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3 If any man teach

3, 4 & 5. Be sure, therefore, to A.D.65. otherwise, and

inculcate sent not to wholesome Slaves. And if any of the Jewish

this upon all Christian words, even the words Converts f, contrary to the plain | Matth. Chrift, and to the Design of the Christian Religion, Mariki. 44

. doctrine which is according to godliness ; Liberty ; look on them as a Proud Ephe. 94.

4 He is proud, and Prejudiced People, led away by knowing nothing, but a perverse Fondness for their vain doting about queltions Traditions, that tend to nothing but and ftrifes of words, mischievous Quarrels and Disputes : whereof cometh envy, And avoid their Conversation, as ftrife, railings, evil Persons that make Religion nothing surmisings,

but a Trade || for Worldly Profit and li croptopóte 5 Perverse disputings of men of cor. Advantage. rupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is. godliness : from such withdraw thy self.

6 But godliness with 6. For, one of the surest Methods contentment is great of rendring Religion truly advangain.

tageous to us in the next World is, to be Contented and Industrious in the Condition that Providence has allotted to us in This.

7 For we brought 7. And good Reason we have to nothing into

this be so : For, as we came Naked world, and it is cer- into the World, and are fupplied tain we can carry no- with the Necessaries of it, by Dithing out.

vine Providence, so, whatever AfHuence we have here, must be left behind, and the greatest Plenty must die with us.

8. And having food 8. A bare Competency, therefore, and raiment, let us be of the present Enjoyments ought to therewith content. be enough to satisfy any Christian.

9 But they that 9. And for Men to thirst after will be rich, fall into more, and be bent upon growing temptation, and a Rich, by any Means whatever, is snare,


N 2

* Ver.


And consent not to wholesome Words mest sporipo ZETæk. See Dr, Bently's Remarks on Freethinking, Part. I. pag. 72, 736 pont as por épzetiko, attends not to.


4. D.65, snare, and into many only to pamper their foolish Lufts

foolish and hurtful and Passionswhich will destroy lults, which drown their Virtuous Principles here, and in destruction

themselves hereafter. and perdition.

10 For the love of 10. For the immoderate Love of money is the root of Temporal Riches and Grandeur, is all evil, which while the Inlet to all mischievous Prinfome coveted after, ciples and Practices ; as is too plain they have erred from from the Examples of some People, the faith, and pierced who have already renounced their themselves through with many sorrows. very Christianity for the sake of

them, and brought themselves into the most miserable Condition.

11 But thou, O 11. But you, Timothy, as a Miman of God, flee these nister of God, must be perfectly things: and follow af- averse to such a Temper ; and enter righteousness, god- deavour to become Master of that linels, faith, love, pa. Justice that will fuffer us to detience, meekness.

fraud no Man ; that Godliness, that renders us contented with what we have ; that Faith in God and Christ, that makes us rely upon his good Providence in all Estates; that Love and Charity, that obliges us to distribute freely, when we are in Plenty ; that Patience that supports us under Adversity; and that Meekness that keeps us kind and forgiving to such as Injure and Defraud us.

12 Fight the good 12. Thus are you, like a good 1 Cor. ix. fight of Faith, lay Racer *, to run and stretch for

hold on eternal Life, ward, with your Eye fix'd upon
whereunto thou art that Prize of Eternal Life, that
also called, and hast
professed a good pro- Christian Religion : As indeed you

God has set before you, in the
fession before many

have hitherto done and testified your

Courage in the many Sufferings you have publickly undergone for it. Chap. v. 13 I give thee

13 & 14. And I, again, I adcharge in the fight of jure you, by that God, who will God, who quickneth raise up all from the Dead, that all things, and before suffer for his Sake ; and by Jefus Chrift




Christ Jesus, who be- Chris, who openly profesied what A. D.65.
fore Pontius Pilate he was, before Pilate, and sealed
witnessed a good cor. and confirmed the Truth of his
14 That thou keep

Religion, even by his Death ; that
this commandment you discharge your Office, agree-
without spot, unreably to the Directions I have given
bukeable, until the you, and so approve your self a
appearing of our Lord faithful Servant of our Great Ma-
Jesus Christ.

fter, at the Great and Solemn Day
of his Appearance to Judgment.

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15 Which in his

15 & 16. A Day fixed, in God's
times he shall shew, due Time, who is the Blessed, and
who is the blessed and only Supreme Lord and Governour
only Potentate, the
King of Kings, and over all Things. He that is Im-
Lord of Lords :

mortal in Himself, and has the fole
16 Who only hath Power of giving Life to others;
immortality, dwelling dwelling in Glory Inaccessible, In-
in the light which no visible, and Unbearable by every

can approach Mortal Eye ; to whom be eter-
unto, whom no man nally ascribed all Honour and Pow-
hath seen, nor

er. Amen.
fee : to whom be ho-
nour and power everlasting. Amen.
17 Charge them

17. Upon this Confideration, warn
that are rich in this and diffwade all Rich Men from
world, that they be proudly over-valuing themselves up-
not high minded, nor

on their present Tranfitory Enjoy-
trust uncertain
riches, but in the liv- ments, and placing their Happiness
ing God, who giveth in them. Let God, the Eternal
us richly all things Author of all true Felicity, be the
to enjoy.

Supream Object of their Hope and


18 That they do 18 & 19. Convince them, that
good, that they be a free and chearful Distribution to
rich in good works, the Needy, is the best Improve-
ready to distribute,ment of their Wealth; and that
willing to communi.

* Θιμί-
a generous and charitable Course
19 Laying up in of Actions, which is the fureft 2 Tim..
fore for themselves a Foundation * and Security of our '9. and be


Note aberta

N 3

4. D.65. good * foundation a- future Happiness, will be their truett

gainst the time to Riches.
come, that they may lay hold on eternal life.

20 OTimothy, keep 20 & 21. And thus, dear Timothy,
that which is com- be diligent in the Trust committed
mitted to thy trust, to you, with respect to all Sorts of
avoiding prophane and
vain båblings, and

Men: Avoiding and despising the
oppositions of science,

frivolous Disputes, and pretended Chap.i. 4. falny so called :

Learning of Jewis Traditions I and
21 Which some Genealogies ; which some of those
professing, have er. zealous Converts are so earneft upon,
red concerning the that they have neglected the Sub-
faith. Grace be with ftantials of Christianity, and lost its
chee. Amen.

true Principles. The Divine Favour
and Love be with thee. Amen.

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* Ver. 19. A good Foundation ? Jepiacov The Word here
is certainly not to be render'd Foundation, but either a (Writing of
Security, or rather a Treasure ; the same as Išpec in Tobit iv. 9.
where this Expression is used : The same as Karpiýaser in Homer.

Πολλά και αναφνεια πατρG- Κειμήλια κειται ;
Χαλκός τί, χρυσός τε.

Iliad. Z. I. 46.
See on 2 Tim. ij. 19.



Τ Ι Μ Ο Τ Η Υ.


The Title and Salutation. His great Affellion to Timothy,

with fresh Encouragements to the diligent and courageous
Discharge of his Office. Gentiles as well as Jews to
be received into the Christian Covenant. The Apostle
Specially Commisioned to Preach to the Former, for which
'be is again Persecuted and imprisoned by the Malice of the
Latter. He reminds Timothy, how the Asian Christians
generally forsook him and his Cause, during his Imprifon-
ment, except Onesiphorus and his Family, whom he men-
tions, and prays for, with great Respeti.
AUL an Apostle 1 & 2. PAUL an Apostle of Je- Written
of Jesus Chrift by

sus Christ, especially Com- A. D.67.

the will of God, ac- millioned by the express * Revelation

cording to the promise of God, to declare the Gospel Pri-

Acts ix.

of life, which is in

Chrift Jesus.

vileges and Promises of Eternal Life,

2 To both to Gentiles and Jews; writeth



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