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Corresponding Secretary Society Army Tennessee, Cincinnati, Ohio: GENERAL:-Your notice of the seventh annual reunion of our Society at Toledo, Ohio, on October 15th and 16th, reached me on my return from a tour through the Yellowstone National Park.

I must again give my excuse for non-attendance-official duties and the great distance from the States. Although so often prevented from so doing, I cherish the hope of some day meeting my comrades and fellow-members of the Society at one of the reunions.

Trusting you will all have a pleasant meeting, regretting my inability to attend, and wi the kindest greetings to all assembled, I remain, Your friend and comrade,

Late Colonel 10th Regiment Mo. Inf. Vol., Army of the Tennessee.

St. Louis, September 27, 1873. E. S. Dodd, Esq.,

Chairman Committee on Invitations: While it would afford me great pleasure to attend the reunion of Sherman's bummers, owing to the present gripe in the financial bowels, I don't think you had better count on me.

Yours regretfully,

W. R. Hodges, Late Captain 32d Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry.

DETROIT, October 11, 1873. My Dear GenERAL:—Absence from the city is my apology for not sooner answering your favors of the 7th and 8th instant. I wrote to the post-master of your city merely for information, as I did not consider myself entitled to any invitation to your festivities, having served entirely with the oth Corps. Yet we of the old Ninth have a very fraternal feeling toward you all, as I believe we were for awhile lent to the Army of the Tennessee at Vicksburg and Jackson, and I know that our ears elongateda good deal at Knoxville, listening for your guns. So I thought that I would run down as an outsider, and quietly look on. I will, if nothing happens, run down Wednesday afternoon. Will try and persuade other Michigan officers to join me, whether they have received invitations or not. Quite a number have been received here. Very truly yours,


Toledo, Ohio.


Executive Committee of Army of Tennessee, Toledo: GentLEMEN:—I have your notice and invitation to the meeting of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee, October 15th.

Advancing years, and the infirmities of the disease contracted at the battle of Shiloh, and intensified just after by camp life-a disease which will not let me alone-will prevent my having the pleasure of meeting the officers, and renewing the friendships formed in the field.

The changes of life, and the routine of duty and of business, have prevented General Fuller and myself from meeting since we did so on court-martial duty at St. Louis, August, 1861. I recall to mind, however, General Fuller with much pleasure, and also the incidents of that court.



MUSCATINE, September 8, 1873. MY DEAR GENERAL:— Your printed circular, notifying me of the seventh annual reunion of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee at Toledo, Ohio, October 15th and 16th, is received, and I regret very much to say that, on account of pressing official business, I shall be unable to attend. Nevertheless, I will be with you in spirit and sentiment. Would like to be there in person to take by the hand once more some of the kindest and best of friends, whom I know I should meet, and some of whom you are well acquainted with. Please give them all my kindest regards, accepting a good share yourself, and believe me to be, as ever, Your friend and comrade,

John H. MUNROE, Late Capt. and Assistant Adjutant-General, Headquarters Army Tenn.

N. B. By the way, I would suggest that the eighth reunion be held on the arsenal grounds at Rock Island, Ill. -a most beautiful place. By so doing, it would enable a great many Western soldiers to attend, who have not heretofore had the opportunity of attending one, or even any, of our reunions, for reasons which it is not necessary for me to mention, as they will suggest themselves. I make mention of this now, hoping that you will have the kindness to lay the matter before the proper committee, as a petition in behalf of the Western soldiers, for their consideration.

Yours, as before,


Fort PULASKI, GA., October 8, 1873. Sir:-I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter, inviting me to participate in our seventh annual reunion at Toledo, Ohio, on the 15th and 16th instant.

Severe sickness in my family will render it impossible for me to be present this year, but I hope Providence will ot be so unkind as to deprive me of that pleasure again. If that should be the case, I never shall forget Madison, its mayor, local committee-last, but not least, Miss Wheeler, the poetess of that great day.

Yours very truly,


MARENGO, ILL., October 13, 1873. E. S. Dodd,

Chairman Committee Society Army Tennessee, Toledo, Ohio: Dear Sir:-Your invitation of September 20th was received some time since. I have been waiting to give you a positive answer, whether I could be able to be present at the seventh annual reunion of the Society Army Tennessee. I regret very much to state, that it will be impossible for me to be there, on account of business matters. Hoping that you will all have a happy reunion and a jolly good time, I am, as ever,

Yours very truly,

WILLIAM AVERY, Late Lieutenant-Colonel 95th III. Volunteer Infantry.

Fort WAYNE, Mich., October 13, 1873. E. S. Dopp, Esq.,

Toledo, Ohio: DEAR Sir:-Your kind note has been received. I am sorry to say that I can not have the pleasure to be at your reunion. It would be a great pleasure to me to meet again my old commanders—that is, those who are left; those who are gone their long journey, I hope to meet hereafter. Thanking you for your courtesy,

I am, respectfully,

D. G. CALLINAN, First Lieutenant 1st Infantry.

SPRINGFIELD, ILL., October 10, 1873. COLONEL E, S. Dodd,

Chairman Committee on Invitations, Toledo, Ohio: DEAR COLONEL:—I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of an invitation to attend the reunion of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee at Toledo, Ohio, on the 15th and 16th of the present month.

Until to-day I had fully expected to enjoy this occasion with you; but business, unexpected and unwelcome, has interfered, and placed this gratification entirely out of my reach.

When I say that I long to be with you—that I would gladly make a forced march, on short rations from here to Toledo, for the sake of hearing the reveille that will call you to order—that I know of no pleasure which could exceed that of taking you, comrades, by the hand to-night, and recalling together the times that tried our souls—then I would not express the half I feel. If our fellow-soldiers were dear to us when our flag was in danger, and they stood side by side with us, struggling for our country's life and honor, let them be dearer to us to-day when the old Hag floats in peace over a united and prosperous land-united and prosperous, because of the bitter struggle and self-sacrifice of the men, who, while they gave up everything, counted it nothing for country's sake.

With best wishes for the welfare of our Society, and hoping, at some future day, there may be another grand reunion of the societies of all the armies, and that Illinois may be honored as the place of that great reunion, I am, very truly yours,

E. S. JOHNSON, Late Major 7th Regiment III. Vet. Infantry Volunteers.


Corresponding Secretary Society Army Tennessee, Cincinnati, 0.: DEAR Sir: I am in receipt of your circular of 20th August, inviting attendance at next regular meeting of our Society at Toledo, Ohio, on the 15th instant. I have refrained so long from answering, with the hope of being able to be present; but, at this time, I find that circumstances will prevent. Yet my thoughts and best wishes will be with my old comrades, and I can heartily wish that they may “all live long and prosper."

Very truly yours,

Robert C. Crowell, Late Major 26th Mo. Volunteer Infantry.

CHICAGO, Ill., October 1, 1873. J. K. HAMILTON, Esq.,

Secretary of Committee, Toledo: Dear Sir:- I have the pleasure of acknowledging your note of September 18th, requesting me to respond to one of the regular toasts at the reunion, on the 15th and 16th instant, at your place.

I regret to say that the pressure of business is too great to permit me to be present on that occasion. Thanking you for the kind invitation, I remain, Very truly yours,

JAMES H. Howe.

CARTHAGIE, ILL., September 29, 1873. E. S. Dodd,

Chairman Committee, etc., Toledo, Ohio: Dear Sir:-I am compelled to say I can not attend the annual reunion of the Army of the Tennessee at your place, October 15th and 16th, which I regret very much. I write that my comrades may know I am still one with them, although absent from them.

Yours truly,

THOMAS LOGAN, Lieutenant-Colonel 118th Illinois.

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St. Louis, September 30, 1873. Dear Sir:- I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your invitation to be present at the seventh annual reunion of the Army of the Tennessee, on the 15th of October next.

It is my present intention to be with you at the time named; but should anything intervene to prevent me from going, I shall be with you in spirit and best wishes for the success of our annual reunion.

Very respectfully,

John McDONALD. E. S. Dodd, Esq.,

Chairman, Toledo, Ohio.

Avox, ILL., November 8, 1873. GENERAL A. HICKENLOOPER,

Cincinnati, O.: DEAR SIR:—I have been so pressed with work during the Fall, that it was impossible for me to be present at the reunion at Toledo; and it seemed next to impossible to take time even to write to you. And the object of addressing you at this time is to ascertain the amount of my indebtedness to the Society, and to whom to remit. If unable to attend the meetings of the Society, it is my wish to keep “good on the books."

Very respectfully,



My Dear Sir:- I regret that circumstances beyond my control will prevent me from attending the meeting of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee, to be held at Toledo the 15th and 16th inst.

I had set my heart upon being present, and feel the disappointment keenly. I sincerely hope my old comrades will have a pleasant reunion. With best wishes for the prosperity of the Society, I have the honor to be, Respectfully, your obedient servant,

A. L. CHETLAIN, Late Brevet Major-General, U. S. l'ols.


Corresponding Secretary Army Tennessee, Toledo, Ohio: GENERAL:—I regret exceedingly my inability to be present at the seventh annual reunion of the Army of the Tennessee. As time passes, I find, in common with others, my heart warms toward my old comrades, and the greater the desire to be at their reunion meetings, to perpetuate that brotherly feeling so dear to soldiers, who are conscious that their services have resulted with benefit to their country.

That these reunions may never cease but with the lives of the survivors of

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