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How many are you then, said I,

If they two are in heaven ; The little maiden did reply,

O master! we are seren.

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But they are dead, those two are dead!

Their spirits are in leav'n! 'Twas throwing words away, for still The little maid would have her will,

And said - Nay, we are seren.


RELIGION is the chief concer,

Of mortals here below;
May I its great importance learn,

Its sovereign virtue know.

Religion should our thoughts engage,

Amidst our youthful bloom; 'Twill fit us for declining age,

And for the awful tomb.

O may my heart, by grace renew'd,

Be my Redeemer's throne;
And be my stubborn will subdued,

His government to owni.

Let deep repentance, faith and lore,

Be joined with godly sear,

And all ny conversation prore,

My heart to be sincere.

Preserve me from the snares of sin,

Through my remaining days; And in me let each virtue shine,

To my Redeemer's praise.

Let lively hope my soul inspire,

Let warm affection rise ;
And may I wait with strong desire,

To mount.above the skies.


How pleasing is the scene, how sweet,

Where Christian souls in friendship join, Whose cares and joys united meet,

In bonds of charity dlvine !

Less fragrant was the ointment pour'd

On Aaron's consecrated head, When balmy odours richly show'rd,

Wide o'er his sacred vesture spread.

Not flow'ry Hermon e'er displayed,

Impearld with dew, a fairor sight, Nor Sion's beauteous hills arrayed

Ja golden beams of morning light.

On these the Lord indulgent sheds,

His kindest gifts, a heavenly store; With life immortal crowns their heads,

When time's frail comforts charm no mere


Fairest flow'r, al) flow'rs excelling,

Which in Eden's garden grewFlow'rs of Eve's embower'd dwelling,

Are, my fair one, types of you. Mark, my Polly, how the roses

Emulate thy damask cheek; How the hud its sweets discloses,

Buds thy opening bloom bespeak. Lilies are, by plain direction,

Emblems of a double kind;
Emblems of thy fair complexion,

Emblems of thy fairer mind.
But, dear girl, both low'rs and beauty

Blossom, fade, and die away;
Then pursue good sense and duty,

Evergreens that ne'er decay.


ERE God had built the mountains

Or rais'd the fruitful hills ;

Before he fill'd the fountains

That fed the running rills;
In me from everlasting,

The wonderful I AM,
Found pleasure never wasting,

And wisdom is my name.

When, like a tent to dwell in,

He spread the skies abroad, And swath'd about the swelling

Of ocean's mighty food; He wrought by weight and measure,

And I was with bim then, Myself the Father's pleasure,

And mine the sons of men,

Thus wisdom's words discover

Thy glory and thy grace,
Thou everlasting lover

Of our unworthy race !
Thy gracious eye survey'd us

Ere stars were seen above ;
In wisdom thou hast made us,

And died for us in love.

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And couldst thou be delighted

With creatures such as we, Who, when we saw thee--slighted,

And nail'd thee to a tree

Infathomable wonder,

And mystery divine !
The voice that speaks thunder

Says, Sinner, I am thine."


Thus wisdom speaks aloud, and yet

Pride hardly will resign ;
Though to forgive and to forget,

Is godlike-- is divine.
When injur'd I can scarce tell how

To pass the injury hy;
My angry spirit will not bow,

Nor let resentment die.

The heaving billows swell within,

Till all is tempest grown ; And thus I share another's sin,

And make bis guilt my own. But come, my proud, my selfish heart,

One serious thought bestow ; Do I thus act the Cbristian part?

Has Jesus acted so?

Just the reverse : his generous breast

Did kind compassion move; When sinners cursed-tbe Saviour blest,

And inj’ries paid with love.

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