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1847. Sept. 21. Richard Bulkeley Philipps Philipps, Lord MILFORD,

Lord Lieut. of the County of the Town of Haverfordwest, 6. 1801; cre. as above; m. lst, Eliza, dau. of the late John Gordon, esq., who d. 1852; 2ndly, 1854, Anne, dau. of the Earl of Wicklow. Heir Pres.,

none. (Picton Castle, Pembrokeshire ; Llandowror, Carmarthenshire.] 1849. Sept. 4. James Bruce, Lord ELGIN, Lord Lieut. of Fife

shire, (Earl of ELGIN and KINCARDINE in Scotland,) K.T., b. 1811; crea, as above; m. Ist, 1841, Elizabeth, dau. of #Chas. L. C. Bruce, esq., who d. 1843; 2ndly, 1846, Mary Louisa, dau. of the first Earl of Durham. Heir, his son, Lord Bruce, b. 1849. [Bruom Hall,

Fifeshire.] 1850. Jan. 22. Frederick Temple Blackwood, Lord CLANDEBOYE,

a lord in waiting on the Queen, (Lord DUFFERIN and CLANEBOYÉ in Ireland,) b. 1826; cre. as above. Heir Pres., to the Barony of the United Kingdom, none; to the Irish Barony, his uncle, Hon. and

Rev. Will. Steer, b. 1802. [Clandeboye House, Downshire.] 1850. March 4. Albert Denison Denison, Lord LONDESBOROUGH,

only brother of the Marq. Conyngham, b. 1805; cre, as above; m. Ist, 1833, Henrietta, dau, of the 1st Lord Forester, who d. 1841; 2ndly, 1847, Ursula, dau. of Rear-adm. the Hon. Charles Bridgeman. Heir, his son, Hon. Will. Henry Forester, b. 1834. [Grimston Park,

Tadcaster, Yorkshire.] 1850. March 5. Samuel Jones Loyd, Lord OVERSTONE, 6. 1796;

cre. as above ; m. 1829, Harriet, dau. of Ichabod Wright, esq. Heir

Pres., none. [Wickham Park, Surrey.] 1850. July 15. Charles Robert Claude Wilde, Lord TRURO.b. 1816;

8. 1855; m. 1238, Lucy, dau. of Robert Ray, esq. Heir Pres., his brother, Hon. Thomas Montagu Carrington, b. 1818. (Bowes Manor

near Southgate, Middlesex.] 1850. Dec. 28. Robert Monsey Rolfe, Lord CRANWORTH, Lord

High Chancellor, 6. 1790; cre. as above; m. 1845, Laura, dau. of the late Thos. W. Carr, esq. Heir Pres., none. 1851. Feb. 26. * John Cam Hobhouse, Lord BROUGHTON,

Col. of the Wiltshire Militia, b. 1786; cre, as above; m. 1828, Julia, dau, of the 7th Marq. of Tweeddale. Heir Pres., none. [Erlestoke

Park, Wilts.; Westbury College, Gloucestershire.] 1852. March 1.***Edward Burtenshaw Sugden, Lord ST. LEO

NARDS, D.C.L., 6. 1781; crea. as above ; m. 1808, Winifred, dau. of John Knapp, esq. Heir, his son, Hon. Henry, b. 1811. (Boyle Farm,

Thames Ditton.) 1852. Oct, 20. Richard Henry Fitzroy Somerset, Lord RAGLAN,

b. 1817; s. 1855. Heir Pres., none.



Elected cvery Parliament.

TWEEDDALE, Marquess of SEAFIELD, Earl of
MORTON, Earl of

HOME, Earl of






IRELAND. (28.)







Elected for Life.

Elected. Elected for Life. WESTMEATH, Marq. of 1831 | DUNGANNON, Visct. LANESBOROUGH, Earl of 1849 BANGOR, Visct. CHARLEMONT, Earl of 1807 | DONERAILE, Visct. MOUNTCASHEL, Earl of 1826 HAWARDEN, Visct. PORTARLINGTON, Earl of 1855 BLAYNEY, Lord MAYO, Earl of

1852 FARNHAM, Lord ERNE, Earl of

1845 KILMAINE, Lord DESART, Earl of

1847 CLONBROCK, Lord WICKLOW, Earl of 1822 CROFTON, Lord LUCAN, Earl of

1840 CLARINA, Lord BANDON, Earl of

1835 CASTLEMAINE, Lord ROSSE, Earl of

1845 DOWNES, Lord BANTRY, Earl of

1854 DUNSANDLE, Lord GLENGALL, Earl of 1829

(One vacant.)

1839 1849







PEERESSES In their own Right, by Creation or Descent. (11.) Tic. 1840. April 10. Cecilia Letitia Underwood, Duchess of IN.

VERNESS, 6. 1789; cre, as above ; m. 1815, Sir Geo. Buggin, knt.,

who d. 1825. Heir Pres., none. Hen. III. 1269. June 3. Mary Frances Elizabeth Boscawen, Baroness

LE DESPENCER, b. 1822 ; s. 1831; m. 1845, Visct. Falmouth. Heir, her son, Hon. Evelyn Edward Thomas, b. 1847. [Grey's Court,

Oxfordshire; Mereworth Castle, Kent.] 1269. Dec. 29. Sophia Russell, Baroness de CLIFFORD, 6. 1791 ;

s. 1833; m. 1822, John Russell, esq. cousin of the Duke of Bedford, who d. 1835. Heir, her son, Hon. Edward Southwell, 1. 1824.

[Kirby Mallory, Leicestershire.] Edw. II. 1308. Jan. 13. Harriet Ann Curzon, Baroness ZOUCHE,

b. 1787 ; s. 1829; m. 1808, Hon. Robert Curzon. Heir, her son, Hon.

Rob., b. 1810. [Parham Park, Sussex ; Hagley, Staffordshire.] 1322. May 2. Barbara Yelverton, Baroness GREY de RUTHYN, b.

1810; s. 1810; m. Ist, 1831, the 2nd Marquess of Hastings, who d. 1844 ; 2nd, 1845, Capt. Hastings Reginald Yelverton, R.N. Heir, her son, the 4th and present Marq. of Hastings. (Eford House,

Hants.] Hen. VIII. 1529. Sarah Otway Cave, Baroness BRAYE, b. 1839; m. 1790, Henry Otway, esq., who d. 1815. Co-Heirs Pres., her daughters, Hon. Maria, Hon. Anne, Hon. Catherine, Hon. Hen

rietta. (Stanford Hall, Leicestershire.] 1533. Harriet Windsor Clive, Baroness WINDSOR, 6. 1797. The

abeyance of the Barony of Windsor terminated in her favour, by Patent, Oct. 25, 1855 ; m. 1819, Hon. Rob. Henry Clive, who d. 1854. Heir,

her son, #Hon. Robert, b. 1824. Warp 1554. Feb. 17. Susan North, Baroness NORTH, 6. 1797 ; s.

1841; m. 1835, *John Sydney Doyle, esq., who has assumed the surname of North. Heir, her son, Hon. Will. Henry John, b. 1836.

(Wroxton Abbey, Oxfordshire.] Geo. III. 1803. Sept. 17. Margaret Mercer Elphinstone, Baroness

KEITH, b. 1788; s. 1823 ; m. 1817, the Count de Flahault. (Baroness Keith, in Ireland.) Heir Pres., none. [Aldie Castle,

Kinross-shire; Meikleour House, and Tulliallan Castle, Perthshire.) Will. IV. 1834. June 3. Sophia Elizabeth Wykeham, Baronees

WENMAN, b. 1793; cre. as above. Heir Pres., none. [Thame Park,

and Swalcliffe, Oxfordshire.] 1836. Jan. 22. Mary Elizabeth Campbell, Baroness STRATHEDEN,

dau. of the 1st Lord Abinger, b. 1796; cre. as abure, m. 1821, John, Lord Campbell. Heir, her son, Hon. Will. Fred., 6. 1825.


With the Dates of their consecration and Translation, and the Value of

each See. 1828–1848. Rt. Hon. John Bird Sumner, D.D. Lord Archbishop of

CANTERBURY, Primate of all England, and Metropolitan, an official Trustee of the British Museum, a Governor of the CharterHouse, Visitor of All-Souls and Merton Colleges, Oxford, b. 1780. [Lambeth-Palace ; Addington-Place, near Croydon, Surrey.) w.

£15,000 : 0 : 0 1837—1847. Rt. Hon. Thomas Musgrave, D.D., Lord Archbishop of

YORK, Primate of England, Visitor of Queen's College, Oxford, a Governor of the Charter House, brother-in-law of Lord Waterpark, b. 1788. (Bishopsthorp-Palace, near York.] m.. ...... £10,000 : 0 : 0 1824—1828. * Rt. Hon. Charles James Blomfield, D.D. Lord Bishop

of LONDON, an official Trustee of the British Museum, Dean of the Chapel Royal, Visitor of Sion-College, Provincial Dean of Canterbury, and a Governor of the Charter House, 1. 1786. [Fulham-House, Middlesex.] m.

£11,700: 0:0 1831–1836. Edward Maltby, D.D. Lord Bishop of DURHAM, Visitor of

the University of Durham, 6. 1770. [Durham-Palace, and the Castle, Bishop Auckland.] m. ...

£8,000 : 0 : 0 1826–1827. Charles Richard Sumner, D. D. Lord Bishop of WIN

CHESTER, Prelate of the Order of the Garter, Provincial SubDean of Canterbury, and Visitor of Magdalene, New, Trinity, St. John's, and Corpus, Colleges, Oxford, F.R.S., b. 1790. [FarnhamCastle, Surrey.] w.

£10,500: 0:0 1824–1830. Christopher Bethell, D.D. Lord Bishop of BANGOR. [Bangor-Palace, Carnarvonshire.] b.

£4,000 : 0: 0 1827. Hon. Hugh Percy, D.D. Lord Bishop of CARLISLE, Brother of

the Earl of Beverley, a Prebendary of St. Paul's, and Chancellor of the

Church of Sarum, 6. 1784. [Rose-Castle, Carlisle.] w. £3,000 : 0 : 0 1827. George Murray, D. D. Lord Bishop of ROCHESTER, Father

in-law of the Marq. Camden, and Brother-in-law of the Earl of

Kinnoull, b. 1784. [Danbury Palace, Chelmsford.) m. £5,000 : 0:0 1830. James Henry Monk, D.D. Lord Bishop of GLOUCESTER,

and BRISTOL, a Prebendary of Westminster, b. 1783. (Gloucester Palace, and Stapleton Palace, Bristol.] m.

£3,700 : 0 : 0 1831. Heury Phillpotts, D.D. Lord Bishop of EXETER, Visitor of

Exeter Coll. Oxford, a Prebendary of Durham, b. 1777. [Bishopstowe, Torquay.] m. ....

.... £2,700:0:0 1836. Charles Thomas Longley, D.D. Lord Bishop of RIPON, brother-in-law of Lord Congleton, b. 1794. [Palace, Ripon.] m.

£4,500 : 0 : 0 1839. George Davys, D.D. Lord Bp. of PETERBOROUGH, 6. 1780. (Peterborough-Palace.] m. ....

£4,500 : 0 : 0 1840. Connop Thirlwall, D. D. Lord Bp. of St. DAVID'S, Visitor

of St. David's College, Lampeter, b. 1797. (Aberguilli Palace, Carmarthen.] 6.

.. £4,500: 0:0

1841. Henry Pepys, D.D. Lord Bishop of WORCESTER, Uncle

of the Earl of Cottenham, Visitor of Worcester College, Oxford, b. 1783. (Hartlebury-Castle, Stourport.] m. ....

£5,000: 0:0 1842. Ashhurst Turner Gilbert, D.D. Lord Bishop of CHICHESTER. ( Chichester Palace.] m.

£4,200:0:0 1843. John Lonsdale, D.D. Lord Bishop of LICHFIELD. (Eccleshall Castle, Staffordshire.] m.

£4,500 : 0:0 1845. Thomas Turton, D.D. Lord Bishop of ELY, official Visitor

of St. John's, Jesus, and St. Peter's Colleges, Cambridge. (ElyPalace.] b.

£5,500 : 0:0 1845. Samuel Wilberforce, D.D. Lord Bishop of OXFORD, Chan

cellor of the Order of the Garter, Lord High Almoner to the Queen,

d. 1805. [Cuddesdon Palace, near Wheatley, Oxon.] w. £5,000 : 0 : 0 1846. Thomas Vowler Short, D.D. Lord Bishop of ST. ASAPH, b. 1790. [Palace, St. Asaph.] w.

£4,200: 0:0 1848. James Prince Lee, D.D., Lord Bishop of MANCHESTER, (Sedgley, near Manchester.] m.....

£4,200 : 0 : 0 1848. Renn Dickson Hampden, D.D., Lord Bishop of HEREFORD. (Hereford Palace.] m.

£4,200 : 0 : 0 1848. John Graham, D.D. Lord Bishop of CHESTER, Clerk of the

Closet to the Queen, 6. 1794. [Palace, Chester.] m..... £4,500:0:0 1849. Samuel Hinds, D.D., Lord Bishop of NORWICH. (Norwich Palace.] w.

£4,500: 0:0 1849. Alfred Ollivant, D.D., Lord Bishop of LLANDAFF, b. 1798. (Llandaff Court, Cardiff.] m.

..£4,200 : 0 : 0 1853. John Jackson, D.D., Lord Bishop of LINCOLN, Visitor of

King's College, Cambridge, and of Lincoln, Brasenose and Balliol Colls. Oxford, b. 1811, m.

.... £5,000 : 0:0 1854. Walter Kerr Hamilton, D.D., Lord Bishop of SALISBURY. [Palace, Salisbury.]

£5,000: 0:0 Not a Peer as a Bishop. 1854. Robert John Eden, D.D., Bishop of BATH and WELLS. (Lord AUCKLAND.) [The Palace, Wells.] ... £5,000 : 0 : 0

Not a Peer. 1854. Hon. Horatio Powys, D.D., Bishop of SODOR and MAN, brother of Lord Lilford. (Bishops Court, İsle of Man.] £2,000: 0 0

Irish Representative Bishops for the Fourth Session of the Sixteenth

Imperial Parliament. *Rt. Hon. Lord John Geo. de la Poer, Beresford, D.D., Lord Archbishop of Armagh.

Robert Daly, D.D., Lord Bishop of Cashel.
Lord Plunket, D.D., Lord Bishop of Tuam.
William Higgins,, D.D., Lord Bishop of Derry.

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