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Caréer, full Speed

Cy'pher, or Cipher, such as (0)
Cárgy, the Loading of a Ship Nothing
Carpet, a Floor-cloth

Circle, a round Figure
Cascade, a Water-fall Cistern, a Vesel for Water
Calément, a Window that opens Citron, a Kind of Lemon
Cashier, a Keeper of Money

Clamour, Noille Cáffock, a Priest's Garment Claret, Red Wine Catle, a Arong Place

Clover, a Kind of Grass Catárrh, a flowing down of ill Cleaver, a large Iron used by Humours

Butchers for cutting
Caúdle, an hot supping

Client, one who deals will
Cavern, an Hollow under Ground Lawyers
Causeway, an high Bank for Climate, a certain Space of

Cedar, fine Wood

Cloister, a religious House
Cellar, a Room under Ground Closet, a small Room
Censer, a perfuming Pan Cluster, a Bunch
Cenfor, a Reformer

Clyfter, a Purge by the Fun.
Center, the middle Point

dament Centry, a Watchman

Cobler, a Mender of Shoes Centum, an Hundred

Cockney, a Londoner
Ceruse, white Lead

Codlin, an Apple
Cessor, a maker of Rates Coffee, an Indian Berry
Chalice, a Communion Cup Coffer, a Cheft
Champaign, open Country Coffin, a Case for dead Perfons
Channel, a Conveyance for Wao Coinage, making of Money

Collar, a Ring of Metal, Lea.
Chaos, a confused Heap

ther, &c. for the Neck Chaplet, a Garland

Collect, a foort Prayer Chapman, a Buyer

College, a place for Learning Chapel, a Place of Worship Colon, a Stop, mark'd thus (:) Chapter, a Division

Colour, the outside Appearance Charter, a Grant

of any thing, alf Pretence Chattels, Goods

Column, a Pillar
Chesnut, a Fruit

Comma, a small Stop, thus (,)
Chilblain, a swelling from a Comet, a Blazing Star

Comment, an Interpretation
Chimney, a Conveyance for Commerce, Trade

Compact, Agreement
Chizzel, an Iron Tool fo called Compass, a Marbematical In.
Choler, Anger

Chorus, finging together Compoft, Dung
Cieling, the upper part of a Conceit, Fancy

Cóncord, Agreement Cinders, Albes, Duf

Confines, Bounds



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Cónflict, a Combat

Cynick, a four crabbed Fellow Conflux, a flowing together Cypress, a Tree so called Congress, a meeting together

D. Conquest, Viktory

D'æmon, a Spirit Consent, Agreement

Dagger, a fort Sword Cónsort, a Companion

Dagon, Philistines God Contadt, Tauch

Damask, flowered Silk Convent, a Religious House

Dandrif, Scurf Convex, theOutside of any round Danger, Hazard Thing

Danube, a River in Germany Coquét, an amorous Fellow Darnel, a Weed so called Córal, a red Stone

Daftard, a Corward Cornet, an Enfign

Dauphin, the Heir of the Crown Cornish, an Edging upon Wain of France fcot

Deacon, a Minister or Servant Corsair, a Sea Robber

Debáte, a Dispute Cortex, the Bark of a Tree: Debtor, one that owes Money Cousin, Kinsman

Decade, the Number Ten Cotton, woolly Stuf

Deceit, a Cheat Covert, a fhady Place

Decree, an Order Council, a general Affembly Default, Want, Omillion Counsel, Advice

Defect, Blemille

. Countess, an Earl's Wife Defence, Reliance Country, a Kingdom

Degree, Advancement County, a Division of a King. Deilm, denying revealed Reli: dom

gion Courage, Valour

Delight, Joy Couránt, a Dance, also the Title Déluge, a Flood of a Nerus-Paper

Descánt, musical Composition Coward, one who dares not fight Descent, a going down, also a Coxcomb, a conceited Fellow Birth Cranny, a Chink

Design, an Invention Credence, Belief, Credit Despite, Envy Credit, Reputation

Detail, the Particulars of any Critick, a nice Cenfurer

Thing Chryftal, a precious Stone Diet, Food, also an Asembly Cubit, i Foot 9 Tenths

Digit, an Inch, also a Figure Cuckold, Hajband of an adul. Diigúst, a Diftafte or Dislike terous Woman

Díftich, a couple of Verses Cudgel, a Staf

Doggrel, pitiful Poetry Culture, Husbandry

Dollar, a Foreign Coin worth Cupid, God of Love

about 4 s. 6 d.
Curate, an inferior Prief Dolour, Grief
Current, running Stream Dolphin, a Fish fo called
Cutler, a Knife Maker Dotage, afdeating



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Dózen, Twelve

Fléxure, a Bending
Draper, one who fells Cloth Florist, one killed in Flowers
Dropsy, a waterij Humour Fluid, flowing thin
Drudger, an Oyster Fisher Forest, a large woody Place
Drugget, Woollen Stuff Forger, a Counterfeiter
Druggift, one that deals in Drugs Fortress, e fortified Place
Duel, a Fight between two per- Fountain, a place which fends

forth Water

Fracture, the Breaking of a Bone
Eagle, á Bird so called Fragment, a broken Piece of any
Ealement, a Refreshing

Echo, rebounding of a Voice Frenfy, Madries
Eclipse, a Defect of Sight Friday, the fixth Day of the
Edict, a Proclamation

Effects, Goods

Frigate, a small Ship E'gress, a going forth

Frolic, a merry Prank Emblem, Representation Furnace, a Copper Engine, an Inftrument Furrow, a Trench Envoy, a Mesenger

G. Envy, Spite

Gauging, the Art of meafuring Errand, a Mefage

of Caks
Essence, Substance, Being Gallon, a Meafure of four
Evént, 1que, Success

Eunuch, a gelded Man Gamut, a Scale of Music
Europe, one of the four Parts Gangrene, a Mortification
of the World

Garment, a Coat
Exilé, Banishment

Garret, the upper-moft Room
E'xit, Departure

Gazette, a News-Paper
Expánse, the Firmament Gélding, a ĝelt Horse
Expense, Cof, Charge Giant, an uncommon large Pero
Exploit, a manly Action

fon Extent, Compass

Gibbet, a Gallows

Glutton, a greedy Eater
Fábrick, a Building

Gnomon, the Hand of a Clock
Factor, one employed by a Mer-

Gospel, a Name of the New
Farthing, a piece of Money Teftament
Fathom, a Measure of 6 Feet Gosip, a tattling Woman
Fatigue, Weariness

Grammar, a Book of Inftru&tion's
Félon, a Criminal

for Speaking properly Fibres, small Threads

Grandeur, Greatness or Power Figments, Stories

Graver, a Tool for Engraving Figure, Shape

Grimíce, Hypocrisy Flavour, Relish

Gríftle, a Bony Substance Fleming, a Native of Flanders' Groundfel, a Threshold


or Dial

2 s.

Grúdging, sparing

I'nquest, Inguiry, Search
Guidance, guiding, leading Infect, a small living Creature
Guilder, a Dutch Coin, value Insult, an Afront

Intrigue, a plot
Gutter, a Sink or Drain


Kénnel, a Wat.r-course

Hábit, Custom, Cloathing, Kernel, Infide of a Nut
Harángue, a public Speech Kersey, coarse Cloth
Hárbour, Lodging, or a Place Kidder, a Carrier,

for Ships to ride at Anchor in Knuckle, a joint
Harlot, an Whore

Harness, Horse Attire

Láncet, a Surgeon's Infrument
Harvest, reaping Time

Language, Speech
Hatchet, a small Axe

Latchet, Part of a Shoe
Havock, Deftruction

Legate, Pope's Ambasador
Heathen, Idolater

Legend, a fabulous Tale
Heifer, a young Cow

Libel, a scandalous little Book
Helmet, an Head-Piece

Licence, Leave
Hemlock, a poisonous Plant Limner, a Painter
Herald, an Officer

Linguist, one kill'd in Tongties
Herbal, a Book of Plants Liquid, a flowing Body
Hermit, a solitary Perfor Logick, the Art of Reasoning
Heron, a Water Fowi

Lucre, Gain
Hireling, one who takes Wagu Luna, the Moon
Hogoo, an offensive Smell Luftre, Brightness
Homage, Submiffon

M. Honour, Respect

Machine, (pronounced Man Horrour, Dread

fheen) an Engine Housewife, a good Manager Mádam, a Title of Honour Humour, Fancy

Magnet, the Load Stone Hunger, Want of Food

Maiden, a young

Hyphen, a Dalh thus (-) Manchet, fine Bread
& Hyllop, an Herb

Mandate, a Command
I, or J.

Mantle, a Cloak
Járgon, Gibberish or Jangling Margin, the Brim or Edge
Image, la Picture or Statue Marshal, an Officer
I'mport, Meaning

Martyr, one who dies for the Impost, a Tax

true Religion Impulse, Persuasion, a frong Matrix, the Womb Motion

Maxim, a Principle Incest, unlawfulMarriage with Mayor, a Magiftrale near Kindred

Medal, a Coin Income, Rent, Revenue Membrane, a thin Skin or CoIndex, an Hand or Mark

vering Ingress, an Entrance

Merit, Worth


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Message, an Errand

Păgan, an Heathen
Metal, Gold, Silver, &c. Painter, one who paints
Mimick, a Mocker

Palace, a Court
Minute, a short space of Time Palate, the Roof of the Mouth
Mirrour, a Looking Glass

Palsy, a Disease
Mischief, Hurt

Panick, (Fear) on a sudden
Miser, a covelous Feilow Papist, a Roman Catholic
Mitre, à Bilbop's Cap, Paráde, a Place to exercise Sol-
Mixture, a mingling

diers in
Model, Frame or Fassion Parchment, a Skin to write on
Moment, an Inftant, also of Parsley, an Herb

Pastime, Sport
Motive, Persuafion

Paftor, a Minister Motto, an Emblem

Patent, a Grant from the King Mountain, an Hill

Peasant, a Country Fellow Muscle, small fleshy Threads Pebbles, small Stones Music, Harmony

Primer, a little Book
Mustard, a small Seed

Princess, Prince's Wife

Problem, a Preposition relating
Native, one born in the Land to Practice
Nature, Disposition

Procéss, Proceeding
Navel, a part of the Belly Próclor, a spiritual Officer
Navy, a Company of Ships Product, the Thing produced
Niggard, a covetous Person Progress, a Journey, a going
Nitre, salt Petre

forward Nonage, under Age

Project, a Contrivance Novel, new, also a Story Prologue, a Speech commonly Ra Nurture, a Nourishing

before a Play

Ra Nurance, Annoyance

Prophet, an inspired Perfors RE o. Prospect, a View

Ra O'bject, that which presents Proxy, a Deputy

RE itfolf Purport, Meaning

R Oblong, a long Square Purpose, a Defign

R Odour, sweet Scent or Smell Pursúit, running after Diligence R Omen, a Sign or Token Pénance, Mortification

R Orbit, a Circle, or any Round Perfume, a sweet Scent Ordpre, Dung

Phantom, a Ghoft Organ, an Inftrument of Mu Phænix, a rare Bird fic

Phyfic, a Medicine
Orphan, a fatherless Child Pickle, a Preserve
Oval, an Egg-like Figure Picture, a Representation
Outrage, a violent Afront Pilot, a Guide

Pinnace, a fmall Sea Velled
Pácquet, a Parcel, also a Sea Pirate, a Sea Rebber

Pismire, an Ant


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