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future restoration of the Jews to ing as you interpret the abovetheir own land is that the restora- mentioned passage in Kings. tion from the Babylonish capti- It is stated again in Nehemiah vity was very far inferior as to the vii. 64, that the whole congreganumbers who were restored; the tion together was forty and two splendour of their restoration, or thousand, three bundred and threethe peace, prosperity, and perma- score; and of these 29818 or nence which they subsequently 31031 were of the tribe of Judah ; enjoyed from those expectations, so that either 12542 or 11329 which the plain and obvious lan- might be Israelites. guage of prophecy would lead us When therefore the returned to anticipate.

from the captivity are spoken of as But it may be asked in reply- few, and feeble, persons forget that Have we not underrated the cir- according to the recorded numbers cumstances attending that return. twice as many were restored as We are apt to adopt the language were carried captive: and there is of the enemy, and speak of the every reason to conclude that conbuilders of the second Temple,

siderable additions were from time and the labourers at the walls of to time made to their number. Jerusalem as a few feeble Jews; Many who might not be prepared and it is continually said that they to engage as pioniers in the arduous were all of the tribes of Judah and undertaking, would doubtless gladBenjamin, and that none of the ly avail themselves of any opporTen Tribes of Israel were restored, tunity of returning to the land of and yet neither of these assertions their forefathers, when the nation are exactly correct. Doubtless was in some measure re-established. the numbers who returned from And as the number of those resBabylon were small in comparison tored from Babylon was greater of the bulk of the nation; and the than many have supposed, so also Israelites would clearly be few in was the subsequent prosperity and comparison with the descendants permanence of the Jewish comof Judah; but yet it will be found monwealth. The nation continued very probably, that very nearly under their own rulers, protected twice as many are recorded to have by the divine law, for above five returned from Babylon as were

and though exercarried captive; and among those cised with various calamities, yet who returned, were many from the there is reason to conclude that the ten tribes, of which, if I mistake Jews were less severely tried after not, eight are mentioned in the their return from Babylon, than New Testament.

they were from the days of RehoPerhaps it may assist some of boam to the captivity. The your readers in considering this persecutions of Antiochus and important topic, to state the matter the wars of the Maccabees were somewhat more in detail.

indeed pregnant with calamity, It appears from 2 Kings xxiv. but they will scarcely bear a com14. that there were carried to Ba- parison with the conflicts between bylon in one body 10000 men; Judah and Israel, or the desolaamong whom it is generally sup- tions of the Assyrians, Egyptians, posed were included 7000 men of and other hostile invaders of the might and 1000 smiths. There preceding period, were also carried away in different It is indeed obvious that the detachments 3,023 ; 832 and 745, promise of perpetual indwelling in so that the whole captivity of the land of Judea has not yet been Judah and Benjamin amounted fulfilled ; but it may admit of a either to 14600 or 22600, accord- question whether the expression,

hundred years ;

they shall dwell in it for ever," fore it is conceded, that under the is intended to convey perpetual prophetic declaration concerning duration, or was not rather to be their restoration, far greater blesslimited to the close of that dispen- ings are intimated than can be

presation. For ever in the strict sense dicated of the restoration from of the word implies eternity, but Babylon, it may yet be plausibly the earth that now is will most maintained, that these, better bles. unquestionably be destroyed ; and sings relate to the heavenly Jeruthough its materials may be formed salem, and are not to be limited and anew, the land of Palestine must confined to an earthly Zion. undergo an entire change, and “the So again, if we concede that the New Jerusalem which cometh conversion of the Jews to the faith down from God out of heaven, of Christ, shall be attended with conveys to our minds ideas scarcely invaluable blessings to the gentile reconcileable with the eternal dura- world, a position which is no where tion of any part of our present explicitly stated in the Holy Scripworld.

tures, though it is hypothetically Without dwelling further on intimated in Rom. xi. 15; yet still these ideas, I cannot but feel that it may admit of discussion, whether the more they are seriously con- the benefit so resulting will be protemplated, the more clearly it will duced by the re-assembling of the appear that the prophecies of Jew- whole Jewish race in Palestine, or ish prosperity and dominion were by employing the newly-converted far more literally and extensively Jews to proclaim in all the regions fulfilled in the restoration from of the earth, in every land in which Babylon than is generally sup- they are now dispersed, that faith posed.

which they have hitherto opposed. But may not these predictions I throw out these hints, Mr. admit of a secondary and a still Editor, as deserving of serious conmore glorious accomplishment? Is sideration. It seems to me that there any valid objection to the almost all our Jewish writers and commonly received idea, that the advocates proceed far too hastily to Jews shall be gathered a second a conclusion, and assume certain time to their own land? and is there points as indispensable, which renot reason to conclude that this quire to be more fully and satisfacsecond restoration shall be as life torily demonstrated ; and I cannot from the dead to the gentile world? but wish that such writers as Mr. Enquiries of this nature are fre- Faber, Mr. Brooks, Mr. Cunningquently instituted, but yet they bame, or Mr. Bickersteth, would rather assume the truth and cer- argue those points more closely tainty of the points in discussion. and entirely on Scriptural grounds be no very obvious

than they have hitherto done. objection to some of these inqui- There is one fact which always ries, while yet they may not admit

strikes me

as very remarkable, of any satisfactory demonstration, namely, the total absence of any nor does the concession of some of clear prediction of the restoration these points, necessarily involve the of the Jews, in the writings of correctness of all.

those prophets who lived after the It is, I believe, generally agreed, return from Ba lon. Now when that the Jews will eventually be we consider how incessantly such brought into the Church of Christ, predictions occur in the former and that they will subsequently be prophets, their total absence from admitted to that good land, of the writings of the latter prophets, which Canaan was only a type, affords a very strong presumption even into heaven itself. If there- that the period of literal restora

There may

tion was past, and that the future actually brought into the fold of blessings in store for the Jews, are Christ; and to which remnant a of a spiritual character.

very large accession was doubtless There is one point indeed which made, by the preaching of the has sometimes occupied my own apostles and early Christians prior mind, but which I have not met to the destruction of Jerusalem. with in any of the writers on the That awful event swept away from Jewish question, namely, this: Sup- the face of the earth, the large pose the Jews, when converted to mass of the unbelieving Jews, the faith of Christ, are to be restored while all the Christian Jews were to their own land, How far is this preserved, so that it may be very restoration to extend ? Is it to be plausibly maintained, that the then confined to those Jews who con- Jewish nation was to be found tinue in their unbelief to the ele- within the Christian church. The venth hour? Or, are the descend- number of Christian Jews very ants of those Jews, who in times probably far exceeded the number past have received the Christian of those unbelieving Jews who sur

lith, to be admitted to a share in vived the destruction of Jerusalem ; the privileges which it is assumed and while these latter bave been will belong to the restored race. scattered, and peeled, and opHitherto the converted Jews have pressed in every possible way, the merged into the Christian church, Christian converts, with their dethey are numbered with the Gen- scendants, have gone on quietly tile Cbristians, and form one com- and unobtrusively increasing and mon mass; are then the descend- multiplying through a large part of ants of the many myriads, who in the earth. the apostolic times believed'; the These considerations appear to remnant according to the election me of considerable practical imof grace, of which St. Paul speaks portance. Mr. Bickersteth has in Romans xi. 5. to lose caste, and recently stated the unbelief of the occupy an inferior station to those Prophets to be a stumbling block who at the period of the Messiah's which Christians, ought to remove personal reign, (say as Mr. Wolff out of the way of the Jews, and maintains, the year 1847,) at that the resurrection inheritance of length acknowledge Jesus as the their fathers ought to be more Messiah ; and are those who for fully proclaimed; but if the fuabove 1800 years have, from gene- ture glory and inheritance of the ration to generation rejected and Jews is not clearly and decidedly blasphemed the Son of God, to be revealed, we may be found false favoured with peculiar privileges witnesses for God while venturing and distinctions, as a reward for to propound them to Jewish actheir long-continued obduracy and ceptance. rebellion ? If not, there must be a I cannot indeed find any scripseparation and a sifting out of the tural precedent for the mode of Christians of Jewish race through- address which some very pious and out the world, to an extent of excellent men appear disposed to which few have any

adopt. "We Christians,' says Mr. I am aware, indeed, that many Bickersteth, have thrown obstainterpret the remnant according to cles in the way of the Jews. Our the election of grace spoken of in persecution, contempt, idolatry, Rom. xi. 5, as referring to those neglect of the law of Moses, and Jews who were at that period, or unbelief of the prophets are stumbwho still remain, unconverted. It ling blocks which ought to be appears to me, however, to refer o removed. But it does not appear the Jews who were at that period to me that British Christians are




guilty of throwing any one of these Jew—a friend comes up and tells stumbling blocks in the way of the him that he is oppressed, insulted, Jews. Whatever might be the case ill-used by the so called Christians, in former times, the Jews of this but that he is an object of divine land have not for the last two or compassion, that the promises of three hundred years been at least the Bible belong to him, that he in any considerable degree exposed shall shortly be restored to his own either to persecution, idolatry, land, that he shall see Jesus Christ contempt or other trials than coming in glorious majesty, reignhas been the case with Papists ing personally in Jerusalem, and

Nonconformists. The Jews advancing his nation to a pre-emihave not rejected Christianity nence over the Gentile Christians, because of the ill treatment of and over all the nations of the British Christians, but as their fa- earth. I think such a mode of thers alway rejected the counsel of address unscriptural, and calcuGod, so do they. In a land of lated to lead the Jew to say, Let light and liberty, and toleration me wait a while before I attend to and great forbearance; where they Christianity. have the Holy Scriptures, teach

I would rather say, My poor ers, schools, synagogues, and every friend, you are a dying man- - you conceivable advantage, the Jew have broken your own law-you still remains ignorant of his own have neglected your own prophets faith ; unlearned in his --you have in various respects scriptures, prejudiced against his sinned against your own conscience own prophets, determinately op- - you have no sacrifice which you posed to the unwearied and be- can offer--no propitiation for sinnevolent exertions of the most where will you look for refuge ? enlightened men. We may not Let me intreat you to read your have sufficiently pressed home upon Bible, to turn to the fifty-third their attention their guilt and their chapter of Isaiah, to consider of danger in rejecting Christ; we whom the prophet there speaketh. may be guilty of false charity in How can you explain this? We not with sufficient plainness de- believe it refers to one whom you claring that a British Jewis,

a British Jew is, have been taught to despise, but necessarily so long as he continue whom we regard as the Son of a Jew, a child of wrath ; we may

God- the Lamb of God who have encouraged day-dreams, and taketh away the sin of the world. castles in the air, and led a poor

O let me from this scripture preach deluded Israelite to fancy that re- unto you Jesus. For " he that jecting Christ he may enjoy pre

believeth in him shall be saved, he sent or future advantages; but I that believeth not shall be damned.” must contend that the charge of I cannot but think this is the persecution, contempt, or idolatry, more scriptural way. Will Mr. does not apply to British Christians Bickersteth or any other of your in general, and least of all to those correspondents, take up the subwho have taken an active part in ject seriously, and enlighten me Bible, Missionary, or Jews' So- and many others as to the best cieties.

mode of proceeding with the Jews? I see a poor, ignorant, prejudiced



SIR,- In the notice of my pamph- doing away entirely with one of let on Pluralism and Non-resi- the greatest evils which can oppress dence, you state that the plan a church ; and without the abolirecommended by the Archbishop tion of pluralities and the general of Canterbury for the restriction enforcing of residence, she can of pluralities, would have left never recover the ground which above three thousand of the exist- has been lost. The enemies of the ing pluralities untouched ; and that church are seeking her destruction even the enactment proposed in the with unceasing activity- the souls last Session would have allowed of of multitudes, whom in her present the existence of two thousand plu- circumstances she cannot reach, ralities. I had not calculated the are perishing for lack of knoweffect of the Archbishop's Bill ledge. It behoves therefore all her when I published the pamphlet; members, and especially her minisbut I have done it since, and find ters, to labour to get removed the that it would have permitted near- abuses which hinder her expansion ly 4000 pluralities, though his and usefulness. Grace expected it would reduce

I am, Sir, them to about 1500, the number,


obedient servant, on an average, held by 700 plu

W. M. ralists. His words are, I conclude that the number of pluralists As the notion is very prevalent will in the end be reduced from that the abolition of pluralities upwards of 2000 to 700. Under would leave little room for the a similarly mistaken view of the employment of curates, you will effect of the measure has the pre- see by a reference to page 15, sent limit been proposed. I give

there is no ground for apprehension the Church Commissioners credit on that head, as the number of the for meaning to restrict pluralities present curates who are indepenwithin narrow

limits, but un- dent of pluralities and non-resihappily they have not ascertained dence is 2073; and there is good the effect of the condition they reason for concluding that it will propose, nor the practicability of be raised to 2800.



As I lately sat in my chamber, I almost gone and I have no other. saw a little girl working by the How earnestly engaged should I light of a candle. It was burnt then be in every duty of life. down almost to the socket. I per- While I have the light of life, how ceived that she plied her needle careful should I be to perform very fast, and at length I over- every thing enjoined by my heaheard her saying to herself, I venly Master. must be very industrious, for this 1. I ought to be in haste to work is the only candle I have, and it out my own salvation with fear is almost gone.

and trembling, knowing that when What a moral there is, thought this light is extinguished, there is I, in the words of this child! Sure- no other allowed to mortals for

may learn wisdom from it. preparation. Life is but a short candle. It is 2. I ought to be all alive to the

ly I

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