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in this Volume, as to add my

Testimony of due Respect and Esteem for à Character become indeed RIGHT HONOURABLE, by a distinguished Zeal for the Gospel of Chrift: That this Zeal is according to Knows ledge, and that of the best Kind, I can truly affirm, having found it profitable to many for Instruction in Righteousness

. But if, MADAM, you stand thus largely indebted to the divine Goodness for the Gift of Knowledge, your Obligations to the Same are still greater for the Grace of Cha

rity, as this is yet a more excellent Way.


141 The Narrownels that is obfervable in many Christians (who in other fe

spects spects are of good Report) towards such as differ from them in some particular Points of Doctrine or Modes of Worship, is not only a great Hindrance to their Perfection, but also a very unhappy Blemish, in the Beauty of Holiness, and owing chiefly to their resting in the outward Courts of the Temple, and not entering into that which is within the Vail; for the more spiritual any Person is, the more diffusive of Benevolence and Charity is the Heart of such a one towards all the Members of Christ's myftical Body: And this is well exemplified in that easy Access to your LADYSHIP, which the truly Pious of every Denomination are sure to find : Suchfree Intercourse of Christian


A 3

Fellowship, fúch unlimited GoodWill towards Men, as it is the moft amiable Expression of a Catholic Charity, so, I am sure, it is bring

ing the highest Honour to any particular Church; for it bears the aptest Resemblance to that blessed Communion of Saints in Glory, where all human Distinctions are swallowed up in the Unity of the Spirit and the Bond of Peace; and where no other Preference takes place than what ari-. fes from Superiority in Holiness and Love.


you may go on, Madam, in the same Strength of divine Grace to adorn the Doctrine of God our Saviour in all Things, and to evince by


your persevering Example that Piety gives the truest Dignity and brightest Lustre - to Nobility, is the fincere Prayer of,

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