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UICE, see USE. UIDE, see IDE. UILD, see ILD. UILT, see ILT. UINT, see INT. UISE, see ISE and USE. UIE, see IE,

UKE. Duke, puke, rebuke, &c. Nearly perfect rbymes, cook, look, book, &c. Allowable rhymes, duck, buck, &c.

“ Alternate each th' attesting sceptre took,
And rising solemn each his sentence spoke.”—POPE.

UL, and ULL. Cull, dull, gull, hull, lull, mull, null, trull, skull, annul, disannul. Allowable rhymes, fool, tool, wool, bull, pull, full, bountiful, fanciful, sorrowful, dutiful, merciful, wonderful, worshipful, and every word ending in ful, having the accent on the antepenultimate syllable.

“Some lucky license answer to the full
Th’intent proposed, that license is a rule.”—POPg.

ULE. Mule, pule, yule, rule, overrule, ridicule, misrule. Allowable rhymes, cull, dull, wool, full, bountiful, &c. See the last article.

ULGE. Bulge, indulge, divulge, &c.

Bulk, hulk, skulk,

Pulse, repulse, impulse, expulse, convulse.

Result, adult, exult, consult, indult, occult, insult, difficult, &c.
Allowable rhymes, colt, bolt, &c.

UM. Crum, drum, grum, gum, hum, mum, scum, plum, stum, sum, swum, thrum. Perfect rhymes, thumb, dumb, succumb, come, become, overcome, burdensome, cumbersome, frolicsome, humoursome, quarrelsome, troublesome, martyrdom, Christendom. Allowable rlıymes, fume, plume, rheum, and room, doom, tomb, hecatomb.

UME. Fume, plume, assume, consume, perfume, resume, presume, deplume.

UMP. Bump, pump, jump, lump, plump, rump, stump, trump, thump. Perfect rhyme, clomp.

UN. Dun, gun, nun, pun, run, sun, shun, tun, stun, spun, begun. Perfect rhymes, son, won, ton, done, one, none, undone. Allowable rhymes, on, gone, tune, prune, &c. See ON.

Dunce, once, &c. Allowable rhyme, sconce.

UNCH. Bunch, punch, hunch, lunch, munch.

UND. Fund, refund. Perfect .rhymes, the preterites of verbs in un, as shunned, &c.

UNE. June, tune, untune, jejune, prune, importune, &c. Nearly perfect rhymes, moon, soon, &c. Allowable rhymes, bun, dun, &c.

UNG. Clung, dung, flung, hung, rung, strung, sung, sprung, slung, stung, swung, wrung, unsung. Perfect rhymes, young, tongue, among. Allowable rhymes, song, long, &c.

UNGE. Plunge, spunge, expunge, &c.

UNK. Drunk, sunk, shrunk, stunk, spunk, punk, trunk, slunk. Perfect rhyme, monk.

UNT. Brunt, blunt, hunt, runt, grunt. Perfect rhyme, wont (to be accustomed.)

UP. Cup, sup, up. Allowable rhymes, cope, sope, dupe, groupe, &c.

UPT. Abrupt, corrupt, interrupt. Perfect rhymes, the participles of verbs in up, as supped, &c.

UR. Blur, cur, bur, fur, slur, spur, concur, demur, incur. Perfect rhymes, sir, stir. Nearly perfect rhyme, fir, &c. Allowable rhymes, pore, oar, &c.

URB. Curb, disturb. Nearly perfect rhymes, verb, herb, &c. able rhyme, orb.


URCH Church, lurch, birch. Nearly perfect rhymes, perch, search. Allowable rhyme, porch.

URD. Curd, absurd. Perfect rhymes, bird, word, and the preterites and participles of verbs in ur, as spurred. Allowable rhymes, board, ford, cord, lord, &c., and the preterites and participles of verbs in ore, oar, and or, as gored, oared, abhorred, &c., also the preterites and participles of verbs in ure, as cured, immured, &c. See ORD.

URE. Cure, pure, dure, lure, sure, abjure, allure, assure, demure, conjure, endure, manure, inure, insure, immature, immure, mature, obscure, procure, secure, adjure, calenture, coverture, epicure, investiture, forfeiture, furniture, miniature, nourriture, overture, portraiture, primogeniture, temperature. Allowable rhymes, poor, moor, power, sour, cur, bur, &c.


Turf, scurf, &c.

URGE. Purge, urge, surge, scourge. Perfect rhymes, verge, diverge, &c. Allowable rhymes, gorge, George, forge, &c.

URK. Lurk, Turk. Perfect rhyme, work. Nearly perfect rhymes, irk, jerk, perk.

URL. Churl, curl, furl, hurl, purl, uncurl, unfurl. Nearly perfect rhymes, girl, twirl, pearl, &c. See IRL.

URN. Burn, churn, spurn, turn, urn, return, overturn. Perfect rhymes, sojourn, adjourn, rejourn.

“ If faith itself has different dresses worn,

What wonder modes in wit should take their turn ?"-POPE. “If yet this honoured corse in triumph borne, May glad the fleets that hope not our return.”—POPE.

URSE. Nurse, curse, purse, accurse, disburse, imburse, reimburse. Perfect rhyme, worse. Allowable rhymes, coarse, corse, force, verse, disperse, horse, &c.

URST. Burst, curst, durst, accurst, &c. Perfect rhymes, thirst, worst, first.

URT. Blurt, hurt, spurt. Perfect rhymes, dirt, shirt, Airt, squirt, &c. Allowable rhymes, port, court, short, snort, &c.

US. Us, thus, buss, truss, discuss, incubus, overplus, amorous, boisterous, clamorous, credulous, dangerous, ungenerous, generous, emulous, fabulous, frivolous, hazardous, idolatrous, infamous, miraculous, mischievous, mountainous, mutinous, necessitous, numerous, ominous, perilous, poisonous, populous, prosperous, ridiculous, riotous, ruinous, scandalous, scrupulous, sedulous, traitorous, treacherous, tyrannous, venomous, vigorous, villanous, adventurous, adulterous, ambiguous, blasphemous, dolorous, fortuitous, sonorous, gluttonous, gratuitous, incredulous, leacherous, libidinous, magnanimous, obstreperous, odoriferous, ponderous, ravenous, rigorous, slanderous, solicitous, timorous, valorous, unanimous, calamitous. Allowable rhymes, the nouns use, abuse, diffuse, excuse, the verb to loose, and the nouns goose, deuce, juice, truce, also the nouns close, dose, verbose, house, mouse, &c.

USE, with the s pure. The nouns use, disuse, abuse, deuce, truce. verb to loose, the nouns goose, noose, moose. us, thus, buss, &c.

Perfect rhymes, the

Allowable rhymes,

USE, sounded UZE. Muse, the verbs to use, abuse, amuse, diffuse, excuse, infuse, misuse, peruse, refuse, suffuse, transfuse, accuse. Perfect rhymes, bruise, and the plurals of nouns and third persons singular of verbs in ew and ue, az dews, imbues, &c. Nearly perfect rhymes, lose, choose, shoes, &c. Allowable rhymes, buzz, does, &c.


Blush, brush, crush, gush, flush, rush, hush. Allowable rhymes, bush, push.


USK. Busk, tusk, dusk, husk, musk.

UST. Bust, crust, dust, just, must, lust, rust, thrust, trust, adjust, disgust, distrust, intrust, mistrust, robust, unjust. Perfect rhymes, the preterites and participles of verbs in us, as trussed, discussed, &c.

UT. But, butt, cut, hut, gut, glut, jut, nut, shut, strut, englut, rut, scut, slut, smut, abut. Perfect rhyme, soot. Allowable rhymes, boot, hoot, lute, dispute, boat, mote, &c.

UTCH. Hutch, crutch, Dutch. Perfect rhymes, much, such, retouch, &c.

UTE. Brute, lute, flute, mute, acute, compute, confute, dispute, dilute, depute, impute, minute, pollute, refute, salute, absolute, attribute, contribute, constitute, destitute, dissolute, execute, institute, persecute, prosecute, resolute, substitute. Perfect rhymes, fruit, bruit, suit, recruit, &c. Allowable rhymes, boot, hoot, boat, goat, note, vote, but, hut, soot, &c.

UX. Flux, reflux, &c. Perfect rhymes, the plural of nouns and third persons singular of verbs in uck, as ducks, trucks, &c. Allowable rhymes, the plurals of nouns and third persons singular of verbs in ook, uke, oak, oke, &c., as cooks, pukes, oaks, jokes, &c.

Y, see IE.


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