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The world beside may murmur, or commend.
Know, all the distant din that_world can keep,
Rolls o'er my grotto, and but fooths my sleep.
(c) There, my retreat the best companions' grace,
Chiefs out of war, and statesmen out of place. 126
There St John mingles with my friendly bowl
The feast of reason and the flow of soul:
And He, whose lightning pierc'd th’ Iberian lines,
Now forms my Quincunx, and now ranks my Vines,
Or tames the genius of the stubborn plain, 131
Almost as quickly as he conquer'd Spain.

(k) Envy must own, I live among the great, No pimp of pleasure, and no spy of itate,



(i) Quin ubi fe a dulgo et scena in secreta remorant
Virtus Scipiade ét mitis sapientia Læli,
Nugari cum illo, et discincti ludere, donec
Decoqueretur olus, soliti.

Quidquid fum ego, quamvis
Infra Lucili censum, ingeniumque; tamen me,
(k) Cum magnis vixisse invita fatebitur usque
Invidia ; et fragili quærens illidere dentem,
Ofendet solido;

Notes. Vet. 128. And me, whose lightning, etc.) Charles Mordaunt, Earl of Peterborough, who in the year 1705 took Barcelona, and in the winter following, with only 280 horse and 900 foot, enterprised and accomplished the conquest of Valentia.



eyes that pry not, tongue that ne'er repeats, Fond to spread friendships, but to cover heats; 136 To help who want, to forward who excel; This, all who know me, know; who love me, tell; And who unknown defame ine, let them be Scribblers or Peers, alike are Mob to me. 140 This is my plea, on this I rest my cause (1) What faith my counsel, learned in the laws ?

F.(m) Your plea is good; but still I say, Beware! Laws are explain’d by men----so have a care. It stands on record, that in Richard's times 145 A man was hang'd for very honest rhymes; (n) Consult the statute, quart. I think it is, Edwardi Sexi, or prim. et quint. Elif,

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(7) nisi quid tu, dočte Trebati, Diffentis.

T. (m) Equidem nihil hinc diffingere poflum Sed tamen ut monịtus caveas, ne forte negoti Incutiat tibi quid fanctarum inscita legum :

(n) Si mala condiderit in quem quis carmina, "jus eft Judiciumque,

NOTES: Ver. 146. A man was hany'd, etc.) Si mala condiderit-o. The Baron de Montesquieu explains this manner very truly. "L'Aristocratie est le gouvernement qui proscrit le plus le

ouvrages satiriques. Les magistrats ysont de petits souverains, “ qui ne sont pas allez grands pour mepriser le injures. Si dans “ la monarchie quelque trait va contre le Monarque, il est llı * haut que le trait n'arrive point jusqu a lui; un Seigneur “ Aristocratique en est perce de part en part. Ausli les decemvir's, qui formoient une Aristocratie, punirent-ils de to mort les ecrits fatiriques.De L'esprit des Lojx, la xļi. C. '3.



See libels, satires---here you have it ---read.

P. (0) Libels and satires! lawless things indeed!
But grave epifles, bringing vice to light,
Such as a king might read, a bishop write,
Such as Sir Robert would approve----

F. Indeed?
The case is alter'd---you may then proceed;
(p) In such a cause the plaintiff will be hiss’d, 155
My lords the judges laugh, and you're disiniss’d.

H. Efto, fiquis (o) mala. sed bona fi quis Judice condiderit laudatus CÆSARE? fi quis Opprobriis dignum laceraverit, integer ipse ? T. 6) Solventer risu tabulæ : tu missus abibis,

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(a) WHAT,

HAT, and how great, the virtue and

the art To live on little with a cheerful heart ; (b) (A doctrine fagę, but truly none of mine), Let's talk, my friends, but talk (c) before we dine. (e) Not when a gilt buffet's reflected pride Ş Turns you from sound philofophy alide;


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UÆ virtus et quanta, boni, sit vivere parvo, (Nec meus hic fermo; fed quæ præcepit

Ofellus, Rusticus; (d) abnormis fapiens, craffaque Minerva), Difcițe, (e) non įnter lances menfasque nitentes;

* The same to whom several of My Pope's letters are addreffed, vol. wir


Not when from plate to plate your eye-balls roll, And the brain dances to the mantling bowl.

Hear Bethel's fermon, one not vers'd in schools, (d) But strong in sense, and wife without the rules.

(h) Go work, hunt, exercise! (he thus began) Then scorn a homely dinner, if you can. (i) (Your wine lock'd up, your butler strollid

abroad, Or filh deny'd the river yet unthaw'd ;) If then plain bread and milk will do the feat, 15 The pleasure lies in you, and not the meat.

(1) Preach as I please, I doubt our curious men Will chuse a pheasant still before a hen;

Cuin itupet injanis acies fulgoribus, et cum
Acclinis falsis animus meliora recusat :
(e) Verum hic imprank mecum difquirite. Cur hoc?
Dicam, fi potero. male verum examinat omnis
Corruptus judex, (h) Leporem sectatus, equove
Laffus ab indomito; vel (fi Romana fagitat
Militia affuetum græcari) feu pila velox,
Molliter aufterum itudio fallente laborem;
Seu te discus agit, pete cedentem aera disco:
Cum labor extulerit faftidia; ticcus, inanis,
Sperne cibum vilem: nifi Hymettia mella Falerno,
Ne biberis, diluta. (i) foris eft promus, et atrum
Defendens pifces hiemat mare: curn fale panis
Latrantem ftomachum bene leniet. unde putas, aut
Qui partum? non in caro' nidore voluptas
Summa, fed in teipfo eft. tu pulmentaria quære
Sudando. pinguem vitiis albumque neque oftrea,
Nec fcarus, aut poterit peregrina juvare lagois.

(k) Vix tamen eripiam, pofito pavone, velis quin Hoc potius quam gallina tergere palatum;


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