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upon thine altar.

Glory be to the Father, and mercifully hear our pray


but thou delightest not in Minister. Send unto them burnt-offerings.

help from above. The sacrifice of God is a Answer. And evermore troubled spirit : a broken and mightily defend them. contrite heart, O God, shalt Minister. Help us, O God thou not despise.

our Saviour. O be favourable and graci- Answer. And for the glory ous unto Sion : build thou the of thy Name deliver us; be walls of Jerusalem.

merciful to us sinners, for thy Then shalt thou be pleased Name's sake. with the sacrifice of righte- Minister. O Lord, hear our ousness, with the burnt-offer- prayer. ings and oblations : then shall

Answer. And let our cry they offer young bullocks come unto thee.

Minister. Let us pray:

O , to Ghost;

ers, and spare all those who Answer. As it was in the confess their sins unto thee; beginning, is now, and ever that they, whose consciences shall be : world without end. by sin are accused, by thý Amen.

merciful pardon may be abLord, have mercy upon us.

solved; through Christ our

Lord. Amen.
Christ, have mercy upon us.
Lord, have mercy upon us.

Most mighty God, and

merciful Father, who UR Father, which art in hast compassion upon all men,

hatest nothing Name. Thy kingdom come.

hast made; who Thy will be done in earth, As not the death of a sinner, but it is in heaven. Give us this that he should rather turn day our daily bread. And for- from his sin, and be saved; give us our trespasses, As we

Mercifully forgive us forgive them that trespass fort us, who are grieved and

trespasses; receive and comagainst us. And lead us not into temptation ; But deliver wearied with the burden of us from evil. Amen.

our sins. Thy property is al

ways to have mercy; to thee Minister. O Lord, save thy only it appertaineth to forservants;

give sins. Spare us therefore, Answer. That put their trust good Lord, spare thy people, in thee

whom thou hast redeemed ;



enter not into judgement with | suffering, and of great pity. thy servants, who are vile Thou sparest when we deearth, and miserable sinners; serve punishment, And in but so turn thine anger from thy wrath thinkest upon us, who meekly acknowledge mercy. Spare thy people, our vileness, and truly repent good Lord, spare them, And us of our faults, and so make let not thine heritage be haste to help us in this world, brought to confusion. Hear that we may ever live with us, O Lord, for thy mercy thee in the world to come; great, And after the multitude through Jesus Christ our of thy mercies look upon us; Lord. Amen.

Through the merits and Then shall the people say this that followeth, mediation of thy blessed Son,

after the Minister. "URN thou us, O good

Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Lord, and so shall we 4 Then the Minister alone shall say, be turned. Be favourable, O

keep us ; the Lord lift people, who turn to thee in up the light of his counteweeping, fasting, and praying. nance upon us, and give us For thou art a merciful God, peace, now and for evermore. Full of compassion, Long-1 Amen



Lord, Be favourable to thy THE Lord bless us, and

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D A V I D.


abiit &c.

MORNING PRAYER. the way of the ungodly shall Psalm 1. Beatus vir, qui non perish.

Psalm 2. Quare fremuerunt B LESSED is the man, that

gentes? hath not

walked in the HY do the heathen so counsel of the ungodly, nor furiously rage together: stood in the way of sinners : and why do the people ima

and hath not sat in the seat gine a vain thing? • of the scornful.

2 The kings of the earth 2 But his delight is in the stand up, and the rulers take law of the Lord : and in his counsel together : against law will he exercise himself the Lord, and

against his day and night.

Anointed. 3 And he shall be like a 3 Let us break their bonds tree planted by the water- asunder : and cast away their side : that will bring forth his cords from us. fruit in due season.

4 He that dwelleth in hea4 His leaf also shall not wi- ven shall laugh them to ther : and look, whatsoever scorn : the Lord shall have he doeth, it shall prosper.

them in derision. 5 As for the ungodly, it is 5 Then shall he speak unto not so with them ; but they them in his wrath : and vex are like the chaff, which the them in his sore displeasure. wind scattereth away from

6 Yet have I set my King : the face of the earth.

upon my holy hill of Sion. 6 Therefore the ungodly 7 I will preach the law, shall not be able to stand in whereof the Lord hath said the judgement : neither the unto me : Thou art my Son, sinners in the congregation of this day have I begotten the righteous.

thee. 7 But the Lord knoweth 8 Desire of me, and I shall the way of the righteous : and give thee the heathen for thine

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