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24. The council of a municipality shall have power to Standing appoint a standing committee of at least two of its members, whose duty it shall be to consider and report upon all matters pertaining to schools and school districts which by any law are required to come before the council for its consideration or decision. 1910-11, c. 26, s. 3.

be called

approval of

25. On receiving approval of the boundaries of a proposed Meeting to district the committee shall by notice call a meeting of the rate- after payers, which notice shall be posted up in at least five widely boundaries separated and conspicuous public places within the district, one of which shall be the post office and if there be no post office therein a sixth notice shall be posted in the nearest post office thereto.


(2) All such notices shall be posted up eight clear days Posting of prior to the date fixed for the meeting, and the said eight days shall not include the day on which the notices are posted nor the day on which the meeting is held.

(3) The notice shall be in form E in the schedule hereto Form and may be either written or printed or partly written and partly printed.

(4) Proof that the notices have been posted up as herein Proof of provided shall be furnished in form F in the schedule hereto. posting 1910-11, c. 26, s. 3, amended.

First Meeting of Ratepayers.

26. At two o'clock in the afternoon (standard time) of the First day appointed in the notice calling the first school meeting, meeting the resident ratepayers present shall elect one of their number chairman to preside over the proceedings.

(2) The chairman shall upon his appointment sign the declaration provided in form G in the schedule to this Act. (3) The secretary of the committee shall be the secretary Secretary of the first school meeting and shall record the minutes and perform all other duties required of such secretary by this Act, but in case for any reason he is unable to act the meeting shall appoint a secretary. New. 1910-11, c. 26, s. 3.

by persons

taking part

in meeting or intending

27. After the election of a chairman any person wishing Declaration to take any part in the meeting, or vote thereat, shall be required to sign, in the presence of the chairman and secretary, the declaration provided in form G in the schedule to this Act, and to vote no person shall be allowed to take part in the meeting or vote unless and until he has signed such declaration.

(2) Any person subscribing to a declaration containing Penalty a false statement shall be guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a penalty not exceeding $10.

Chairman not to vote

Poll for formation of district

Procedure on taking poll

Closing poll


of trustees,

of voters and


and conduct

of elections

28. The chairman may not vote on any question whether the same is to be decided by a show of hands or a poll except in case of a tie when he must give a casting vote. 1910-11, c. 26, s. 3, amended.

29. Upon his appointment and before any other business is transacted except as provided in section 27 of this Act, the chairman shall immediately cause a poll to be taken of the votes of the resident ratepayers for and against the formation of the proposed district.

(2) On the taking of the poll the chairman shall preside and the secretary shall record the votes as they are given on a poll sheet in form H in the schedule hereto.

(3) The poll shall remain open for one hour when it shall be closed by the chairman who shall sum up the votes. 1910-11, c. 26, s. 3, amended.

First Election of Trustees.

30. If the result of the poll is favourable to the formation qualifications of the district, the chairman shall immediately call for nominations of persons to serve as trustees and the secretary shall record such nominations in the order in which they are made. (2) The persons nominated for the position of trustee shall be resident ratepayers of the proposed district and shall be able to read and write.

(3) Each candidate for the position of trustee shall be nominated by a mover and a seconder both of whom shall be resident ratepayers of the proposed district.

(4) Nominations shall be received by the chairman for ten minutes after he first calls for the same.

(5) In case the number of nominations does not exceed three the chairman shall declare the persons nominated to be elected.

(6) If more than three candidates are nominated the chairman shall at the close of the time for nominations declare a poll open for the election of trustees.

(7) On the taking of the poll the chairman shall preside and the secretary shall record the votes as they are given on a poll sheet as in form I in the schedule hereto.

(8) Every resident ratepayer shall have three votes but shall not vote more than once for any one candidate at the same election.

(9) The poll shall remain open for thirty minutes when it shall be closed by the chairman who shall sum up the votes and declare the result. 1910-11, c. 26, s. 3, amended.

Returns to Department.

31. Immediately after the first school meeting the secretary Secretary to thereof shall forward to the department:

(a) A copy of the petition for the organisation of the

(b) A plan of the district voted upon, which plan shall
contain the information set forth in section 14 hereof;
(c) A certificate of the approval of the boundaries of the

(d) A certified copy of the notice calling the first school

(e) Proof of the posting of the notices, which proof shall
be in form F in the schedule hereto;

(f) The declaration in form G signed by the resident rate-

(g) The poll sheet showing the votes for and against the

(h) The poll sheet showing the votes for trustees;

(i) A copy of the minutes certified by the chairman
showing the names of mover and seconder of candi-
dates for the office of trustee.

make return to department


(2) The secretary shall also forward to the department a List of list of at least five names considered suitable as names for the proposed district, one of which may be chosen by the minister. These names should be selected by the committee and set down in order of preference. 1910-11, c. 26, s. 3, amended.

Erection of District.

order erection

32. Upon receipt of the returns and documents referred to Minister may in the next preceding section and upon being satisfied that of district the requirements and provisions of the law with respect to the organisation of the district have been substantially complied with the minister may by order declare the proposed district to be organised and assign to it a name and number.

of misde


(2) If it appears to the minister that the boundaries of Correction the district have been misdescribed or that certain lands have scription of been inadvertently omitted therefrom or included therein he shall in the order declaring the district to be organised properly describe its boundaries and correct such errors as appear to him to have been inadvertently made as aforesaid.

in Gazette

(3) Notice of the organisation of the district shall be pub- Publication lished in The Saskatchewan Gazette; and such notice shall be conclusive evidence of the organisation of the district and that all the necessary formalities have been complied with. 1910-11, c. 26, s. 3.

Name of district

Alteration of name

Effect of change

Terms of office of trustees

elected at first school meeting

Declaration of office

Name of School District.

33. Every district created under this Act shall be entitled "The School District No.



(2) The minister may from time to time alter the name or number, or both, of any district, upon the petition of the board of such district, or without such petition if the minister deem it advisable, and notice of such alteration shall be published in The Saskatchewan Gazette, but in such cases the seal theretofore used by such district shall continue to be the seal thereof until changed by the board.

(3) No change in the name or number or both of any district made in accordance with the provisions of this Act shall affect any obligations, rights, actions or property incurred, established, done or acquired prior to such change. R.S.S. 1909, c. 100, s. 35.

Term of Office of Trustees.

34. The trustees elected at the first school meeting, or a new board of trustees elected at any subsequent meeting in any rural or village district, shall hold office as follows: the trustee receiving the greatest number of votes shall hold office until the third annual meeting; the trustee receiving the next greatest number of votes until the second annual meeting; and the trustee receiving the lowest number of votes until the first annual meeting subsequent to the date of the election.

(2) In case there be no vote taken, the trustees elected shall hold office in the order in which they are nominated until the third, second and first annual meetings of the district are respectively held.

(3) If any two or more trustees elected receive an equal number of votes, they shall respectively hold office in the manner provided in the next preceding subsection.

(4) If the annual meeting of a district be not held in any year, it shall for the purposes of this section be deemed to have been held at the regular time. R.S.S. 1909, c. 100, s. 36, amended.

Declaration of Office.

35. Before the first meeting of the board is held, every trustee shall make the following declaration before the chairman of the meeting at which he was elected or a justice of the peace or commissioner for oaths:

I, A. B., do hereby accept the office of trustee to which I have been elected in (name of school district in full) and I will, to the best of my ability, honestly and faithfully discharge the duties devolving on me as such trustee.

Dated this

day of

19 .

A. B.,



(2) The chairman, justice of the peace or commissioner Certificate of shall thereupon grant him a certificate in the following form: I, C. D., do hereby certify that (give name, residence and occupation of the person mentioned) elected trustee for (give name of school district), has this day made before me the declaration of office prescribed by The School Act in that behalf.

[blocks in formation]

of board

36. Upon the erection of a district the trustee elected for First meeting the longest term shall be notified of the erection of the district by the minister; and he shall thereupon, within ten days after receipt of such notice, call a meeting of the board, in the manner provided by this Act for calling such meetings, for the purpose of choosing one of its number as chairman and appointing a secretary, treasurer, or secretary treasurer and transacting such other business as may be necessary.

(2) Any member of the board other than the chairman may be appointed secretary, treasurer, or secretary treasurer.

(3) The teacher of a school district may be appointed secretary of any district or treasurer or secretary treasurer of any district in which he is not employed as teacher. R.S.S. 1909, c. 100, ss. 38 and 85; 1912, c. 32, s. 13.


district on


37. In case any portion of Saskatchewan, not exceeding five Erection of miles in length or breadth exclusive of road allowances, is order of not included in a school district, the minister may order the erection of such portion into a district provided that it contains:

(a) Twenty children between the ages of five and sixteen

(b) Ten persons actually residing therein who on the
erection of the district would be liable to assessment;
(c) Six thousand acres of assessable land;

and notice of the erection of any such district shall be pub-
lished in The Saskatchewan Gazette, which notice shall be con-
clusive evidence that the district has been duly erected and
constituted in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

(2) In special cases where the requirements of clauses (b) Special cases

and (c) are fulfilled but there is not within the required area

the number of children required by clause (a), the minister

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