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Give me, O gracious Father, rest through his travail, health through his wounds, and eternal life through his death




As a pilgrim travelling from time to an awful eternity, help me, O my God, help me to walk by faith, and not by sight. Grant that as my day is, só may be my strength. Show me, O my God, the path wherein I should walk, for I lift up my soul unto thee; hold thou me up, and then shall I be safe!

As a helpless and dying worm, to whom, O God, should I go but unto thee? Thou, thou only hast the word of eternal life. Thou, thou only canst uphold my feeble steps in the rugged paths of the world.

Thou hast promised to supply all my wants, thou hast promised never to leave or forsake those who lean on thee. O fulfil these gracious promises; be with me for ever. and bless thy desolated servant.

Graciously vouchsafe to guard me froin all outward dangers, and inward misgivings.

O save

During life be ever with me, when I come to die deign to support me; and save me, 0 save me, most merciful God from the worm that dieth not, and bring me, through the all-sufficient merits of my Redeemer, to that everlasting rest thou hast promised to those who love thee and obey thee. Amen.



OPPRESSED with every anxious woe

A mortal can sustain ;
While with the day my sorrows grow,

And life wears out in pain.

Where can I ease or comfort find,

Or how relieve my care?
What can preserve my tortur'd mind,

From sinking in despair?

Thou canst, Religion-thy bright beams

My soul benighted cheers ;
A pleasing ray of comfort gleams,

And chases all my fears.

To thee my raptured visions soar,

And thy bright paths pursue ;
The world's false joys can please no more,

When heavenly are in view !

Note.—The hymn was repeated by the mother of the Writer, when in the very article of death, at the advanced age of 83 years.



“ Have mercy upon me, O Lord, for I am in trouble. My eyes pour out tears to thee, O God of my life.”

O my God! heavenly Father! infuse into my drooping soul that clear faith which enables the believer's eye to penetrate beyond the darkness of this clouded scene, and to receive every trial as the chastening of a Father's love, however grievous it may prove to poor frail humanity.

Almighty and ever-present God, cheer with heavenly hopes the heart heavily bowed down. Tune to heavenly themes the voice that now wails in sorrow, and if it be thy blessed will, remove thine afflicting hand from


me. Sanctify, I beseech thee, every trial of my faith and patience thou appointest, and vouchsafe me continual supplies of thy grace to glorify thee, by patiently waiting thine own good time for relief. I humbly implore this through the name and merits of my blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.Amen.

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