Statutes of the Province of Saskatchewan

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John A. Reid, Government Printer, 1915

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Page 127 - A committee may meet and adjourn as they think proper. Questions arising at any meeting shall be determined by a majority of votes of the members present, and in case of an equality of votes the chairman shall have a second or casting vote. (92) All acts done by any meeting of the directors or of a
Page 42 - No action or proceeding shall be open to objection on the ground that a merely declaratory judgment or order is sought thereby, and the court may make binding declarations of right whether any consequential relief is or can be claimed or not; 19. Giving time to a principal debtor, or dealing with or
Page 139 - That the head office of the company is situated at in the of and that the head office of the, company in the province is situated at And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing it to 'be true and knowing it is of the same force and effect as if made under oath
Page 127 - of directors, or by any person acting as a director, shall, notwithstanding that it be afterwards discovered that there was some defect in the appointment of any such directors or persons acting as aforesaid, or that they or any of them were disqualified, be as valid as if every such person
Page 241 - certified under the hand of the city clerk and the city seal shall be received in evidence without proof of the seal of the city or of the signature or official character of the person appearing to have signed the same unless the court or a judge thereof otherwise orders.
Page 711 - sufficient in law; and any exception, exemption, proviso, excuse or qualification whether it does or does not accompany the description of the offence in this Act may be proved by the defendant, but need not be specified or negatived in the information or proved by the informant or complainant.
Page 757 - offence to forfeit and pay the sum of dollars to be paid and applied according to law and also to pay to the said AB the sum of dollars for his costs in this behalf and if the said several sums be not paid forthwith then I adjudge the said
Page 306 - except those given to him by the deputy returning officer, he will be subject to imprisonment for any term not exceeding six months with or without hard labour. In the following form of ballot paper given for illustration, the voter has marked his paper in favour of the passing of the bylaw: FOR THE BYLAW.
Page 41 - the court in all cases in which it shall appear to the court to be just or convenient that such order should be made; and any such order may be made either unconditionally or upon such terms and conditions as the court shall think just; and
Page 82 - indorsements, cheques and orders for money or goods, purporting to be signed by or on behalf of the company, and in all bills of parcels, invoices, receipts and letters of credit of the company. (2) If a company does not paint or affix, and keep painted or affixed its name in manner directed by this

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