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Diurnal Lepidoptera. Mr. Osbert Salvin and Dr. P. L. Sclater have named for me my collection of birds; and for much entomological information I am indebted to Professor Westwood, Mr. F. Smith, and Dr. D. Sharp; whilst, in botany, Professor D. Oliver, of Kew, has kindly named for me some of the plants. Through the assistance of these eminent authorities, I trust that the scientific names scattered throughout the book may be depended upon as correct.

NIJN1 Novgorod,
October 9th, 1873.

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Arrival at Greytown—The River San Juan–Silting up of the Hanou.” —Crossing the Bar—Lives lost on it—Sharks—Christopher Columbus—Appearance of the Town—Trade—Healthiness of the Town and its probable cause—Comparison between Greytown, Pernambuco, and Maceio—Wild Fruits—Plants—Parrots, Toucans, and Tanagers—Butterflies and Beetles—Mimetic Forms—Alligators : Boy drowned at Blewfields by one—Their method of catching

Wild Pigs

Commence Journey up San Juan River—Palms and Wild Canes—Plantations—The Colorado River—Proposed Improvement of the River—Progress of the Delta—Mosquitoes—Disagreeable Night —Fine Morning—Vegetation of the Banks—Seripiqui River— Mot-mots— Foraging Ants: their method of Hunting—AntThrushes—They attack the Nests of other Ants—Birds' Nests, how preserved from them—Reasoning powers in Ants—Parallel between the Mammalia and the Hymenoptera—Utopia . . 11


Journey up River continued—Wild Pigs and Jaguar—Bungos—Reach Machuca—Castillo—Capture of Castillo by Nelson–India-rubber Trade—Rubber-men—Method of making India-rubber—Congo Monkeys—Macaws—The Savallo River—Endurance of the Boatmen—San Carlos—Interoceanic Canal—Advantages of the Nicaraguan Route—The Rio Frio—Stories about the Wild Indians— Indian Captive Children—Expeditions up the Rio Frio—American River Steamboats . • o o & * ... 30



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