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Geo. E. Jones.

|| Cæsar H. Hawkins, esq., GrosvenorJohn Wilson, Whitby.

street, Gros.-sq. John Thornton, Norwich.

Jas. Luke, Broad-st. Buildings. Henry Osborn, Southampton. || Fred. C. Skey, Grosvenor-st. Chas. H. Dunhill.

Joseph Hodgson, Westbourne-terr. Drewry Ottley, Pau.

Thos. Wormald, Bedford-row, Pat. Panton.

Geo. Pilcher, Harley-st. Lewis Powell, Mauritius.

John Bishop, Bernard-st. Thos. J. Holmes, Gt. Torrington. Gilbert W. Mackmurdo, N.Broad-st. Chas. Somerville, I'alsall.

Francis Kiernan, Manchester-st. Dan. H. Tuke, York.

Will. Coulson, Fred.-pl., Old Jewry. Will. Bays, Brighton.

Geo. Gulliver, St. Mark's-crescent. Will. Thompson, Newark-on-Trent. R. Partridge, New-st., Spring-gar. Will, O'Neill, Lincoln.

John Hilton, New Broad-street. Thomas P.J. Grantham, Burgh Le Rich. Quain, Cavendish-square. Marsh.

Professors : Anatomy and Surgery, John Jones, Hiedelberg.

P. G. Hewett; Hunterian, Rich. James Gilmour, Liverpool.

Owen; Histological, John Thos. Lawrence T. Griffin, Killarney. Quekett. Thos. A. Henderson, Ramsgate. Conservators of the Museum, Rich. James Eager, Liverpool.

Owen, F.R.S., John T. Quekett. Thomas H. Cooper, Brighton. Students in Anatomy, Henry R. Henry W. Watson, Derby.

Silvester, T. Howard Stewart.
Librarian, John Chatto.
Solic., E. A. Wilde, College-hill.

Secretary, Edmund Belfour.
Royal College of Surgeons of Clerk, Thos. M. Stone.

Lincoln's-inn Fields. Society of APOTHECARIES of
Chartered in 1800.

LONDON, Blackfriars. Incorpo

rated in 1617. || Members of the Court of Examiners. Master, R. C. Griffith, esq. COUNCIL

Wardens, J. F. De Grave, esq., J.

Simoëns, esq.

Assistants, John Nussey, Allen William Lawrence, Whitehall-pl. Williams, William Bagster, EdVice-Presidents.

ward Wallace, John Bacot, Edw.

Bean, Mich. L. Este, W.T.Brande, || Benjamin Travers, Green-street,

R. S. Eyles, Jno. Parrott, N. B. Grosvenor-square.

Ward, Everard A. Brande, W. || Edw. Stanley, Brook-street, Gros

Payne, W. Day, J. P. Peregrine, venor-square.

J.Harrison, W. Lamb,J.Saner, F.

R. Gowar, Jno. Humphrys, Jno. || Robert Keate, esq., Serjeant Sur

Hunter, esqrs. geon to the Queen, Hertford-st.

Clerk to Society, R. B. Upton, esq. George J. Guthrie, Berkeley-st., Beadle, Chas. Rivers.

Sir Benj. Č. Brodie, bt. F.R.S. Serj.

The Court of Examiners.
Surg. to the Queen, Saville-row. Chairman, Edw. Tegart, esq.
Joseph Swan, Tavistock-square. Hen. Combe, W. Dickinson, T.
|| Jos. H. Green, Hadley.

Ansell, Rich. H. Robertson, R. li Jas. M. Arnott, New Burlington-st. Norton, Rich. King, Rob. H. || John F. South, Blackheatk. Semple, T. R. Wheeler, Stephen 11. Ward, J. Randall, W. P. Brod- | Medical Society of LONDON, for ribb, esqrs.

the promotion of Medical and Sur. Secretary to the Court of Examiners, gical Knowledge. The Society Mr. Alf. M. Randall.

awards certain Gold and Silver Professor of Chemistry and Materia

Medals annually. Insti. 1773. Medica, William Thomas Brande,

32 A, George-streel, Hanover-sy. esq. F. R. &L.S.

President, J. Snow, M.D. Examiner of the Society's Prises in Vice-Presidents, W. Coulson, I. B.

Botany, Jos. D. Hooker, M.D., Brown, C. H. F. Routh, M.D., F.L.S., esq.

W. Smiles, M.D., esqrs. Curator of the Botanic Garden, Mr. Treasurer, Henry Hancock, esq. Thos. Moore.

Librarian, W. A. Harrison, esq.
Secretaries in Ordinary, E. Smith,

M.D., C. H. Rogers Harrison, The Royal Society, Incorporated

esq. 1662. Somerset House.

Secretary for Foreign Correspond

ence, T. Davidson, M.D. Patron, The Queen.

The Council. Lord Wrottesley, President. ROYAL Medical and CHIRURGICol. Sabine, R.A., Treas.

CAL SOCIETY London, for the G. G. Stokes, esq., M.A., Sec. cultivation and promotion of the W. Sharpey, M.D., Sec.

Science of Medicine-Society pubR.-Adın. W. H. Smyth, For, Sec.

lish a volume of transactions anDr. Arnott, Thos. Bell, esq., Adm. nually, which is supplied gratis to

Beechy, Sir B. Brodie, C. Darwin, the Fellows, Established in 1805. esq., W. De la Rue, esq., Earl of

53, Berners-st. Harrowhy, Dr. Hoffman, Thos. President, C. H. Hawkins, esą. H. Huxley, esq., J. Miers, esq., Vice-Presidents, Will. Baly, M.D., Jas. Paget, esq., Rev. Baden Jno. Webster, M.D., Geo. Busk, Powell, Earl of Rosse, R. Ste

esq., F. Le Gros Clark, esq. phenson, esq., W. Tite, esq., Treasurers, Geo. Cursham, M.D., Chas. Wheatstone, esq.

Thos. B. Curling, esq. Assist. Sec. and Librarian, Chas. R. Secretaries, T. B. Peacock, M.D.,

Spencer Smith, esq. Clerk, Mr. Walter White.

Librarians, Will. Wegg, M.D.,

James Dixon, esq.

Other Members of the Council, Society OF ANTIQUARIES, 1717.

H. S. Dyer, M.D., H. Bence

Jones, M.D., T. H. Silvester, (Somerset House.)

M.D., Theoph. Thompson, M.D., Patron, The QUEEN.

C. West, M.D., J. M. Arnott, Officers.

C. Brooke, J, Erichsen, H. D. President, Earl Stanhope.

Jones, Jno. Simon, esqrs. Vice-Presidents, Bishop of Oxford, Resident Assistant Librarian, Mr. J. P. Collier, esq., Ad. W. H.

B. R. Wheatley Smyth, Edw. Hawkins, esq., Jos.

Hunter. Director, Sir Henry Ellis. PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY OF GT. Treasurer, Fred. Ouvry, esq.

BRITAIN, 17, Bloomsbury-sq. Secretary, John Y. Akerinan, esq. President, J. T. Davenport, esq. Clerk, Mr. Edwin Ireland.

Vice-President, Geo. Edwards, esq

Weld, esq.

Treasurer, Daniel B. Hanbury, esą.

Trustees elected. Secretary Registrar, Geo. W.

E. of Aberdeen. M.of Lansdowne. Smith, esq.

Duke of Rutland. H. Hallam, esq. Professors and Curators. Chemistry and Pharmacy, Theoph.

W. R. Hamilton, esq. Redwood, esq.

Duke of Sutherland. Botany and Natural History of

*Rt. hon. T. B. Macaulay. Drugs, Robert Bentley, esq.

The Dean of Westminster.
Rt.hon. Sir David Dundas.
*Rt. hon. Henry Goulburn.

Sir Ph. de M. Grey Egerton, British Museum, Montague-House.

bart. 1753.

Duke of Somerset. Forty-nine Trustees ;-24, by virtue

Sir Rod. Impey Murchison.

Very Rev. Hen. H. Milman, of their offices; one by the appoint

D.D. ment of the Queen ;-9, represent

Lord John Russell. ing the Sloane, Cotton, Harleian, Townley, Elgin and Knight fami- Principal Librarian and Secretary, lies, marked s. C. H. T. E. K.- Sir Henry Ellis, K.H. and 15 chose: by the former 34.

Chief Clerk in Secretary's Office,

Thomas Butier, esq. ial Trustees.

Accountant, Mr Edw. M. Aston. Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord

Department of Printed Books. Chancellor, Speaker of the House Keeper, Antonio Panizzi, esq. of Commons, Lord President of

Assist. Keeper, J. W. Jones, esq. the Council First Lord of the Supernumerary, Rev. Thos. Hart

well Horne. Treasury, Lord Privy Seal, First Lord of the Admiralty, Lord Assistunts, Messrs. Thos. Watts, Steward, Lord


Will. B. Rye, Geo. Bullen, Nath. Four Secretaries

W. Simons, R. H. Major, C.

of State, Bishop of London, Chancellor of

Cannon, G. R. Porter, Leopold

J. Lardner, J. Zedner. the Exchequer, Lord Chief Justice of Queen's Bench, Master of

Assistants, Second Class, Messrs. the Rolls, Lord Chief Justice of

Louis A. Prevost, Coventry K.

Patmore, Isaac B. H. Pinto, Rh. Common Pleas, Attorney-General, Solicitor-General.

Garnett, Jos. B. McCaul, Eugene The Presidents of the Royal So

A. Roy, Campbell Clarke, Edw. ciety, the College of Physicians,

E. Stride, W. Y. Fletcher. W. the Society of Antiquaries and

R. S. Ralston, Jn. C. Knight,

Antonio Abdo. the Royal Academy. Trustee appointed by her Majesty, Temporary Assists. Messrs. E. A. H. (vacant).

J. Warren, J. R. Morell.

Receiver of Printed Books under Family-Trustees.

Copyright Act, Mr. R. Cowton. S. Earl Cadogan.

Department of Manuscripts. S. Earl of Derby.

Keeper, Sir Fred. Madden, K.H. C. Rev. Francis Annesley.

Assistant Keeper and Egerton LibraC. George Annesley, esq.

rian, Edw. A. Bond, esq. H. #Lord Hen. W. Bentinck. Assistants, Messrs. Charles Rieu, H. Earl Cawdor.

Harry L. D. Ward, M.A., Edw. T. Charles Towneley, esq.

Levien, M.A., Fred. Moore. E. Earl of Elgin.

Assistants, Second Class, Messrs. N. K. #Fred. Winn Knight, esq. E. S. A. Hamilton, R. Holmes.

Department of Natural History. NATIONAL GALLERY of PICTURES, Keeper of Zoology, Dr. Jn. E. Gray. Trafalgar Square. Assistants, Messrs. Geo. R. Gray,

Trustees. Adam White, Will. Baird, M.D., Marg. of Lansdowne, Marq. of Fred. Smith.

Northampton, Earl of AberKeeper of Mineralogy and Geology,

deen, Earl of Ripon, * Right George Rob. Waterhouse, esq. hon. Sir James Graham, Lord Assistant, Mr. Sam. P. Woodward.

Monteagle, Lord Overstone, Lord Keeper of Botany, Rob. Brown, esq Ashburton, William Rusell, esq., Assist. Keeper, Jn. J. Bennett, esq. # Thos. Baring, esq. Department of Antiquities.

Director, Sir Charles L. Eastlake. Keeper, Edward Hawkins, esq.

Keeper & Sec., Ralph W. Norman, Assist. Keeper, Sam. Birch, esq.

esq. Assistants, Messrs. Will. s. W. Travelling Agent, Otto Mündler, Vaux, M.A., Edmund Oldfield,

esq. M.A., Augustus W. Franks, M.A.,

Reginald S. Poole. Supernumerary, Mr. Thos. Burgon. SOCIETY for the Encouragement of Department of Prints and Druwings.

Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce, Keeper, W.Hookham Carpenter,esq.

Instituted 1754. Incorp. 1847. Reading Rooms.

Adelphi.) First Superintendent, Mr.Jas.Cates. President, H.R.H. Prince Albert. Secomil Superintendent, Mr. John Chairman of Council, Rev. James Grabham.

Booth, D.C.L. Solicitors, Messrs. Bray, Warren,and Deputy, W. Hawes, esq. Harding.

Treasurers, Rev. Dr. Booth, Mat.

Marshall, esq.

Auditors, W. F. Harrison, S. M. Museum of the Royal College of Sur

Hubert, esqrs. geons, Lincoln's Inn Fields. 1800. Secretary, P. Le Neve Foster, esq. Official Trustees.

Assist. Secretary, Mr. Jas. Forrest. Lord Chancellor, First Lord of the Financial Officer, Mr. Sam. T. Treasury, Chancellor of the Ex

Davenport. chequer, First Lord of the Admiralty, The Speaker, Sec. at War, Royal ACADEMY of Arts, 1768, Pres. of the Royal Society, Pres.

Trafalgar-square. R. Coll. of Physicians, The four Patron, The QUEEN. censors R. Coll. of Physicians, Pres. Sir C. Lock Eastlake, knt. Reg. Prof. of Physic Oxford, Secretary, Jn. P. Knight, esq.,

R.A. Reader in Anatomy Oxford, Keeper, Chas. Landseer, esq., R.A. Reg. Prof. of Physic Cambridge, Treasr. Philip Hardwick, esq., R.A. Prof. of Anatomy Cambridge.

Trustees by Election.
Bishop of London, Sir G. T. Honorary Members.

Staunton, bt., Earl of Derby, Chaplain, Bishop of London.
Earl of Enniskillen, Earl of Prof.of dut. Lit., #Rt. Hon. Thos.
Burlington, Sir Ph. de M. B. Macaulay.
Grey Egerton, bt., Jos. H. Green, Prof. of Ant. Hist. H. Hallam, esq.
Sir Ben. C. Brodie, bt., Duke of Foreign Sel., Sir Geo. Staunton, bt.
Buccleuch, Dean of Westminster, Antiquary, Earl Stanhope.
Bishop of Oxford, Lord Jnu. Academicians, E. H. Baily, Sir Chas.

Barry, Alfred E. Chalon, Chas. R. Secretary, Edm. Belfour, esq. Cockerell, Abraham Cooper, Rich

esq., M.D.

Cook, C. W. Cope, T. Creswick, quess of Westminster, Earl of
Wm. Dyce, Sir C. L. Eastlake, Westmoreland, Lord Northwick,
Wm. T. Frith, John Gibson, Sir Sam. Rogers, esq., H. T. Hope,
John W. Gordon, Fras. Grant, esq., Earl Cowper, Lord Over-
Philip Hardwick, Sol. A. Hart, stone, Beriah Botfield, esq., Rich.
John Rogers Herbert, George Solly, esq., Earl of Carlisle, Lord
Jones, J. Prescott Knight, Fred. Yarborough, Lord Feverslam,
R. Lee, Charles R. Leslie, Sir W. R. Hamilton, esq., *R. S.
Edwin Landseer, Chas. Landseer, Holford, esq., Chas. Townley,
Daniel Maclise, Patrick M‘Dow- esq.
ell, W. Mulready, W. C. Mar- Secretary & Keeper, Geo. Nicol, esq.
shall, Henry W. Pickersgill,
Rich. Redgrave, D. Roberts, Sir
W. C. Ross, Sir R. Smirke,

Society of British ARTISTS. Clarkson Stanfield, Thomas

Incorp. 1846. Suffolk Street, Uwins, Jas. Ward, Ed. M. Ward,

Pall Mall, East. Thos. Webster, Sir Rd. West- President, F. Y. Hurlstone, esq. macott, W. F. Witherington, Vice-President, J. B. Pyne, esq. Rich. Westmacott, esqrs.

Treasurer, John Tennant, esq. Acad. Engraver, S. Cousins.



Anatomy, J. Strickland, esq.
Painting, S. A. Hart, esq.

Comparative Anatomy, E. Meryon, Sculpture, Sir Rich. Westmacott. drchitec., Chas. R. Cokerell, esq. Perspective, J. Saddler, esq. Perspective, J. P. Knight, esq. Geology, Prof. Ansted. Anatomy, Rich. Partridge, esq. Colour, J. Field, esq. Associates, Fran. Danby,

Patten, A. Elmore, Thos. Sid-
ney Cooper, Edward M. Ward, SOCIETY OF PAINTERS IN WATER
Will. Edw. Frost, Paul F. Poole, COLOURS, for the Annual Exhi-
Fred. R. Pickersgill, Sydney bition of the Works of the Mem-
Smirke, Rob. Thorburn, Aug. bers. Estab. 1804. 5, Pall Mall,
Leopold Egg, John H. Foley, East.
J. C. Hook, w. Boxall, E. W. President,
Cooke, F. Stone, H. Weekes, Secretary, Jos. J. Jenkins, esq.
Frederick Goodall, John E. Treasurer, W. C. Smith, esq.

Associate Engravers, Richard J.

ART UNION OF LONDON, InLane, Charles Turner, Robert

corporated by Royal Charter, comGraves, James T. Willmore,

posed of Annual Subscribers of Lumb. Stocks.

One Guinea and upwards. The
Funds are divided into shares.

which are distributed at an Annual BRITISH INSTITUTION, for promol. General meeting the gainer of a

ing the Fine Arts in the United prize must expend the amount in

Kingdom. Pall-Mall, Inst. 1803. the purchase of a Picture, or some Patroness, The Queen.

work of art from the Royal Aca. President, Duke of Sutherland. demy, British Institution, Society Dep. Pres. Earl of Ellesmere. of British Artists, or either of the Directors, D. of Northumberland, Societies of Painters in Water

Earl of Aberdeen, Lord Fever- Colours. Every member for each sham, Marq.of Lansdowne, Mar- guinea subscribed, is entitled to an

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