. Montague, hon. W. E. Gladstone.

F. B. Maule, esqrs.

Office Keeper, G. Whittlestone. Barton, near Burton-on-Trent ; Messengers, 0. Owen, A. Ransome, W. Hickes, esq., Painswick; S.S. R. Cray.

Kent, esq. Westbury, Wilts ; J.P.

Hudson, Belfast; T. W. Darkin, FACTORY INSPECTORS.

esq., Kingstown, Ireland. Office, Home Office, Whitehall. Under Sir John Kincaid, Inspector Oficers appointed under the 3rd & 4th for Scotland, Dan. Walker, esq., Will.4th cap. 103, and 7 Vict.c.15.

Broughton Ferry, Dundee; C. Inspectors, L. Horner, T. J. Howell, Balfour, esq., Glasgow.

esqrs., Sir John Kincaid, Alex. Under A. Redgrare, R. Baker, esq. Redgrave, esq.

Leeds; J. Bates, esq., Holmfirth, Clerk, Sam. Stepney, esq.

Huddersfield; Capt.Hart, Halifax. Messenger, John Stafford. Sub-Inspectors.

INSPECTORS OF COAL MINES. Under L. Horner, Will. Graham, John A. Atkinson, Will. Alexander,

esą. Manchester ; J. Ewings, esq. John Hedley, Lionel Brough, T. Preston ; R. W. Coles, esq., Old- Evans, Peter Higson, esqrs. ham; Chas. Patrick, esq., Roch. dale; D. Jones, esq. Bolton.

INSPECTORS OF PRISONS. Under T.J.Howell, C. Trimmer, esq.

See Prisons, p. 288.



Consulate Ofice, 33}, Great St. Amb. Ex. and Plen., Count Col- Helens. Liverpool, Chas. Stoess. loredo, 7, Chandos-street, Caven

BELGIUM dish-square.

Env, Ex. and Min. Plen. M. Sylvain Secretaries, Count Karolyi, Count Van de Weyer, 50, Porlland-place. Chotek, Count Kempffen.

Office, 9 A., Weymouth-street. Attaché, Count G. Batthyany.

Conseiller de Légation,M. H. Solvyns. Con. Gen., Baron Lionel Rothschild. Secretary. M. Maurice Delfosse. Consul's Office-29, St. Swithin's-la. Attachés, M. Octave Vergauwen, P. Consuls-Falmouth, A. Fox; Glas

B. de Fosselaert. gow, Rob. Henderson; Guernsey, Consul, M. O. Delepierre. Alb. Carey, Con. Ag. ; Gloucester, Vice-Cons. M. Jean G. Wich. John Jones; Hull, Thos. Thomp- Con. Office, Adelaide Chambers, son; Liverpool, Aug. H. Lemo. 52, Gracechurch-st. nius; Manchester, A. S. Sichel; Consuls, Aberdeen, Alex. Thom; North Shields and Newcastle, H. Belfast, John Hind, jun.; BrisA. Brightmann; Plymouth, T. W. tol, Rob. Bruce; Cardiff, David Fox, Con. Ag.; Portsmouth and Brown; Cork, Henry Barry ; Southampton, Arnstein Van den Cowes, Thos. Harling; DartBergh.

mouth, G. Hingston; Deal, V. Baden.

Weber; Crookhaven and SkibbeConsul in London, Mr. J. Simson,

reen, Isaac Notter; Dover, M. La1, Riches-court, Lime-street.

tham; Dublin, J. Gray; Dundee, Liverpool, Chas. Stoess.

David B. Niven; Falmouth, Alf.

L. Fox; Folkestone, P. M. FaulkBAVARIA.

ner; Glasgow, F. Reid; Guernsey, Env. Ex. & Min. Plen. Baron de F. de Putron; Harwich, O.J. Wil. Cetto, 3, Hillost. Bky.-89.

liams; Hull, J. W. Foster; Jersey, Consul Gen.-Adolphus Brandt, esq. H.C. Godfray; Leith, J. Mitchell;

Lerwick, Chs. Duncan; Limerick, Con. Office, 4, Adam-ct., Old Broad-
M.R.Ryan; Liverpool, Edw. Meu- street.
geps; Manchester, Geo. Kissel; Consuls-Liverpool,
Margate, Herman D. Mertens; ; Southampton, A. Schoale.
Milford Haren, Thos. Roberts;
Newcastle, Thos. Reid ; Newport,

G. W. Jones; Orkneys, Charles Env. Ex. & Min. Plen., Gen. Ox-
Duncan; Penzance, Rich. Pearce;

holm, 41, Wilton-crescent. Plymouth, Sam. Freeby; Poole, Sec. of Leg., Count Reventlow Cri. J. Ibbotson; Portsmouth, Arnold

minil, 19, Chapel-st., Bel.-square.
L.V.Bergh; Ramsgate, V. Weber; Attaché,
Southampton, M. Le Feuvre; Consul General, Fletcher Wilson,
Sunderland, Jas. Reed; Swansea, esq. 6, Warnford-court.
G. E. Bevan; Waterford, Josiah Vice-Con., Melvil Wilson, esq.
Williams; Yarmouth, E. H. L. Consul. Gen, in Scotland, William

Marshall, esq., Leith.

Falmouth, A. Fox; Hull, C. F. Good; Min.Plen.,

Liverpool, G. A. Mullens; GuernConsul Gen., Baron Scholey.

sey, Alfred Mansell; Jersey, J. de Con. Office, 5, Billiter-square.

St. Croix; Leith, W. Marshall; ConsulsDover, H. Morris; Llan

Belfast, P. L. Munster. elly and Swansea, R. Dunkin;

EQUATOR (Republic of). Plymouth, Thomas W. Fox. Consul Gen., W. Parish Robertson, BRAZILS.

esq. 5,

Barge-yard, Bucklersbury. Env. Ext. & Min. Plen., Comm. F. Liverp., Elias Mocatta; Limerick, M. J. de Carvalho Moreira.

R. Ryan; Southamp., G. Dunlop. Sec. of Leg., Chev. C. S. Vianna de


Amb. Er, and Plen., Count de PerAltachés, Chev. H. C. [d'Albu.

signy, l, Albert-gate, Knightsquerque, Chev. A. de P. Lopes

bridge. Gama, Comm. V. A. de Carvalho, First Secretary, M. Chas. Baudin. Chev, J.P. d'Andrada.

Second Secretary, Count de JanCons. Gen. John P. Grenfell, esq.,

court. Liverpool.

Attachés, Count de Chaudordy, P. Vice Consul, L. A. da Costa, esq.,

de Monicault, Duc de Caderousse. 14, Cooper's-row, Tower-hill.

Chancelier, M. H. Roux.

Consul Gen. Ch. P. E. Herbet, esq., Con. Gen., Bernhard Hebeler, esq., 47, King William-street, City. Fenchurch-street.

Vice Con., M. Engelhardt.
Chill (Republic of).

Chancelier du Con. Gen.M.Boisselier. Consul, Spencer N. Dickson, esq.,

Consuis.Liverpool, Joseph Hitier; 10, Nottingham-place, New-road;

Newcastle, Count L. F. D. de Cons. Office, 8, Grt. Winchester.

Maricourt; Edinburgh, Jules J. st.; Bristol, Cardiff, and Newport,

Fleury, Glasgow, Pierre V. MauW. W. Alexander ; Liverpool,

boussin; Dublin, M. de Burggraff.
Will. Jackson; Plymouth, Thos. FREE CITY OF FRANKFORT.
W. Fox, jun.; Southampton, Jas.
H. Wolff; Swansea, Henry J. Consul Gen., Bernbard Hebeler, esq.

Consul, Liverpool, Cbas. Stoess.
Costa Rica (Republic).

Con. Gen., Edw. Wallerstein, esq., 2, Env. Ex. &Min. Plen., M. Tricoupi,

Warwick-crescent, Harrow-road. 22, Portland-place.


Consul Gen., Alex. C. Ionides, esq., Lerwick, Robert Hicks; Liver

Tulse-hill. Consul's Office, 17, pool, Henry Plaw; Lynn, W. Gracechurch-street.

Garland; Margate, W. Cobb; Bristol, Will. W. Alexander; Car- Newcastle, Ed. Dodd; Newport,

dif & Newport, Aristides Xenos; Rob. Duncan; Padstow, J. R. Falmouth, A. Fox; Hull, Henry Avery; Penzance, R. Pearce; PeHubbersty; Liverpool, Demetrius terhead, Rod. Gray; Plymouth, Giannacopulo; Newcastle - on - John Luscombe; Portsmouth, L. Tyne, Edw. Dodd; Plymouth, A. von den Bergh; Ramsgate, T. W. Fox; Ramsgate, Alfred I... Victor Weber ; Scilly Islands, Hodges; Scilly Islands, T. J. J. Banfield; Sheerness and ChatBuxton; Glasgow, C. A. Caratti; ham, W. W. Bentham; SouthDublin, Chas. Haliday; Belfast, ampton, J. Bennett; Stockton, Gustavus Heyn; Limerick, M. R. Hartlepool, and Middlesboro, P. Ryan; Londonderry, Sam. Morri- Romyn; Sunderland, R. Greenson ; Queenstown, Geo. Yourdis; well; Swansea, George Beran; Waterford, Hugh H. Nevins. Weymouth, G.C.Welsford; YarNew GRENADA (Republic of).

mouth, E. H. L. Preston. Consul, London, Andres Montoya, Hanseatic Republics, LUBECK, esq. 3, Winchester-buildings.

BREMEN, AND HAMBURGH. Liverpool, Alf. W. Powles; Fal-Chargé d'Affaires, Chev. de Colqumouth, Alf Fox; Southampton,

houn. Office, 3, Hare-ct., Temple. G. Dunlop; Dublin, Thos. Snow.

GUATEMALA. (Republic.)

Min. Plen. Baron André J. Simon.
Con. Gen., Edw. Wallerstein, esq. Consul, John C. Stiffel, esq., 1,
Con. Office, 4, Adam's-court, Old Chapel-place, Poultry.

Consuls-- Glasgow, Will. Roberts; Consuls.- Liverpool, J. Carmichael; Liverpool, Joseph Maunder.

Manchester, Geo. M. Bowen. HESSE (Grand Duchy of). Vice-Con.- Plymouth, Sep. Fox. Con.-Gen., Bernhard Hebeler, esq., HANOVER.

106, Fenchurch street. Liverpool, Env. Ex. and Min. Plen., Count Kiel

Chas. Stoess. mansegge, G.C.H. 44, Grosun.-pl. MECKLENBURG SCHWERIN. Secretary of Leg., Chs. Klingemann, Consul Gen. Siegerich C. Kreeft, esq.

esq. 4, Hobart-pl., Eatun-sq. Cons. Office, 124, Fenchurch-street. Con., London, Augustus Wehner, Vice ConsulsBristol, W. W. Alex

esg. Cons.-Office, 31, Lombard. ander; Cardiff, John Owen; street.

Cowes, Thomas Harling, jun.; Consuls-Aberdeen, Will. L. Thom. Dartmouth, Rich. L. Hingston; son; Belfast, J. C. Pinker!on; Deal, Alfred L. Hodges ; FalCardiff, Will. M. Davies; Cork, mouth, Alf. Fox; Gloucester, E. R. L. Jameson; Cowes, Wm. Kendall; Great Grimsby, Wilhelm S. Day; Dartmouth, Rich. L. H. Bremer; Harwich, Oliver J. Hingston; Dover, S. M. La- Williams; Hull, Peter Peterson ; tham; Dublin, H.Hoyte; Dundee Liverpool, Sam. R. Graves; MilJ. Edwards; Falmouth, Alfred ford, Swansea and Llanelly, Thos. Fox; Glasgow, Jn. D. Sheppard; Roberts; Newcastle, C. F. EsGrangemouth, T. Salvesen ; Har- kuche; Newport, S. Campbell; tlepool (see Stockton); Harwich, Plymouth, S. Treeby; Ramsgate, J. T. Groom; Hull, J. Tall; Alfred L. Hodges; Stockton and Jersey, F. de St. Croix ; St. Ires, Hartlepool, P. Romyn; Yarmoută, R. Pearce; Leith, A. Paterson; E. H. L. Preston; Dundee, Adol.

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