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Mortals awake with angels join

My God aflift me while I raise

Meffiah full of grace

Most precious in our Saviour's sight

Mortals behold the dying love

Mighty God while angels bless thee

My God the cov'nabo of thy love

My Saviour let me hear thy voice


Now begin the heav'nly thenie

Now for a tune of loftý praise

No more dear Saviour will I boast,

Now let us raise our cheerful strains

Now to the Lord a noble song

Now in the face of Jesus we

None but Jesus will we sing

Not unto us but thee alone
Now let our voices join
Now from the altar of our hearts
No ftrength of dacure can


Op'ner of the blinded eyes
O Christ what gracious words
Our Lord is risen from the dead
On Zion his most holy mount
O my distruftful heart

God my sun thy blissful rays
Our heav'niy Father calls,
O for a thousand tongues to firing
Othou in whom the Gentiles trust

for a shout of sacred joy

Olir ihepherd alone

Our Father whose eternal fway

O all ye nations praise the Lord


Peace! tis the Lord Jehovah's hand
Poor, weak and worthless tho Ilam
Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Psaile, O praise the mighty Godi


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Rejoice the Lord is king

Satan transform'd in guise of tight "
Shiloh shall come, the prophet cries
See Israel's tribes brought near to God'voir
Shout for the bleffed Jefus quigns its
Saviour of men, and Lord of love
So fair a face bedewid with tears

stretch'd on the cross the Saviour dies
Sages of ancient letter'd times
Salvation, 0, the joyful sound
See Israel's gentle shepherd stand
Sing the triumphs of your conq'ring head
Since Jesus freely did appear
Shout Jehovah, strong in battle

Tho' various names, O Lord divide
Thy ways O Lord with wife design
To our almighty maker God
To distant lands thy gospel send
Tis not the law of ten commands
The king of saints how fair his face
There is a fountain fill'd with blood
The wonders Lord thy love haswrought
The Lord on high proclaims
The true Messiah now appears
Th’ Almighty spake and Gabriel sped
This day be grateful homage paid
Thy covenant O Lord
h he ancient of eternal days
Twas finish'd faith the faithful God
The Lord my pasture shall prepare
Th’ Eternal speaks all heaven attends
?Tis finish'd the Redeemer said
?Tis finish'd so the Saviour cried
Thus we commemorate the day
Together with these fymbols Lord
To Jesus our exalted Lord

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*This God is the God we adoré

1:50 To our Redeemer's glorious name

154 The bible is justly esteem'd

166 The counsels of redeemingrgrace

168 To thee let my first off'ring rife

.173 Thy life I read, my dearef Lord

179 Through all the various shifting scene

182 To God the universal King

ji iu koloris 5

183 To Father, Son and Holy Ghost To the eternal three

200 To God the Father, God the Son

201 To sing Immanuel's grace divine



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Whilft Elders fall before thy throne
What wisdom, majesty and grace
When by the tempter's wiles betray'd
When Ifrael's grieving tribes con plain'd
When God would manifeft his grace
When first the God of boundless grace
We bless the prophec of the Lord
Whilst we are marching through
When God would prove his love
When all mankind corrupt
Wake thou my sword Jehovah said
When I the holy grave survey
What blessings in the Lamb abound
Why sinks my weak desponding mind
We now arise, the light is come
When favor'd John beheld
With joy we meditate the grace
With folemn shout we sing thy praise
Worthy is Christ our pafchal lamb
Worthy art thou the first of days
Where two or three with sweet accord
When Jesus dwelt in mortal clay
When Israel through the defart pass’d

Ye scarlet color'd finners come
Yonder amazing fight I see

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Yes the Redeemer rose crob toisin 80* Ye children of my God

116 Ye fons of men with joy record ,

140" Yeñourning friends whose ftrcaning tears

180 Ye humble souls approach your God Cui

1871 Ye humble faints, proclaim abroad

In 1899 Z: Zeal of the Lord of hosts thy zeal

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Introductory to the Work. TH 'HOUGH various names, O Lord divide

The diff’ring tribes, of Adam's race;
Yet all to him, to thee allied,
Are sons of wrath, and heirs of

2 One law of deatb condemns the whole,

The east, the welt, the south, the north ;
And one free gift gives life to all
The present, future, past of earth.
3 From one, all nations, kindreds fprung ;

To one they tend ; that one art Thou :
Then be thy praise in concert lung,
By all thine offspring, here below,

Praise for Creation. WHILST Elders fal before thy throne,

The golden throne whose base is love i To man, they make thy pleasure known,

The cause of life below, above. 2 Thou Lord, art worthy, loud they cry, Of glory, honor, pow'r divine :


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