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LAW AND OTHER PUBLIC OFFICES, , City Court for Small Debts, Guildhall. With Hours of Attendance.

buildings, 10 to 1

City Police Commissioners' Ofice, 26, Old Accountant-General's Office, Chancery. Jewry, 9 to 5

lane, 9 to 3, and 4 to 6; and for pay. City Remembrancer's Office, Guildhall. ments, 11 to 3

yard, 9 to 8 Accountant in Bankruptcy, Basinghall-City Solicitor's Office, Guildhall, 94 to 5

street, 10 to 4; for payment of Divi- Clerk of the Crown Office, Rolls-yard, dends, 11 to 3

Chancery-lane, during the sitting of ParAcknowledgment of Deeds by Married liament 10 to 3, and at House of Lords

Women, 7, Lancaster-place, Waterloo 4 to 6; at other tines 10 to 2
Bridge, 11 to 5; vac. 11 to 2

Clerk of the Peace (City) Office, Sessions Adjutant-General's Office, Horse Guards, House, Old Bailey, 10 to 5; during sit. 11 to 5

tings, 9 to 5 Admiralty Court, College-square, Doctors' Clerk of the Peace, for Surrey, North. Commons, 11 to 4

street, Lambeth, 9 to 5 A Imiralty Register Office, Paul's Bake- Ditto, Middlesex, Sessions-house, Clerkhouse-court, Godliman-st, Oct. I to Mar. enwell, 10 to 5

31, 10 to 3; Apr. I to Sept. 30, 10 to 4 Coal Exchange, Lower Thames-street, 11 Admiralty Naval Depart., Whitehall, 10 to 5 to 2. Admiralty Civil Department, Somerset Colonial Land and Emigration Board, 8, House, 10 to 4

Park-street, Queen-square, 11 to 5 Advocates, College of, Doctors' Commons, Colonial Office, 13 and 14, Downing-street 10 to 4.

Commander-in-Chief's Office, Horse Guards, Afidavit Omice, Irish (Chancery), South. 10 to 6

ampton-buildings, 10 to 4; in long vaca- Commissary of Surrey's Office, 12, Great tion, l1co 1

Knightrider-street, io to 4 Alien Office, at the Home Office, 11 to 4 Commissary of London Registry for Wills, Allowance Office for spoiled Stamps, Somer- 16, Knightrider-street, 10 to 1

set-house, Tues. Thurs. and Sat. 12 to 2 Commissioners for Affidavits in Chancery, Apothecaries' Hall, Water-lane, Black- and other Law Courts in Ireland, 10,

friars, 9 to 8; Solicitor's Office, 1 to 3 Southampton-buildings, 10 to 4 Appearance Office (Q. B.), King's Bench Commissioners in Lunacy, Whitehall

Walk, Temple. Hours as Writ Office place, 10 to 4 Archdeacon of London's Office, Great Commissioners of Police, 4, Whitehall. Knightrider-street, 9 to 6

place, 10 to 4 Archdeacon of Middlesex's Office, 3, Godli. Commissioners of Sewers for City of Lonman-street, 10 to 4

don, Guildhall-yard, 10 to 4 Archdeacon of Surrey's Office, 3, Paul's Commissioners of Sewers for the Metropolis Chain, 10 to 4

(exclusive of the City of London) 1, GreekArchdeaconry of Rochester, 19, Benet's street, Soho-square, 9 to 4 hill, 91 to 5

Common Pleas Office, Serjeant's Inn, Chan. Arches Court, College-square, Doctors'

cery-lane, 11 to 5 in term; 11 to 3 in va. Commons, sits at 10

cation, except from Aug. 10 to Oct. 24, Arches' Registry, 20, Great Knightrider.

when 11 to 2 only. street, 10 to 4

Comptroller of Corn Returns, 4, Old Pa. Army Pay Odlce, see Paymaster-General lace-yard, 10 to 4 Attorney-General's Office, Lamb's-build- Consistory Court, Doctors' Commons, sits

ings, Temple, 10 to 9; in vacation, 10 at 11 to 5.

Copyhold Commission, Somerset House, 10 Audit Office for Public Accounts, Somerset to 4

House, 10 to 4; Saturday, 10 to 2 Corn Exchange, Mark-lane, Fenchurch. Auditor's Office for Land Revenue, 11, street, 11 to 3 Spring-gardens, 10 to 4

Court of Review, Registrar's Office, QuaBankruptcy Ch, 62, Basinghall-st., 10 to 4 lity-court, Chancery-lane, 10 to 4 vacaBishop of London's Office, 3, Godliman- tion, 11 to 3 street, 10 to 4

Coroner of Middlesex's Office, Bedford. Bishop of Winchester's Office for Surrey, street, Covent-garden

12, Great Knightrider-street, 10 to 5 Crown Office (Q. B.), 2, King's Bench-walk, Board of Control, Cannon-row, 10 to 4 Temple, 11 to 5; in vacation, 11 to 3; Board of Green Cloth, Buckingham Palace, in Rule Department, in Term, 11 to 3 11 to 4

and 6 to 8 Board of Health, 8, Parliament-street, Crown Office, in Chancery, Rolls-yard, 10 to 4

10 to 3, and at House of Lords when Board of Trade, Whitehall, 10 to 4

sitting, 4 to 6. Bocking, registry of the Deanery of, 10, Custom-house, Lower Thames-street, In. Great Knightrider-street, 9 to

door Offices 10 to 4; Waterside Offices, Chancery Enrolment Office, Chancery-lane,

from 1st March to 31st Oct., 8 to 4; 10 to 4 ; vacation, 10 to 2

from 1st Nov. to 28th Feb. 9 to 1 Chancery Office, Southamptou-buildings, Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's Office, 5, 11 to 4; vacation, 11 to 1

Dean's.court, 94 to 5 Church Building Commission, &c., 13, Dean and Chapter of Westminster's Office,

Greut George-st, Westminster, 10 to 5 19, Benet's-bill, 9 to 5

Duchy of Cornwall Office, Somerset-house, Land Tax Redemption Office, Somerset 10 to 4

House, 10 to 4 Duchy of Lancaster Office, Lancaster. Legacy Duty Office, Somerset House, 10 to 4 place, Waterloo-bridge, 10 to 4

Lloyd's Rooms, Royal Exchange, 9 to 6; East India House, Leadenhall-strect, Trea- Underwriters' Room, 10 to 5

sury, 9 to 3; other departments, 10 to 4 Loan Office (Public Works), South Sca Ecclesiastical Commission, 5, Whitehall- House, 10 to to 4 place, 10 to 4

Lord Advocate of Scotland's Office, Gwydyr Education, Commissioners for, Privy Coun- House cil Office, Downing-street, 10 to 4

Lord Chamberlain's Office, Stable-yard, St. Emigration Office, 15, Park-street, West- James's, 11 to 4 minster, and 70, Lower Thames-street, Lord Chancellor's Secretary's Office, Qua10 to 4

lity-court, 11 to 3 Error Office for Allowance and Transcript Lord Mayor's Court Office, I, Guildhall

(Q. B. and C.P.), Serjeants' Inn, Chancery. Chambers, Basinghall-street, 10 to 4

lane, 10 to 4 in Term; 11 to 3 vacation Lunatics' Secretary's Office, Quality.court, Examiners' Office, Rolls-yd., Chancery- 10 to 4, in vacation, 11 to 1

lane, 10 to 4 in Term, and 11 to 3 in ra. Lunacy Master's Office, 45, Lincoln's Inn cation

Fields, 10 to 4 Exchequer of Pleas Office, 7, Stone-bldgs., | Marshal and Associate's Office, (Q.B. and

Old-square, 11 to 5 in Term; 11 to 3 in C.P.) Rolls'-gardens, term and sittings vacation, except from August 10 to Oct. after 11 to 5; in vacation, 11 to 2 24, when I to 2 only; in Rule depart- Ditto (Exchequer), 5, Child's place, as ment, 11 to 3 and 6 to 8

Queen's Bench, term and sittings after Exchequer Bill Office, Whitehall, 10 to 4 il to 3 and 6 to 8; vacation, 11 to 2 Excise Export Office, 9 to 3; Import Office, Masters in Chancery Office, 25, Southamp

summer 8 to 4, winter 9 to 4, Tower ton-buildings,' 10 to 4; vacation, 11 to 1 Dock

Masters' Office, Q. B., Mitre-court-buildings, Factory Inspectors' Omice, Home Office, Temple; C.P., Serjeants'-inn, Chancery. Whitehall, 11 to 4

lane; Exch. Stone-buildings, Lincoln's. Faculty Office, 10, Great Knightrider-st., inn, 11 to 5; in vacation, il to 3; from 9 to 6

10 Aug. to 23 Oct 11 to 2 Foreign Office, 15 and 16, Downing-street Metropolitan Buildings, 6, Adelphi-terrace, Gazette office, 45, St. Martin's-lanc

10 to 4 General Register Office of Births, Deaths, Metropolitan Roads, North of the Thames,

and Marriages, 7 & 8, Somerset-place, 10 22, Whitehall-place, 10 to 4 to 1

Metropolitan Police, 4, Whitehall-place, Government Annuity Office, 19, Old 10 to 4 Jewry, 10 to 3

Middlesex Registry of Deeds, Bell-yard, Greenwich Out Pension Office, 4., Great Temple-bar, 10 to 3 for searches; li Tower-street, 10 to 4

to 2 for registry Hackney Carriage Office, Old Broad- Mint, Tower Hill, 10 to 4 street, 10 to 4

National Debt and Government Annuity Hall-pay Olice. See Paymaster-General's Office, 19, Old Jewry, 10 to 3 Office

Navy Office, Somerset House, 10 to 4 Harbour Master's Office, St. Katherine's Ordnance Olce, 86, Pall Mall, and Tower, Stairs, 10 to 4

10 to 4 Hawkers' and Pedlers' Omice, Somerset Patent Bill Office, 13, Serle-st, Lincoln'sHouse, 10 to 4

inn, 10 to 4 Heralds' College ofice, St. Benet's-hill, Patent Office, Great Seal, Quality-court, Doctors' Commons, 10 to 4

10 to 3 Home Omce, Whitehall, 9 to 7

Paymaster.General's Office, Whitehall, Horse Guards, 10 to 5

10 to 4 Inland Revenue Office, Somerset House, 10 Peculiar of Archb. of Canterbury's Office, to 4

5*, Bell-yard, Doctors' Commons, 9 to 5 Insolvent Debtors' Court, Portugal-street, Pell Office, Westminster Hall, 10 to 1 10 to 4

Petty Bag Office, Rolls -yard (C.), 10 to 4; Irish Courts Affidavit and Deeds Registry in vacation, Il to 2

Office, 10, Southampton Buildings, 10 to 4 Police Offices, 10 to 5 Irish Office, 18, Great Queen-street, West- Poor Law Commission, Gwydyr House, minster, 11 to 5

Whitehall, 10 to 4
Joint Stock Company's Registration Office, Post Office, St. Martin's-le-Grand

Serjeants'.inn, Fleet-street, 10 to 5 Prerogative Court, College-sq. Doctors' Judge Advocate's Office, 35, Great George. Commons, February to October 9 to 4, street, Westminster, 10 to 4

other months 9 to 3 Judges' Chambers, Rolls' Gardens, Chan- Prerogative Will Office, 6, Great Knight.

cery-lane, 11 to 5; racation, 11 to 3; rider-street, as Prerogative Court long vacation, 11 to 2

Presentation Office, Quality-court, 3 to 4 Judgment Office (Queen's Bench Office), Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Society,

Inner Temple; hours the same as the 12, Pall Mall, 10 to 4
Writ Office

Privy Council Office, Downing-st., 11 to 4 Land Revenue Office. See Woods and

Privy Seal and Signet Office, Whitchall Forests

and 28, Abingdon-street, 10 to 3

Property Tax Office, Somerset Ho., l1 to 4 Sheriff of Middlesex's Office, Red Lion-sq.
Public Record Office-Head Office, Rolls' Court days, Thursdays
House, Chancery.lane. Branch Offices, Sheriff's Court Basinghall-street, 10 to 4
Rolls Chapel, Tower, Chapter House, Signet Office. See Privy Seal
Poets' Corner, and Carlton Ride, 10 to 4 Solicitor-General's Office, 3, Stone-build-
Queca Anne's Bounty Office, Dean's-yard, ings, Lincoln's Inn

Westminster; Treasurer's Department, Sons of the Clergy, 2, Bloomsbury-place,
10 to 2; Secretary's and First Fruits and Bloomsbury-square
Tenths Department, 10 to 4

Stage Coach Duty Office, at Inland Revenue Queen's Bench Office, Mitre-court-buildings, Office, Broad-street

Temple; hours as the Writ Office Stamp and Legacy Duty Office, Somerset Queen's Remembrancer Office, 22, Duke. House, 10 to 4. No money received street, Westminster, 10 to 4

after 3 Railway Board, 22, Great George-street State Paper Office, 12, Duke-street, WestRecord and Writ Clerks' Office, Chancery- minster, 11 to 4

lane, 10 to 4 in Term and during the Stationery Office, Broad Sanctuary, WestSeals, at other times 11 to 1

minster, 10 to 4 Recruiting Office, 16 and 25, Duke-street, Stock Exchange, Capel-court, Bank, 10 to 4 Westminster

Subpæna Office, Rolls-yard, 10 to 4 in Registrar Office, Chancery-lane (C.) 11 to 2 Term, in vacation 11 to I

for inspection, 9 to 3 and 3 to 6; in va- Tax Office, Somerset-place, 10 to 3 cation, 11 to 1

Taxing Master's Office, Staple-inn, 10 to Registrar of Common Lodging Houses, 4; vacation, 11 to 1

1, Palace-place, Great Scotland-yard Teoths Office. See Queen Anne's Bounty Registry of Designs, 4, Somerset-place, 10 Tithe Commissioners' Office, Harringtonto 4; for registering, 11 to 3

house, Whitehall, 10 to 4 Report and Entries Office, Chancery-lane, Transport Office, Somerset House, 10 to 4 10 to 3; vacation, 11 to 1

Treasurer for the County of Middlesex's Royal Marines Office, 22,, Spring- Office, Clerkenwell Sessions-house, 11 gardens

to 3 Role Office (Q.B.), Queen's Bench Office, Treasury Office, Whitehall, 10 to 4

Inner Temple, 11 to 3, and 6 to 8, in Vicars General and Peculiars' Office, Bell. Term; in vacation, as Writ Office

yard, Doctors' Commons, 9 to 5 Rule Office (C.P.), Serjeant's Inn, Chan- Victualling Office, Somerset House, 10 to 4

cery-lane, il to 3, and 6 to 8, in Term; War Office, Horse Guards, 10 to 4 in vacation, as Writ Oflice

War Department, 7, Whitehall-gardens Savings Banks' (Barristers') Office, 5, Bol. Wine Licence Office, Inland Revenue ton-street, Piccadilly, 10 to 4

Office, Somerset-house, 10 to 3 School of Design, Marlborough House Woods, Forests, and Land Revenues, Public Scottish Corporation Office, Crane-court, Works and Buildings Office, Whitehall. Fleet street, 10 to 4

place, 10 to 4 Secondary's Office, 5, Basinghall-st., 10 to 7 Writs Office (Q.B.), Queen's Bench Office, Secretary's Office, Lord Chancellor's, Qua- King's Bench-walk, Temple, 11 to 4,

lity-court, Chancery-lane, 11 to 3; Rolls, vacation, il to 3; long vacation, li Chancery.lane, 10 to 3; vacation, 11 to 1

to 2.


IRON-MASTERS' QUARTERLY MEETINGS, 1854. Walsall ....... Tuesday

.... January 8 April 8 July 8 October 7 Wolverhampton ... Wednesday..


9 Birmingham.. Thursday


9 Stourbridge Friday.


10 Dudley Saturday



HACKNEY-CARRIAGE FARES. All vehicles, whether on two or more and for any part of a mile over and above wheels, plying for passengers in any part any number of miles completed. of the metropolis, within the limits of the Fares by Time.-For any time within Act 16 and 17 Vict. c. 33, which is defined and not exceeding one hour, two shillings. to be the Metropolitan Police District and For every quarter of an hour, or portion the City of London, with the exception of of a quarter of an hour not complcted, those licensed as stage.coaches, are deemed sixpence; but where hired by time the hacknes.carriages within the provisions of driver is not compellable to proceed at the the Act.

rate of more than four miles an hour. Farrs by Distance. -For erery descrip- The above fares to be paid according to tion of carriage with four or two wheels, distance or time at the option of the hirer, drawn by one horse for any distance within to be expressed at the commencement of and got exceeding one mile, sixpence. the hiring ; if not otherwise expressed the

For any distance exceeding one mile, fare to be paid according to distance. The after the rate of sixpence for erery mile, I driver, however, is not compellable to hire his carriage for a fare to be paid according from Charing Cross, he may charge one to time at any time after 8 o'clock in the shilling per mile for the distance so exevening, or before 6 o'clock in the morning. | ceeded, but not if he is brought back

When more than two persons shall be within the radius though he may have carried inside any hackney-carriage, one gone beyond it. If engaged by time he sum of sixpence is to be paid for each can be retained for any time not exceeding person above two for the whole hiring ; | one hour. two children under ten to be counted as Every driver is required to deliver a one adult person.

ticket to the hirer, with the number of the A reasonable quantity of luggage is to Stamp-office plate of such carriage, and be carried without charge, but when more such other words as the Commissioners of than two persons are carried inside any Police may direct. hackney-carriage with more luggage than can be carried inside, a farther sum of two.

RATE OF ALLOWANCE TO WITNESSES. pence for every package carried outside the carriage is to be paid by the hirer in

For Altendance and Erpenses.

per day. addition to the above fares.

Surgeons, Surveyors, and Attorneys 2 2 0

Merchants A driver may be required to proceed to

• 1 1 0 Tradesmen

• 0 15 0 any place not exceeding six miles from the

Journeymen Mechanics :

0 7 0 place of hiring, but if discharged at any

For Travelling 18. Od. a mile. place exceeding four miles in a direct line The Attorney in the cause

METROPOLITAN WATER COMPANIES, WITH THEIR OFFICES. Chelsea-16, Great Queen-st., Westminster| Lambeth—139, Blackfriar's-road East London-16, St. Helen's place New River-New River Head, near Sad. Grand Junction-7, Brook-st., Grosvenor- ler's Wells square

Southwark and Vauxhall-Sumner-street, Hampstead – 6, Hardwick-place, Hamp- Southwark stead-road

West Middlesex-20, Nottingham-place, Kent--Mill-lane, Deptford


METROPOLITAN GAS.LIGHT COMPANIES, WITH THEIR OFFICES. British---11, George-yard, Lombard-street London-26, Southampton-street, Strand Chartered_-13, Millbank-street, Westm. North Surrey-26, Southampton-street, City of London-Dorset-st., Salisbury-sq. Strand Commercial --Ben Jonson's Fields

Phænix-70, Bankside Deptford-Creek-street, Deptford

Ratclifl-189, Wapping High-street Equitable_21, John-street, Adelphi South Metropolitan-Canal Bridge, Old European-3, Moorgate-street

Kent-road Great Central Gas Consumers', 28, Cole. Surrey Consumers'-201,High-st., Borough man-street

United General_6, Austin Friars Imperial-33, John-street, Bedford-row Western-28, Argyll-street Independent-Haggerston

LONDON FIRE ENGINE ESTABLISHMENT, 68, WATLING-STREET. The following are the stations at which Engines are to be found, both Day and Night Ratcliffe - Wellclose-square

Blackfriars_Farringdon street Cheapside-68, Watling-street

Covent Garden-Chandos-street Holborn-No. 254, High Holborn

St. Giles's-George-yard, Crown-street Oxford-street_76, Wells-street

Golden-square-King-street Portman-square--33, King-st., Baker-street | Tooley-street, 147 Southwark Bridge-road, near Union-street Waterloo Bridge-road, near the New Cut Westminster--Horseferry-road

Shadwell_107, Broad-street Rotherhithe_Lucas-street

The Floating Engines lie off King's Stairs, St. Mary Ase-Jeffries-square

Rotherhithe, and Southwark Bridge Finsbury-Whitecross-street

Superintendent-Mr. J. Braidwood, 68, Watling-street.


Cross, Old Cavendish-street, Stones' End, THE Receiving Houses are open for Southwark, and Lombardstreet, till six general post letters till half-past five, or till without fee; at the first three Branch six P.M., if the letters bear an additional Oflices, till a quarter to seven; at Lom. id. stamp as a fee; and at St. Martin's-le- bard-street and the General Post Office, Grand and the Branch Offices, at Charing St. Martin's-le-Grand, till seven,

with an

additional id. stamp; and at St. Martin's Wales, South Australia, and New Zealand, le-Grand till half past seven P.M., with a fee at the rate of 6d. per 8 oz. ; and to the of 6d.

East Indies, Ceylon, Mauritius, and HongGeneral post letters are charged by Kong, at the rate of 8d. per 8 02. weight, as follows:

MORNING MAILS. Letters not exceeding oz., one postage

The Letter Boxes at the Receiving

1 oz., two postages
2 02., four postages

Houses will be open till ten P.m. previous
3 oz., six postages;

evening for newspapers and letters; and

those at the branch offices, Charing Cross, and so on, adding two postages for every Old Cavendish-street, and the Borough, for ounce; unless pre-paid by a stamp, the the reception of newspapers until 6.45 A.M., postage is charged double, and if the weight

and for letters until 7.15 A.M. At the Geof the letter should exceed the value of the

neral Post Office and the Branch Office in stamps attached, the excess will be charged Lombard-street, the boxes will close for double. Shilling, sixpenny, and fourpenny newspapers at seven A.m., and for letters stamps are issued.

at a quarter before eight A.M. Mail deNewspapers, to go the same day, must

spatched at half past nine A.m. Letters and be put into the General Post Office before

newspapers for Ireland, posted at any re. six o'clock; but those put in before

ceiving office before two or any branch half past seven o'clock will go the same

office before three, or at St. Martin's-leevening by paving a halfpenny with each.

Grand by half-past three, are despatched In the Branch Offices they must be put in at five, and reach Dublin early on the fol. before hall-past five, and at the Receiving lowing morning. Houses before five. They must be sent in covers open at the sides, and, to go free, To the British Military and Naval Forces no words or communication must be

in the Black Sea, Turkey, and the Crimea, printed on such paper after the same Mails are forwarded from London every shall have been published, nor any writ- Monday and Friday evenings, via Mar. ing or marks upon such printed paper, or seilles, by French packet. Postage, both the cover thereof, other than the name officers and men, 3d. not exceeding toz. ; and address of the person to whom it is 6d. not exceeding 4 oz.; and so on. Newssent. Stamped papers can be circulated

papers, 2d. each. free of postage at any time within fifteen

By packet direct, or via Malta, officers days, as often as is desired. The impressed

11d. not exceeding & oz. ; men ld, not stamp on newspapers is only available for

exceeding oz., newspapers Id, each. circulation within the United Kingdom, To the Forces in the Baltic, Mails are and if sent abroad either to foreign countries forwarded from London every Tuesday, of the colonies, newspapers must have via Dantzic. Postage, both officers and affixed stamps to the amount of postage men, 3d. not exceeding # oz., and so on, from Id. to 3d., whether bearing an im- Newspapers cannot be sent via Dantzie. pressed stamp or not, except to those By direct ship-of-war, newspapers are foreign countries where they are permitted sent at a postage of ld. each. to go free through the Foreign Post, in whicb ease the impressed stamp is sufficient. Members of either House of Parliameny

The Book Post conveys books and printed are entitled to receive, free of charge, pepapers, including unstamped newspapers, titions addressed to either House of Par. at the following rates :

liament, provided they are sent without For a packet not exceeding 4 02. . . ld.

covers, or in covers open at the sides, and Lxceeding 4 oz. but not exceeding 8 02. 2

do not exceed the weight of 32 ounces. 16 oz. 4

Letters containing coin or articles of And 'lor every additional s oz.

value are recommended to be registered.

The fee in any case in Great Britain is 6d. If the postage paid be less than 4d., the

and the postage, and to France double the packet must consist exclusively of printed postage. matter, but there is no restriction as to Money orders for sums under 52 are number of sheets or separate publications; granted by every post-town upon every if the postage amount to or exceed 4d., the other post-town in the United Kingdom, packet may consist of any number of on application at the various offices; and sheets, written or printed (but the written also by and upon certain offices in the me. matter must not be closed against inspect. tropolis, of which the postmasters are fur. tion, not be of the nature of a letter), or nished with a list, for which a commission of bound books, or maps or prints on of 3d. for Two Pounds, and 6d. for any sum rollers, or whatever is necessary to the above Two Pounds and not exceeding Five sale transmission of literary of artistic Pounds, is charged. They must be prematter; such packets, however, not to sented for payment within the second calenexceed two feet in length, width, or depth, dar month after their issue or a fresh order and all must be open at the ends or sides. will be charged for, and within the twelfth

Such packets may also be sent to the calendar month, or they will not be paid at British West Indies, British North America, all. Newfoundland, Bermuda, Cape Town, A money order granted upon London, Gibraltar, Malta, the Ionian Islands, St. without specifying any particular office in Helena, the Gold Coast, New South London, can only be paid at the General

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