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TABLE V. Lessons in Words of one Syllable, very easy to spell and read, and by which a Child may begin to know his Duty to God and Man.

Be a good Child I Do not lie nor swear
Love and fear God Do not cheat nor steal
· Mind your Book Play not with bad boys

Call no ill names | Use no ill Words at Play
Love your School Pray to God to bless you
Sirive to learn. Serve God and trust in him
Tell no Tales Take notGod's napie in vain

LESSON III, My good Child, walk not in thine own Way, but in the Way of the Lord.

Spend your Time well, and God will bless you; he will love you, and do you good.

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. LESSON IV. Go not far from me, O Lord; but be with me, and help me, O my God.

I will not play with them that do ill; for if I do, the Lord will not love me,

i is · LESSON V. . I will love thee, O Lord; because thou hast made me, and art kind to me in all Things.

Day by Day will I praise thee; I will not play with them that take thy Name in vain.

Keep me, O Lord, from such as love not thy Law, and walk not in thy Ways.

LESSON VI. The Eye of the Lord is on them that fear him, and that put their trust in him.

He will bless them that fear him; he will love them, and do them good.

As for such as love not the Way of the Lord, he will hide his Face from them, and will not save them, but they shall go down into the Pit.

: LESSON VII. Of the CREATION.. By the Word of the Lord were all things made. God made the World; he made both Man and Beast He made the Fowls of the Air, and the Fish of the Sea.

He niade the Sun to rule the Day, and the Mcon and Stars to rule the Night. How great are thy Works, O Lord !

LESSON VIII. DUTY TO God. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy Heart, with all thy Soul, with all thy Mind, alid with all thy Strength.

A gocd child will love God, he will put his whole trust in him; he will call on him; he will love is alle and his Word; and he' will serve lin and fear hin all the Days of bis Life.

LESSON IX. OF GOD, &c. · The Fool says in his Heart there is no God; but a wise and a good Man knows that there is a God, and that the Lord he is God.

God is our Lord, he is a King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Who is like the Lord our God? There is none like the Lord our God.

LESSON X. Of God's ATTRIBUTES, &c. The Lord God will be our Judge. God is a true, wise, and just God; he plants, he builds, and he lifts up; for the Word of the Lord is true, and it shall come to pass.

All Things change, but God says, I change not; I am the same God, I have no end. There is but one true God. The Lord our God is one Lord; the Lord of Hosts is his Name.

LESSON XI. OF CHRIST OUR REDEEMER. Christ is God as well as Man. The Word was with God, and the Word was God. Christ is the way, the Truth, and the Life: and none can come to God but by Christ; for he took upon him the Form of Man.

Christ was made Man to save us from the Wrath to come. He was made Poor for our Sakes. He is the Prince of the Kings of the Earth; and he shall judge the quick and the dead at last; the Lord of Hosts is his Name, LESSON XII. Of the Chilu's Duty to Himself and OTHERS.

A good Child, will not lie, swear, or steal, nor will he take God's Name in vain. He will be good at Home, and will be careful to read his Book; and when he gets up, he will wash his face and Hands clean, comb out his Hair, and make haste to School, and will not play by the Way as bad Boys do.

When a good. Buy is at School, he will mind his Book, and try to learn to spell and read well, and not play in School Time; and when he goes to or comes from School, he will pull off his Hat, or bow to all he meets; and when he goes to Church, he will sit, kneel, or stand still, and when he comes Home, he will read God's Word, or some good Book, that God may bless him.

As for the Boy that minds not his Church, his School, nor his Book, but plays with such Boys as tell Tales, tell Lies, swear, steal, and take God's Name in vain; he will come to some ill End, if he be not well whipt at School and at Home, Day & Night, till he leaves off such things.




TABLE VI. Words of two Syllables, accented on the First. AB-bot, bant-ling car-rot com-merce A ab-bey bar-ber car-ter" com-mon ac-tor bar-rel cham-ber con-cord ad-vent bash-ful chan-nel con-quer ? af-ter b et-ter chap-mán con-quest al-lum · bit-ter chap-ter" con-sul : .am-ber blun-der chat-ter con-trite,

ibor-der. ches-nut cor-ner 91 ar-bour bri-er- child-ish cost-Ty'? art-ful brim-stone chil-dren craf-ty art-less bro-ken cler-gy cra-zy: Back-ward bus-kin' cof-fin cr-uel ; ba-ker but-ter col-lege : cham-ber bal-lad Cab-bage com-tort . cut-ler

-ker ca-per coni-ment Dar-ling


di-al: fol-ly grit-ty

in-sect di-et fop-pish gru-el • in-side din-ner fo-rest, gul-let in-stance : doc-tor for-ty g un-ner in-step doc-trine found-ling gun-shot in-ward drum-mer fret-ful gut-teri-vy drunk-ard fro-ward Ham-let Jest-er dung-hill fro-zen . ham-mer joc-key du-ty fru-gal hand-ful gojol-ly dy-er 7. fu-el han-dy 7 judg-ment El-bow fun-nel han-gerju-ry em-bers fur-long hang-ings Ken-nel em-blem Gal-lon hap-py ker-nel en-ter gal-lop ?? har-lot k in-dred e-vil game-ster har-perking-dom Fac-tor gam-mon harts-horn kins-man fag-got gan-der har-vest kit-chen

fin-cy gar-den has-ty Lad-der 4 fare-well gar-land hat-chet la-dy

far-mer gar-ment help-ful land-lord
fa-tal gar-ret her-mit land-mark
fat-ling gar-ter hin-derland-scape

gen-try hin-drance lap-pet
fen-der gi-ant ho-ly l ap-wing
fen-nel gib-bet "home-ly
fe-ver 7 gir-sey hope-fulie-gal

glim-mer hor-net Jet-ter

glit-ter hor-rid like-ly fi-nt glo-ry h orse-man lim-ber fir-ing glut-ion hun-dred linenet flan-nel god-ly

hun-ter li-on fat-ter gold-finch hurt-ful lit-ter floun-der Gos-pel hus-band lof-ty Au-ent 2grate-full-cy lord-ly flut-ter g ras-sy' i-dle lord-ship fod-der grace-ful i-dol fog-gy gra-vy in-fant

lug-gage * 25




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