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Diurnal Lepidoptera. Mr. Osbert Salvin and Dr. P. L. Sclater have named for me my collection of birds; and for much entomological information I am indebted to Professor Westwood, Mr. F. Smith, and Dr. D. Sharp; whilst, in botany, Professor D. Oliver, of Kew, has kindly named for me some of the plants. Through the assistance of these eminent authorities, I trust that the scientific names scattered throughout the book may be depended upon as correct.

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Arrival at Greytown—The River San Juan-Silting up of the Harbour

Crossing the Bar-Lives lost on it—Sharks-Christopher Columbus-Appearance of the Town-Trade—Healthiness of the Town and its probable cause - Comparison between Greytown, Perriambuco, and Maceio-Wild Fruits-PlantsParrots, Toucans, and Tanagers-Butterflies and Beetles-Mimetic Forms Alligators : Boy drowned at Blewfields by one—Their method of catching Wild Pigs



Commence Journey up San Juan River—Palms and Wild Canes—Plan

tations The Colorado River-Proposed Improvement of the
River-Progress of the Delta-Mosquitoes—Disagreeable Night

- Fine Morning—Vegetation of the Banks-Seripiqui River-
Mot-mots-Foraging Ants: their method of Hunting-Ant-
Thrushes—They attack the Nests of other Ants—Birds' Nests,
how preserved from them-Reasoning powers in Ants—Parallel
between the Mammalia and the Hymenoptera-Utopia



Journey up River continued-Wild Pigs and Jaguar-Bungos—Reach

Machuca-Castillo-Capture of Castillo by Nelson-India-rubber Trade-Rubber-men-Method of making India-rubber-Congo Monkeys–Macaws The Savallo River-Endurance of the Boatmen San Carlos—Interoceanic Canal-Advantages of the Nicaraguan Route—The Rio Frio Stories about the Wild IndiansIndian Captive Children-Expeditions up the Rio Frio-American River Steamboats .





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Journey to Juigalpa-Description of Libertad-The Priest and the

Bell—Migratory Butterflies and Moths—Indian Graves --Ancient

Names—Dry River-beds-Monkeys and Wasps—Reach Juigalpa

-Ride in neighbourhood-Abundance of small birds--A Poor

Cripple — The “Toledo” - Trogons — Waterfall -- Sepulchral

Mounds-Broken Statues — The Sign of the Cross-Contrast

between the ancient and the present Inhabitants—Night Life 150


Juigalpa-A Nicaraguan Family—Description of the Road from Jui-

galpa to Santo Domingo—Comparative scarcity of Insects in Nica-

ragua in 1872—Water-bearing Plants-Insect-traps-The south-

western edge of the Forest Region-Influence of Cultivation upon

it-Sagacity of the Mule

. 176


Start on journey to Segovia—Rocky Mountain Road- A Poor Lodging

The Rock of Cuapo-The use of large beaks in some Birds-

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