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Mr. Hill's faint attempt to show, that his Scheme

differs from speculative Antinomianism: His incon-
sistency in pleading for and against Sin, is illustrated
by Judah's behaviour to Tamar.

At Mr. Hill's special request, Mr. Fulsome, (a gross

Antinomian, first introduced to the world by Mr.
Berridge,) is brought upon the stage of controversy.
Mr. Berridge attempts in vain to bind him with
Calvinistic cords.

Mr. Hill cannot defend his Doctrines of Grace before

the judicious, by producing a List of the gross
Antinomians that may be found in Mr. Wesley's

Section VI.

Mr. Hill, after passing over the Arguments and Scrip-

tures of the Fourth Check, attacks an Illustration
with the Ninth Article. His stroke is warded off,
and that Article turned against Calvinism.


His Moral Creed about Faith and Works, is incompa-

tible with his Immoral System.


He raises a cloud of dust about a fair, though abridged,

quotation from Dr. Owen; and in his eagerness to
charge Mr. Wesley and his second with disingenuity,
furnishes them with weapons against his own errors.

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Some Queries concerning Mr. Hill's forwardness to

accuse his Opponents of disingenuity, gross perver-
sion, calumny, forgery, &c. and concerning his abrupt
manner of quitting the

field of Controversy.


A perpetual noise about gross perversions, and base
forgeries, becomes Mr. Hiil as little as any Writer,
considering his own inaccuracy with regard to quo-
tations , 'some flagrant instances of which are pro-
duced out of his Finishing Stroke.

Section XIV.

The Author, after professing his brotherly love and

respect for all pious Calvinists, apologizes for his An-
tagonist before the Anti-Calvinists; and,


Takes his friendly leave of Mr. Hill, after promising

him to publish a Sermon on Rom. xi. 5, 6, to recom.

mend and guard the Doctrine of Free Grace in a

Scriptural manner.

In the Appendix, the Author proves by ten more Ar..

guments, the absurdity of supposing, with the Solif.
dians, that Believers are justified by Works before
Men und Angels, but not before God.







I HAVE received your Finishing Stroke, and return the following Auswer; to you, or, if you have quitted the field, to your pious second, the Rev. Mr. Berridge, who, by a public attack upon sincere obedience, and upon the doctrine of a believer's Justification by Works, and not by Faith only, has already entered the lists in your place.

Sect. 1. page 6. You complain, that I represent you as fighting the battles of the rankest Antinomians, “ Because (say you) we firmly believe and unanimously assert, that the blood of Christ cleanseth from all sin,' and that, if any man sin, we have an Advocate with the Father,' &c., and that this advocacy prevails." Not so, dear Sir ; I apprehend you give your readers totally wroug ideas of the question. You know, I

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