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Yet hens of Guinea full as good I hold, Except you eat the feathers green and gold. (1) Of carps and mullets why prefer the great, (Tho' cut in pieces ere my Lord can eat), Yet for fmall turbots such esteem profefs? Because God made these large, the other lefs. (m) Oldfield with more than harpy throat endu'd, Cries, "Send me, gods! a whole hog barbecu'd!"


Corruptus vanis rerum : quia veneat auro
Rara avis, et picta pandat fpectacula cauda:
Tamquam ad rem attineat quidquam. Num vef-
ceris ifta,

Quam laudas, pluma? coctove num adeft honor idem?

Carne tainen quamvis diftat nihil hac, magis illa;,
Imparibus formis deceptum te patet, esto.
Unde datum fentis, lupus hic, Tiberinus, an alto
Captus hiet? pontefne inter jactatus, an amnis
Oftia fub Tufci? () laudas, infane, trilibrem
Mullum; in fingula quem minuas pulmenta neceffe


Ducit te fpecies, video. quo pertinet ergo Proceros odiffe lupos ? quia fcilicet illis Majorem natura modum dedit, his breve pondus. Jejunus raro ftomachus vulgaria temnit.

(m) Porrectum magno megnum fpectare catino Vellem, ait Harpyiis gula digna rapacibus. At vos,


Ver. 25. Oldfield.] This eminent glutton ran through a fortune of fifteen hundred pounds a-year in the fimple luxury of good eating.

Ver. 26. a whole hog barbecu'd, &c.] A weft-Indian term of gluttony, a hog roafted whole, ftuffed with spice, and bafted with Madiera wine.



Oh blaft it, (7) fouth-winds! till a stench exhale
Rank as the ripeness of a rabbit's tail.
By what criterion do ye eat, d'ye think,
If this is priz'd for fweetnefs, that for flink?
When the tir'd glutton labours through a treat,
He finds no relish in the fweetest meat,
He calls for fomething bitter, fomething four,
And the rich feast concludes extremely poor;
(0) Cheap eggs, and herbs, and olives ítill we fee;
Thus much is left of old fimplicity!



(p) The robin-red-breast till of late had rest, And children facred held a martin's nest, Till becca-ficos fold fo dey❜lith dear

To one that was, or would have been, a peer. 49 (4) Let me extol a cat, on oyiters fed, I'll have a party at the Bedford-head;

(n) Præfentes Auftri, coquite horum opfonja;


Putet aper rhombufque recens, mala copia quando Agrum follicitat ftomachum; cum rapula plenus Atque acidas mavult inulas. (o) necdum omnis


Pauperies epulis regum: nam vilibus ovis › Nigrifque eft oleis hodie locus, Haud ita priden Galloni præconis erat acipenfere mensa

Infamis. quid? tum rhombos minus æquora alebant? () Tutus erat rhombus, tutoque ciconia nido, Donec vos auctor docuit prætorius. ergo (9) Si quis nunc mergos fuaves edixerit affos, Parebit prayi docilis Romana juventus,


Ver. 41. Bedford-bead;] A famous eating-houfe,

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Or ev❜n to crack like crawfish recommend;
I'd never doubt at court to make a friend.
(r) 'Tis yet in vain, I own, to keep à pother 45
About one vice, and fall into the other:
Between excefs and famine lies a mean;
Plain, but not fordid; tho' not fplendid, clean.
(s) Avidien, or his wife, (no matter which,
For him you'll call a (t) dog, and her a bitch,) 50
Sell their prefented partridges, and fruits,
And humbly live on rabbits and on roots:
(u) One half-pint bottle ferves them both to dine
And is at once their vinegar and wine.

But on some (x) lucky day (as when they found
A loft bank-bill, or heard their fon was drown'd)
At fuch a feaft, () old vinegar to spare,
Is what two fouls fo gen'rous cannot bear:
Oil, though it ftink, they drop by drop impart,
But fowse the cabbage with a bounteous heart. 60

(2) He knows to live, who keeps the middle state, And neither leans on this fide, nor on that;

(r) Sordidus a tenui victus diftabit, Ofello Judice: nam fruftra vitium vitaveris iftud, Si te alio pravus detorferis. (s) Avidienus, (t) Cui canis ex vero ductum cognomen adhæret, Quinquennes oleas eft, et fylveftria corna; (u) Ac, nili mutatum, parcit defundere vinum; et Cujus odorem olei nequeas perferre (licebit Ille repotia, natales, aleofque dierum (x) Feflos albatus celebret) cornu ipfe bilibri Caulibus inftillat, (y) veteris non parcus aceti. Quali igitur victu fapiens utetur, et horum Utrum imitabitur? hac crget lupus, hac canis, aiunt. () Mundus erit, qua non offendat fordibus, atque



Nor (a) ftops, for one bad cork his butler's pay, Swears, like Albutius, a good cook away; Nor lets, like (b) Nævius, ev'ry error pass, The mufty wine, foul cloth, or greafy glass. (c) Now hear what bleffings Temperance can bring:

(Thus faid our friend, and what be faid I fing:)
(d) First health: The ftomach (cramm'd from ev'ry

A tomb of boil'd and roast, and flesh and fish.
Where bile, and wind, and phlegm, and acid jar,
And all the man is one inteftine war)
Remembers oft (e) the fchoolboy's fimple fare,
The temp'rate fleeps, and fpirits light as air.

(f) How pale each worshipful and rev'rend guest Rife from a clergy, or a city feast! What life in all that ample body, fay? What heav'nly particle infpires the clay?.


In neutram partem cultus mifer, (a) Hic neque fervis

Albuti fenis exemplo, dum munia didit,
Savus erit; nec fic ut fimplex (b) Nævius, untam
Convivis præbebit aqaam; vitium hoc quoque mag-


(c) Accipe nunc, viêtus tenuis quæ quantaque


Afferat. (d) In primis valeas bene; nam variæ res
Ut noceant homini, credas memor illius efcæ,
Quæ fimplex (e) olim tibi federit. at fimul affis
Mifcueris elixa, fimul conchylia turdis;
Dulcia fe in bilem vertent, ftomachoque tumultum
Lenta feret petuita. (f) Vides, ut pullidus omniş
Coena defurgat dubia? quin corpus onuftum


The foul fubfides, and wickedly inclines To seem but mortal, ev'n in found divines. (g) On morning-wings how active springs the



That leaves the load of yesterday behind?
How eafy ev'ry labour it purfues?
How coming to the poet ev'ry mufe?
(b) Not but we may exceed, fome holy time, 85
Or tir'd in fearch of truth, or search of rhyme;
Ill health fome juft indulgence may engage,
And more the fickness of long life, old age;
(i) For fainting age what cordial drop remains,
If our intemp'rate youth the veffel drains?


(k) Our fathers prais'd rank ven'fon. You fuppofe

Perhaps, young men! our fathers had no nose.
Not fo: a buck was then a week's repaft,
And 'twas their point, I ween, to make it last;

Hesternis vitiis animum quoque prægravat una, Atque affigit humo divine particulam auræ. (g) Alter, ubi dicto citius curata sopori Membra dedit, vegetus præfcripta ad munia furgit. (b) Hic tamen ad melius poterit tranfcurrere quondam ;

Sive diem feftum rediens advexerit annus,
Seu recreare volet tenuatum corpus: ubique
Accedent anni, et tractari mollius ætas
Imbecilla volet. (i) Tibi quidnam accedet ad iftam,
Quam puer et validus præfumis, mollitiem; feu
Dura valetudo inciderit, feu tarda fenectus?

(k) Rancidum aprum antiqui laudabant: non quia nafus

Illis nullus erat; fed, credo, hac mente, quod hofpes


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