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For (k) Virtue's felf may too much zeal be had
The worst of madmen is a faint run mad.
(1) Go then, and if you can, admire the state
Of beaming diamonds, and reflected plate;
Procure a tafte to double the surprise,
And gaze on (m) Parian charms with learned eyes:
Be ftruck with bright (n) brocade, or Tyrian dye,
Our birth-day nobles' fplendid livery.


If not fo pleas'd, at (o) council-board rejoice,
To fee their judgments hang upon thy voice; 35
From (p) morn to night, at Senate, Rolls, and Hall,
Plead much, read more, dine late, or not at all.
But wherefore all this labour, all this ftrife?
For (g) fame, for riches, for a noble wife?
Shall (r) one whom nature, learning, birth confpir'd
To form, not to admire but he admir'd,
Sigh, while his Chloe, blind to wit and worth,
Weds the rich dulnefs of fome fon of earth?
Yet (s) time ennobles, or degrades each line;
It brighten❜d CRAGGS', and may darken thine: 45


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Defixis oculis, animoque et corpore torpet? (4) Infani fapiens nomen ferat, æquus iniqui fatis eft, virtutem fi petit ipfam. (1) I nunc, argentum et marmor (m) vetus, æraq



et artes

Sufpice: cum gemmis (n) Tyrios mirare colores Gaude, quod fpectant oculi te (0) mille loquentem Gaavus (p) mane forum, et vefpertinus pete tectum; (9) Ne plus frumenti dotalibus emetat agris Mutus et (indignum; quod fit pejoribus ortus) (r) Hic tibi fit potius, quam tu mirabilis illi. (s) Quicquid fub terra eft, in apricum proferet ætas:


And what is fame? the meaneft have their day,
The greatest can but blaze, and pass away.
Grac'd as thou art, (t) with all the pow'r of words,
So known, fo honour'd, at the Houfe of Lords :
Confpicuous fcene! another yet is nigh,
(More filent far), where kings and poets lie;
Lu) Where MURRAY (long enough his country's


Shall be no more than TULLY, or than HYDE!
(x) Rack'd with fciatics, martyr'd with the stone,
Will any
mortal let himself alone?
See Ward by batter'd beaus invited over,
And defp'rate Mifery lays hold on Dover.
The cafe is easier in the mind's disease;
There all men may be cur'd, whene'er they please.
Would ye be (y) bleft? despise low joys, low gains;
Difdain whatever CORNBURY disdains; 61
Be virtuous, and be happy for your pains.

[*] But art thou one, whom new opinions fway, One who believes as Tindal leads the way, Who virtue and a church alike difowns, 65 Thinks that but words, and this but brick and ftones?

Defodiet condetque nitentia. (t) cum bene notum
Porticus Agrippa, et via te confpexerit Appi;
Ire tamen reftat, Numa (u) quo devenit et Ancus.
(x) Si latus aut renes morbo tentantur acuto,
Quære fugam morbi. (y) vis recte vivere? quis non?
Si virtus hoc una poteft dare, fortis omiflis
Hoc age deliciis.

[x] virtutem verba putes, et


Fly [a] then, on all the wings of wild defire,
Admire whate'er the maddeft can admire.
Is wealth thy paffion? Hence! from pole to pole,
Where winds can carry, or where waves can roll, 70
For Indian fpices, for Peruvian gold,
Prevent the greedy, and outbid the bold;
[b] Advance thy golden mountain to the skies;
On the broad base of fifty thousand rise,
Add one round hundred, and (if that's not fair) 75
Add fifty more, and bring it to a square.
For, mark th' advantage; juft fo many score
Will gain a [c] wife with half as many more,
Procure her beauty, make that beauty chaste,
And then fuch [d] friends--as cannot fail to last. 80
A [e] man of wealth is dubb'd a man of worth,
Venus fhall give him form, and Anstis birth.
(Believe me, many a [ƒ] German prince is worse,
Who proud of pedigree is poor of purse).
His wealth brave [g] Timon gloriously confounds;
Afk'd for a groat, he gives a hundred pounds: 86

Lucum ligna? [a] cave ne portus occupet alter: Ne Cibyratica, ne Bithyna negotia perdas: [b] Mille talenta rotundentur, totidem altera, porro et

Tertia fuccedant, et quæ pars quadret acervum. Scilicet [c] uxorem cum dote, fidèmque et (d)


Et genus, et formam, regina [e] Pecunia donat ; Ac bene nummatum decorat Suadela, Venufque. Manicipiis locuples, eget æris [f] Cappadocum Rex. Ne fueris hic tu. [g] chlamydes Lucullus, ut aiunt, Si poffet centum fcene præbere rogatus,


Or if three ladies like a luckless play,
Take the whole house upon the poet's day.
[b] Now, in fuch exigencies not to need,
Upon my word, you must be rich indeed;
A noble fuperfluity it craves,


Not for yourself, but for your fools and knaves;
Something, which for your honour they may cheat,
And which it much becomes you to forget.
[i] If wealth alone then make and keep us bleft, 95
Still, ftill be getting, never, never rest.

[k] But if to pow'r and place your paffion lie,
If in the pomp of life confift the joy;
Then [/] hire a flave, or (if you will) a lord 100
To do the honours, and to give the word;
Tell at your levee, as the crowds approach,
To whom to [m] nod, whom take into your coach,
Whom honour with your hand: to make remarks,
Who [n] rules in Cornwall, or who rules in Berks:

Qui poffum tot? ait: tamen et quæram, et quot habebo

Mittam: poft paulo fcribit, fibi millia quinque Effe domi chlamydum: partem, vel tolleret omnes. [b] Exilis domus eft, ubi non et multa fuperfunt, Et dominum fallunt, et profunt furibus. [i] ergo, Si res fola poteft facere et fervare beatum. Hoc primus repetas opus, hoc poftremus omittas. [k] Si fortunatum fpecies et gratia preftat, [1] Mercemur fervum, qui dictet nomina, lævum Qui fodicet latus, et [m] cogat trans pondera dex


Porrigere: [n] Hic multum in Fabia valet, ille Velina;

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"This may be trouble fome, is near the chair: 106 "That makes three members, this can chufe a may'r."


Inftructed thus, you bow, embrace, protest,
Adopt him [o] fon, or coufin at the least,
Then turn about, and [p] laugh at your own jest.
Or if your life be one continu'd treat,
If [9] to live well means nothing but to eat;
Up, up! cries Gluttony, 'tis break of day,
Go drive the deer, and drag the finny prey;
With hounds and horns go hunt an appetite--- 115
So [r] Ruffel did, but could not eat at night,
Call'd happy dog! the beggar at his door,
And envy'd thirst and hunger to the poor.


Or fhall we [s] ev'ry decency confound, Thro' taverns, stews, and bagnio's take our round, Go dine with Charters, in each vice outdo [t] K-----l's lewd cargo, Ty------y's crew, From Latian Syrens, French Circean feasts, Return'd well travell'd, and transform'd to beasts,

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Cui libet, is fafces dabit; eripietque curule,
Cui volet, importunus ebur: [o] frater, pater, adde:
Ut cuique eft ætas, ita quemque [p] facetus adopta.
Si [q] bene qui cœnat, bene vivit: lucet; eamus
Quo ducit gula: pifcemur, venemur, ut [r] olim
Gargilius qui mane plagas, venabula, fervos,
Differtum tranfire forum populumque jubebat,
Unus ut e multis populo fpectante referret.
Emtum mulus aprum. [s] crudi, tumidique lavemur;
Quid deceat, qui non, obliti; Cærite cera
Digni; [t] remigium vitiofum Ithacenfis Ulyffei;


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