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Arrears of Taxes Act, redeemed and the said lands are there-
fore discharged and released from the said adjudication and
the effect thereof.

Dated at


day of

19 .



(Secretary) Treasurer of the

79. When land contained in a registered adjudication has been sold under the procedure laid down in this Act, a certificate of redemption as provided in section 38 hereof shall, when registered, discharge and release the land from the adjudication and the effect thereof.





An Act respecting Hail Insurance by Municipalities.

[Assented to June 24, 1915.]

HIS Majesty by and with the advice and consent of the
Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan enacts as follows:


1. This Act may be cited as "The Municipal Hail Insur- Shorttitl ance Act."


2. In this Act unless the context otherwise requires the Interpretaexpression:


1. "Minister" means the minister of municipal affairs; "Minister" 2. "Municipality" or "municipalities" means rural muni- "Municicipalities;



3. "Secretary treasurer" and "reeve" mean respectively "Secretary the secretary treasurer and the reeve of any rural munici- "reeve" pality;

4. "Commission" means the municipal hail insurance "Commiscommission;


5. "Crops" means and includes crops of wheat, oats, "Crops" barley, flax, rye, or speltz. 1912, c. 25, s. 2; 1913, c. 60, s. 1; amended.

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3. "The Hail Insurance Commission" as heretofore constituted and at present existing, consisting of three members known as commissioners, shall continue for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Act.

(2) The chairman shall continue to hold office during the pleasure of the Lieutenant Governor in Council who may appoint a successor to hold office under a like condition.

(3) The other two commissioners shall continue in office until the expiry of the term of their respective appointments and the successor in office of each shall from time to time be nominated at a meeting of the reeves of all the municipalities then in good standing under this Act, to be held annually at such time and place as the commission may direct; and his term of office shall be two years:

Council may appoint substitute

Governor in
may fill

Remuneration of commissioners


to appoint

its secretary


a corporate body

Power to

Provided that the council of any such municipality may appoint a member other than the reeve, or an officer of the council to attend at any such meeting on its behalf;

Provided further that the attending representatives shall appoint one of their number to act as chairman of the meeting.

(4) The Lieutenant Governor in Council may in the event of the death or resignation of a commissioner, or of his office becoming or being declared vacant, appoint a person to fill the vacant office until it is filled by election or otherwise as above provided.

(5) The commissioners shall be entitled to receive for their services, out of the accumulated fund hereunder provided, such salaries as may be fixed by order of the Lieutenant Governor in Council together with travelling expenses.

(6) The commission shall appoint a secretary treasurer who shall be entitled to receive for his services out of said fund such sum as the commission may from time to time decide.

(7) The commission shall be a corporate body.

(8) The commission shall have power to borrow money borrow money for the purpose of carrying out the objects of its incorporation other than the payment of indemnities hereunder, to hypothecate, pledge and mortgage its property, rights, assets and prospective revenues, and to sign bills, notes, contracts and other evidences of or securities for money borrowed or to be borrowed by the commission for the purposes aforesaid.

Power to invest money

Duties of commission

(9) The commission shall have power to invest any reserve funds or surplus as the same may from time to time be accumulated in such securities or ways as may be approved by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. 1912, c. 25, s. 3; 1912-13, c. 46, s. 5; 1913, c. 60, ss. 2 and 3; redrafted.

4. The duty of the commission shall be:

(a) To superintend the operation of this Act;

(b) To receive, adjudicate upon and determine all claims for indemnity hereunder;

(c) To receive and distribute or apportion all moneys collected and remitted to it for the purposes hereof; (d) To make regulations for the carrying out of the purposes of this Act; and

(e) Generally to fulfil and to see to the fulfilment by all persons charged therewith of all duties imposed under this Act.

to appoint

(2) The commission shall appoint inspectors to inquire Commission into claims under this Act and to report upon the same. inspectors Such inspectors shall be officers of the commission and subject to its direction and control, and shall be paid as hereinafter Remuneraprovided.



(3) The commission shall close its books on the last day Audit and of February in each year and immediately thereafter have a full and complete audit made of its books, records and accounts by one or more chartered accountants, and on completion of such audit shall prepare and publish a full and complete report of its operations during its last preceding fiscal year. A copy of such report shall be furnished to the minister and to the reeve and the secretary treasurer of each municipality under the Act.


5. Any municipality may jointly with other municipalities Municiand subject to the provisions of this Act undertake the indem-indemnify nification of owners of crops growing within the area of all such municipalities against loss occasioned by hail.

(2) Every municipality other than those above mentioned may be admitted to the benefits and rights conferred by this Act upon such terms as by regulation or order the commission may direct. 1912, c. 25, s. 5.



from hail

6. The council of any municipality may, at a regular Procedure meeting thereof held between the first day of August and the first day of October in any year, resolve to submit to the electors at the next ensuing annual election a bylaw empowering the municipality to engage in the undertaking mentioned in the next preceding section.


(2) Such bylaw shall be in form A in the schedule to this Bylaw, how Act, shall receive its first and second reading on or prior to the first day of October, and shall be submitted and voted upon at the regular annual election then next ensuing.

must be receipt

(3) Upon receipt before the first day of November in any Bylaw year of a petition to that effect, signed by not less than twenty-submitted on five per cent. of the resident ratepayers of the municipality, petion of such bylaw shall receive its first and second reading as soon as possible thereafter, and the council shall submit same to be voted upon as herein before provided.

for repealing

(4) Upon receipt before the first day of November in any Provision year of a petition to that effect signed by not less than twenty-bylaw five per cent. of the resident ratepayers of the municipality

Publication of proposed bylaw

Ballots, duties respecting

Deputy returning officers' duties

Essentials to legal sufficiency

Voting, etc., how done

the council shall submit to be voted upon at the then next ensuing annual election a bylaw repealing any bylaw of such municipality passed under the provisions of the first, second and third subsections hereof and of sections 7 to 11 inclusive of this Act.

(5) Such repealing bylaw shall be in form B in the schedule to this Act, and shall receive its first and second reading as soon as possible after the receipt of the petition mentioned in the preceding subsection.

(6) Forthwith after any such bylaw shall have received its second reading the secretary treasurer shall notify the minister of such action having been taken.

(7) Forthwith after the second reading of any such bylaw the secretary treasurer shall cause the same to be published in two successive issues of a newspaper published in or nearest to the centre of such municipality or a newspaper circulating in the municipality together with a notice according to form C in the schedule to this Act; and such publication shall be completed within a month of the date of such second reading. 1912, c. 25, ss. 6, 7; 1913, c. 60, ss. 4, 5, 6; redrafted.

7. For the purpose of taking the votes the secretary treasurer shall prepare and procure ballots according to form D in the said schedule, and shall supply the deputy returning officer for each polling subdivision within the municipality, when furnishing him with supplies and instructions for such election, with a sufficient supply of ballots for all persons who may be entitled to vote upon such bylaw within his polling subdivision, together with three copies of the bylaw, two of which it shall be the duty of the deputy returning officer to post up in conspicuous places in his polling booth, and one shall be kept by him for reference. 1912, c. 25, s. 8.

8. The deputy returning officer shall, when delivering ballots to voters for the election of municipal officers, hand one to each voter entitled to vote upon the bylaw, and shall record in the polling book for such election in a separate column the fact of having done so and of such ballot having been cast.

(2) The voting upon such ballot and the essentials to the legal sufficiency thereof and the number of votes cast for and against the bylaw and the statement and returns as to same and as to the result of the voting thereon shall be done, observed and fulfilled at the same time and place and in accordance mutatis mutandis with the formalities and provisions required in respect to the election of municipal officials at such elections. 1912, c. 25, s. 9, amended.

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