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signed which shall be communicated to him in Writing within One Month after the Order for his Removal is made, and shall be communicated by Message to the Senate and to the House of Commons within One Week thereafter if the Parliament is then sitting, and if not then within One week after the Commencement of the next Session of the Parliament.

60. The Salaries of the Lieutenant-Gov- Salaries of

Lieuteernors shall be fixed and provided by the Parliament of Canada.


61. Every Lieutenant-Governor shall, Oaths, &c., before assuming the Duties of his office, tenantmake and subscribe before the Governor- Governor. General or some Person authorized by him, Oaths of Allegiance and Office similar to those taken by the Governor General.

62. The Provisions of this Act referring Applicato the Lieutenant-Governor extend and ap- provisions ply to the Lieutenant-Governor for the referring Time being of each Province or other the tenantChief Executive Officer or Administrator Governor. for the Time being carrying on the Government of the Province, by whatsoever Title he is designated.

63. The Executive Council of Ontario and Quebec shall be composed of such



Appoint- Persons as the Lieutenant-Governor from ment of Executive Time to Time thinks fit, and in the first Officers for instance of the following Officers, namely : Ontario and Que.

the Attorney-General, the Secretary and Registrar of the Province, the Treasurer of the Province, the Commissioner of Crown Lands, and the Commissioner of Agriculture and Public Works, with, in Quebec, the Speaker of the Legislative Council and the Solicitor General.

Executive Government of Nova Scotia


Powers to be exer


64. The Constitution of the Executive Authority in each of the Provinces of Nova

Scotia and New Brunswick shall, subject to and New the Provisions of this Act, continue as it

exists at the Union until altered under the wick.

Authority of this Act.

65. All Powers, Authorities, and Funccised by

tions which under any Act of the Parlia

ment of Great Britain, or of the Parliament Governor of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and of Ontario Ireland, or of the Legislature of Upper Canawith ade da, Lower Canada, or Canada, were or are vice or

before or at the Union vested in or exercisealone.

able by the respective Governors or Lieutenant-Governors of those Provinces, with the Advice, or with the Advice and Consent, of the respective Executive Councils thereof, or in conjunction with those Councils or with any Number of Members thereof,or by those Governors or Lieutenant-Governors indi

vidually vidually shall, as far as the same are capable of being exercised after the Union in relation to the Government of Ontario and Quebec respectively, be vested in and shallor may be exercised by the LieutenantGovernor of Ontario and Quebec respectively with the Advice or with the Advice and Consent of or in conjunction with the respective Executive Councils or any Members thereof, or by the Lieutenant-Governor individually, as the Case requires, subject nevertheless (except with respect to such as exist under Acts of the Parliament of Great Britain or of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland), to be abolished or altered by the respective Legislatures of Ontario and Quebec.

66. The Provisions of this Act referring Applicato the Lieutenant-Governor in Councii tion of

provisions shall be construed as referring to the referring Lieutenant-Governor of the Province acting by and with the Advice of the Execu- Governor tive Council thereof.

in Coun67. The Governor-General in Council Adminismay from Time to Time appoint an Admin-tration in istrator to execute the Office and Functions &c., of of Lieutenant-Governor during his Ab- Lieuten't sence, Illness, or other Inability.

68. Unless and until the Executive Gov- Seats of ernment of any Province otherwise directs

to Lieutenant


with ernment.

Provincial Gov

with respect to that Province, the Seats of Government of the Provinces shall be as follows, namely: -of Ontario, the City of Toronto; of Quebec, the City of Quebec; of Nova Scotia, the City of Halifax; and of New Brunswick, the City of Fredericton.

Legislative Powers.


Legislature for Ontario.

69. There shall be a Legislature for Ontario, consisting of Lieutenant-Governor and of One House, styled the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

70. The Legislative Assembly of Ontario shall be composed of Eighty-two Members, to be elected to represent the Eightytwo Electoral Districts set forth in the First Schedule to this Act.



Legislature for Quebec

71. There shall be a Legislature for Quebec consisting of the Lieutenant-Governor and Two Houses, styled the Legislative Council of Quebec and the Legislative Assembly of Quebec.

72. The Legislative Council of Quebec shall be composed of Twenty-four Mem


tive Councillors.

bers, to be appointed by the Lieutenant- ConstituGovernor in the Queen's Name by Instru- Legislament under the Great Seal of Quebec, one tive Counbeing appointed to représent each of the Twenty-four Electoral Divisions of Lower Canada in this Act referred to, and each holding Office for the Term of his Life, unless the Legislature of Quebec otherwise provides under the Provisions of this Act.

73. The Qualifications of the Legislative QualificaCouncillors of Quebec shall be the same as Legislathose of the Senators for Quebec.

74. The Place of a Legislative Coun- Resignacillor of Quebec shall become vacant in the tion, DisCases, mutatis mutandis, in which the Place tion, &c of Senator becomes vacant.

75. When a vacancy happens in the Le- Vacangislative Council of Quebec by Resignation, Death, or otherwise, the Lieutenant-Governor, in the Queen's Name, by Instrument under the Great Seal of Quebec, shall appoint a fit and qualified Person to fill the Vacancy.

76. If any Question arises respecting Questions the Qualification of a Legislative Council- as to Va

cancies, lor of Quebec, or a vacancy in the Legisla- &c. tive Council of Quebec, the same shall be heard and determined by the Legislative Council.


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