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St. Paul's journey to Spain, says,

66 In Hiše paniam alienigenarum portatus est navibus.” Between Spain and Britain there was a frequent intercourse. What was practicable to Austin in the sixth Century, could not have been difficult to St. Paul in the first. A pilgrimage from Britain to Jerusalem was much more difficult; yet that was very common in the fourth, fifth, and sixth centuries. But, indeed, our learned objectors, who doubt the reality of St. Paul's journey to Britain, are willing to admit, that he might have conveyed the glad tidings of salvation to this country by his disciples and converts. For this supposition however, there is no authority : the testimonies. of Clement, Jerome, and Theodoret relate personally to St. Paul.

There is nothing then improbable in the ļiteral sense of Clement's testimony but what arises from the short space, which the objectors themselves allot to the interval between St. Paul's release from imprisonment, and his return to Rome. One year, it is said, is insufficient for the Apostles' western travels. It is not only insufficient, but it is contrary to the testimony of antiquity. Eusebius and Jerome, who say that St, Paul was sent to

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Rome in the second year of Nero * ; (A.D. 56.) say also that he suffered martyrdom in the fourteenth of Nero. (A.D, 68.) As he was released in the fourth year of Nero,

, (according to Jerome in his account of St. Luke,) if he returned to Rome the year before his death, there will be an interval of nine years, a space qnite sufficient for the Apostle's travels in the West and East. This

space has been greatly contracted by a theory, resting on conjectures, which I have endeavoured in my former letter, to shew are unfounded, respecting the duration of Felix's government, at the expiration of which St. Paul was sent to Rome. To the grounds of probability, which I then alleged for the recall of Felix in the second year of Nero, I here add * the express testimony of Eusebius and Jerome. Admit, then, the interval

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* Under the second year of Nero Eusebius says, “ Festus succedit Felici, apud quem, præsente Agrippa rege, Paulus Apostolus, religionis suæ rationem exponens, vinctus, Romam mittitur." Jerome, in his catalogue of Ecclesiastical writers, which Erasmus calls eruditum opus et Hieronymo dignum) says “ Post passionem Domini vicesimo quinto anno, id est, secundo Neronis, (eo tempore, quo Festus Procurator Judææ succcssit Felici,) Romam vinctus mittitur.-Ilic ergo quarto decimo Neronis anno, eodem die, quo Petrus, Romæ pro Christo capita truncitus sepultusque est in ira Osticusi, anno post pase sionem Domini tricesimo septimo.

asserted by Eusebius and Jerome, and there is nothing improbable in St. Paul's western travels. Admit the western travels, and there will be no want of materials to fill the interval of time attested by those learned Fathers *.

* Eusebius, Jerome, Nieephorus, Eutechius, Diaconus, &c. say that St. Paul suffered in the fourteenth of Nero. (A. D. 68.) so also Simson, Pearson, and Stillingfieet.

A Sermon, On the first seven Epochs of the Ancient

British Church,






JULY, 1812.

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