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Bifh. Wilt thou maintain and fet forward, as much as lieth in thee, quietness, peace, and love among all Chriftian people, and especially among them that do or fhali belong to the parish, where thou fhalt ferve?

Anfw. I will fo do by God's help.

Bifh. It appertaineth to the office of a Deacon, to be fubfervient to the Bishop or Priest in Divine Service, and especially in the Service of the Altar; to take care of the Holy Table, and of all the ornaments and utenfils belonging thereto; to read Holy Scriptures and Homilies in the Church, and to inftruct the Catechumens and the youth; to distribute the Eucharift, and to baptize in cafes of neceffity, where no Priest is to be had; to bid prayers in the congregation, and to preach with the Bishop's Licenfe; to correct and rebuke men who behave themfelves irregularly at church; to attend upon the Bishop, and to inform him or the Prieft of the mifdemeanours of the People; to fearch for the orphans, and the fick and poor people of the parish, to intimate their eftates, names, and places where they dwell, and to diftribute to them fuch charities as shall be delivered to him by the Bishop or Priest towards their relief and affiftance. Wilt thou do all this faithfully, diligently, and willingly?

Anfw. I will fo do by the help of God.

Bifh. Wilt thou reverently obey thy Bishop, following with a glad mind and will his godly admonitions, and fubmitting thy felf to his godly judge


Anfw. I will fo do, the Lord being my helper.


Then the Bishop ftanding up, fhall fay to the Deacon. Elet,

ALmighty God who hath given thee this will to do all these things, grant alfo unto thee strength and power to perform the fame, that he may accomplish his work which he hath begun in thee, through Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen.

Then the Elected Deacon hall kneel down (though it be Sunday) before the Bishop, who shall fign him with the fign of the cross upon his forehead, and then laying his hands upon his head, he shall say, WITH the fuffrage and confent of the People,

the Divine grace, which always healeth what is infirm, and fupplieth what is wanting, promoteth the fervant of God N. to the order of Deacon. Let us pray for him, that the grace of the most Holy Spirit may defcend upon him.

Anfw. Lord, have mercy: We befeech thee to hear us, good Lord.

Then the Bishop keeping his hands laid upon his head, fhall fay the following prayer.

Almighty God, true and faithful, who art rich unto all that call upon thee in truth; who art fearful in counfels, wife in understanding, powerful and great: Hear our prayer, O Lord, and let thine ears receive our fupplication, and cause the light of thy countenance to fhine upon this thy fervant, who is here fet apart before thee to the office of a Deacon. Fill him with the Holy Ghost and with power, as thou didst Stephen the martyr and follower of the sufferings of thy Chrift; and grant that he continuing ftedfaft, unblameable, and unreprove


able, may acceptably discharge his office now committed unto him, and may be thought worthy of a higher degree, through the mediation of thine only begotten Son; with whom to Thee and the Holy Ghost, be glory, honour, and adoration, for ever and ever. Amen.

Then the Bishop shall take his hands off his head, and fball fay the following prayer, the new-ordained Deacon ftill kneeling.

ALmighty God, giver of all good things, who of thy great goodness haft vouchsafed to accept and take this thy fervant into the office of Deacons in thy church make him, we beseech thee, to be modeft, humble, and conftant in his miniftration, and to have a ready will to obferve all spiritual difcipline; that he having always the teftimony of a good confcience, may at length by thee be eternally rewarded, through thy Son our Saviour Jefus Chrift, to whom be glory and honour world without end. Amen.

Then the new-ordained Deacon fhall rife, and the Deacons prefent fhall all falute him with the Kifs of Peace in the name of the Lord; after which, the Bishop turning towards the People, fhall pronounce this Benediction, the People reverently bowing their beads.

THE peace of God, which paffeth all underftanding, keep your hearts and minds in the knowledge and love of God, and of his Son Jefus Christ our Lord. And the bleffing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, be amongst you, and remain with you always. Amen.

Then the Bishop fhall proceed in the Communion-Service.






When there is occafion for a Deaconess to be ordained, the Faithful of the Parish fhall elect a proper perfon; notice whereof shall be given to the Bishop: And if when the perfon elected hath been examined by the two Deacons who are to present her at the Órdination, and by the Bishop himself, he (after confulting with his College of Presbyters) approve of her, he fhall give notice of the day of Ordination (which shall always be a Lord's day) both to the Clergy of the Diocese and to the Faithful of the Parish.

Note, that a Deaconess is not to be ordained, till fhe is Forty years of age, unless upon a particular occafion, of which the Bishop is to be judge. When the day appointed by the Bishop is come, be and as many of the Clergy and Deaconeffes of the Diocefe, as conveniently can, shall repair to the Cathedral Church, or to the Parish Church to which the Deaconess Elect is to belong. And when all things are duly prepared in the Church, and fet in order; at the time appointed for celebrating the Holy Eucharift, before the Com


munion Service begins, the Elected Deaconess (being decently habited) shall be prefented by two Deacons unto the Bishop fitting in his Chair near the Altar, the Deacons that prefent her faying,

RIght Reverend Father in God, we prefent unto

you this person to be admitted a Deaconefs.

The Bishop.

TAKE heed that the person whom ye present unto us, be apt and meet, for her knowledge, prudence, and godly converfation, to exercife this. office duly, to the honour of God and the edifying of his Church.

The two Deacons fhall fay,

We have enquired of her, and also examined her, and think her so to be.

Then the Bishop shall say unto the People, Beloved, if there be any of you, who knoweth any impediment or notable crime in this perfon prefented to be ordained Deaconefs, for which fhe ought not to be admitted to that office, let him come forth in the name of God, and fhew what the crime or impediment is.

And if any great crime or impediment be objected, the Bishop fhall furceafe from ordaining that perfon, until fuch time as the party accufed fhall be found clear of that crime.

But if no great crime or impediment be objected, the Bishop hall begin the Communion Service, in



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