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Confecr. It appertaineth moreover to the office of a Metropolitan, to confecrate the Bishops of his province, to call Provincial Synods and prefide in them, to enquire into neglects, abufes, or diforders committed by any Bishop throughout his whole province, and to take care of all vacant Sees within his province. Wilt thou do all this faithfully and diligently?

Anfw. I will fo do by the help of God.

Then the Confecrator standing up fhall fay to the Bishop elect,

Almighty God, our heavenly Father, who hath given thee a good will to do all these things, grant alfo unto thee ftrength and power to perform the fame; that he accomplishing in thee the good work which he hath begun, thou mayeft be found perfect and irreprehenfible at the latter day, through Jefus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Then the Deacon being turned to the People, fhall fay,

Let us pray.

Then the Confecrator being turned towards the Altar, fhall fay,

O Lord, hear our prayer:

Anfw. Ard let our cry come unto thee.

Then fhall the Confecrator fay the following prayer. ALmighty God, and most merciful Father, who of thine infinite goodness hast given thine only and dearly beloved Son Jefus Chrift, to be our redeemer, and the author of everlasting life; who after


that he had made perfect our redemption by his death, refurrection, and afcenfion into heaven, poured down abundantly his gifts upon men, makeing fome Apostles, fome Prophets, fome Evangelists, fome Paftors and Doctors, to the edifying and makeing perfect his church: Grant, we beseech thee, to this thy fervant fuch grace, that he may evermore be ready to spread abroad thy gospel, the glad tidings of reconciliation with thee, and use the authority given him, not to destruction but to falvation, not to hurt but to help; fo that as a wife and faithful fervant, giving to thy family their portion in due season, he may at laft be received into everlasting joy, through Jefus Chrift our Lord; who with Thee and the Holy Ghoft liveth and reigneth, one God, world without end. Amen.

Then shall the Bishop Elect put on the rest of the Epifcopal habit; after which he shall kneel down (though it be Sunday) before the Confecrator and the other Bishops prefent; and the Confecrator figning him with the fign of the cross upon the forehead fhall fay, he and all the Bishops prefent laying their hands upon his head,

WITH the Suffrage and Confent of the Bishops

of the Province of N. and of the Clergy and People of the Diocese of N. the Divine grace, which always healeth what is infirm, and fupplieth what is wanting, promoteth the Reverend Prieft N. to be Bishop of the Church and See of N. Let us pray for him, that the grace of the most Holy Spirit may defcend upon him.

Anfw. Lord, have mercy: We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.

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Then two Deacons fhall hold the Gospels open over his head, the Confecrator and all the Bishops prefent keeping their hands laid upon his head, while the Confecrator fays the following prayer.


O great Being of Beings, O Lord God Almighty, who alone' art unbegotten and without fuperior; who always art, and existest before all ages; who art felf-fufficient, and above all cause and generation; who alone art true, who alone art wife, who alone art most high; who art invifible by nature, and whofe knowledge is without original; who alone art good, and above comparison; who knowest all things before they come into being, and from whom no fecrets are hid; who art inacceffible, and above all power and authority: O God and Father of thine only begotten Son our God and Saviour, who art the creator and governour of the whole world by him, and whofe providential care extendeth to all things; the Father of mercies, and God of all confolation; who haft thy dwelling in the highest heavens, and yet humbleft thy felf to behold the things below: O thou, who haft given laws and rules to the Church, by the coming of thy Chrift in the flesh of which the Comforter is the witness, by thy holy apostles, and by us the Bishops standing here through thy favour in thy presence; who didft from the beginning appoint Priefts for the care and government of thy people, who didst not leave thy fanctuary without Minifters, and who didst delight in thofe in whom thou wert pleased to be glorified: Do thou now also, through the mediation of thy Chrift, pour down by us the power of thy Governing Spirit, who miniftreth to thy beloved Son Jefus Christ, and whom he bestowed according to thy


will upon the holy apoftles of thee the eternal God. O God, the fearcher of hearts, grant unto this thy fervant, whom thou haft chosen to be a Bishop, that he may feed thy holy flock, may discharge the office of an High-Prieft unto thee, miniftring unblameably night and day; and that rendring thee propitious, he may gather together the number of thofe who fhall be faved, and may offer to thee the gifts of thy holy church. Grant unto him, O Lord Almighty, through thy Chrift, the communication of the Holy Ghoft, that he may have power to remit fins according to thy command, to confer Ecclefiaftical orders according to thy appointment, and to loose every bond according to the power which thou gaveft to the apoftles; that he may please thee with meeknefs and purity of heart; and that continuing stedfast, unblameable, and unreproveable, he may offer to thee for a fweet-fmelling favour the pure and unbloody facrifice, which thou by Christ haft conftituted to be the mystery of the new covenant, through thy holy child Jefus Chrift our God and Saviour; by whom glory, honour, and adoration be to Thee in the Holy Ghoft, now and for ever, throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.

Then all the Bishops shall take their hands off his head, and the Confecrator fhail deliver him the Bible, Saying,

G IVE heed unto reading, exhortation, and doc

trine. Think upon the things contained in this book. Be diligent in them, that the increase coming thereby may be manifeft unto all men. Take heed unto thy felf, and to doctrine, and be diligent in doing them; for by fo doing, thou shalt both fave thy felf, and them that hear thee.

P 4


Then fhall the Confecrator deliver him the Paftoral Staff, faying,


AKE the Staff of the Paftoral Office; and be to the flock of Chrift a fhepherd, not a wolf; feed them, devour them not. Hold up the weak, heal the fick, bind up the broken, bring again the outcasts, seek the loft. Be fo merciful, that thou beeft not too remifs; fo minifter discipline, that thou forgetteft not mercy: that when the chief Shepherd shall appear, thou mayeft receive the never-fading crown of glory, through Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen.

Then the Confecrator fhall fay the following prayer, the new-confecrated Bishop ftill kneeling.


OST merciful Father, we beseech thee to fend down upon this thy fervant thy heavenly bleffing; that he preaching thy word, may not only be earnest to reprove, befeech, and rebuke with all patience and doctrine; but alfo may be to fuch as believe, an wholfome example in word, in converfation, in love, in faith, in chastity, and in purity; that faithfully fulfilling his courfe, at the latter day he may receive the crown of righteousness laid up by the Lord the righteous judge; who liveth and reigneth, with the Father and the Holy Ghoft, one God, world without end. Amen.

Then the new-confecrated Bishop shall rise, and the Confecrator with the Bishops prefent fhall all falute him with the Holy Kifs of Peace in the name of the Lord, and then they shall conduct him to his Chair or Throne, the Confecrator taking him by the band, and placing him therein. After which


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