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cerning the faith

6 For of this sort 6 & 7. These are the Men fo A.D.67. are they which creep fond of making Profelytes to their into houses, and lead own Opinions, as to insinuate themcaptive filly women felves into all Families, and gain laden with sins, led away with divers lufts

. upon Women, and the weaker fort,

that are prepared to their Hand, by
Ź Ever learning,

never able to finful Affections and Prejudices; that
come to the know-

run after

every New Teacher, and so
ledge of the truth. are kept in perpetual Distraction and

Ignorance of Sound Religion.
8 Now as Jannes 8. These People oppose the true
and Jambres with- Doctrines of Christianity, with the
stood Mofes, fo do same obstinate and incurable Preju-
these also refiit the dices, that the Magicians of Egypt
truth : men of corrupt did the Miracles of Moses ; against
minds, reprobate con-

the most evident and convincing

9 But they shall 9. And they are soon like to come
proceed no further : to the same wretched End, and show
for their folly shall be their Opposition to be the Effect of
manifeft unto all men, nothing but woeful Blindness and
as theirs also was.

10 But thou haft 10 & 11. Be not you, therefore,
fully known my do- terrified at their Malicious Endea-
&trine, manner of life,

vours ; but make my Doctrine your
purpose, faith, long. Rule; let my Life and Conversation,
suffering, charity, pa- my steddy Faith, Charity, and Pa-

11 Persecutions, af- tience under all my Sufferings, par-
Aictions which came ticularly those at Antioch, &c. be
unto me at Antioch, your Example, to encourage you to
at Iconium, at Lyftra; trust in God for the same powerful
what persecutions I Deliverances that I had from them all.
endured ; but out of them all the Lord delivered me.
12 Yea, and all

12. And, indeed, all that will
that will live godly in be fincere Christians, must now ex-
Christ Jesus, Thall suf- pect, and be prepared for their Share
fer persecution.

of Sufferings.
13 But evil men 13. For the Successors of these
and seducers shall wax

deceitful Impostors, instead of re-
worse and worse, de forming, will in the after Times of

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A. D. 67. ceiving, and being de. Christianity, still improve in their ceived.

Wicked Designs, running into deeper Ignorance, drawing others into their Errors, and Persecuting all that oppose them.

14. But continue 14. To avoid them, therefore, thou in the things continue fteddy to the Doctrines which thou hast learn- I have taught you ; and rememed, and haft been afsured of, knowing of

ber you learn'd them of one, who of whom thou haft neither can, nor will deceive you. learned them: 15 And that from a

15. And beside what I have child thou haft known particularly instructed you in, the the holy fcriptures, Knowledge you have attained from which are able to

your constant Perusal of the Scripmake thee wife unto salvation, through faith tures of the Old Testament, from which is in Chrift your very Infancy, will be of great Jesus.

Advantage to you, to show you

the Truths of Christ's Religion, and keep you firm to the Faith of it ; which will procure your Eternal Salvation. .

16 All scripture is 16 & 17. For * those Inspired given by inspiration Writings are of great Use to dirof God, and is profi- cover to us the Truth and Certainty table for doctrine, for of our Christianity, by shewing us the reproof, for correction, for instruction in Prophecies that are now fulfilled, the righteousness :

Types and Figures that are now ex17 That the man actly answered in Christ and his Reof God may be per- ligon; and abounding, beside, in fect, throughly fur- most wholesome Precepts and Pronished unto all good hibitions. By understanding of all works.

which, the Christian Minister is com

pleatly enabled to correct the Errors and Misunderstandings of these seducing Teachers, concerning the Nature of Christ's Kingdom; and to set forth all the true and saving Doctrines of his Holy Religion.

СНАР. * Ver. 16. All Scripture is given by Inspiration of God. who yocan 960 BÚSG, &c. All Writings that are of divine Inspiration are profitable, &c. One Old MS. with the Vulgar, Arab. and Syr. Versions, as also some Fathers in their Quotations of this Pallage, leave out the xxi. I make no question, but that the Scriptures by Inspiration of God, have a particular Reference to the Prophecies concerning Christ and his Kingdom, and the Apoftacy from it.

Bamaga 399


13, 14.

The Charge to Timothy folemnly renewed. The Jewish

Obstinacy and Malice will grow worse and worse. The
Apostle foretels his own Martyrdom, in full Ajurance of
his Reward as a faithful Apostle. _Tells him how the
Christians deserted him : Appoints Timothy to hasten to
him. Warns him against Alexander. The Salutations
and Conclusion.
Charge thee,there- 1 & 2. To conclude, then; see. A. D. 67.
fore, before God,

ing you are encompasand the Lord Jesus sed with such | Adversaries, and !! Chap. iii. Christ, who shall

have such Abilities bestowed on you judge the quick and

to withstand them, I now again, the dead at hisap. most solemnly adjure you by God pearing, and his kingdom :

the Father, and the Lord Jesus 2 Preach the word, Christ, the Judge of all Mankind be instant in season, at the Great and Solemn Day of his and out of feason ; re- Appearance, to take all Opportuniprove, rebuke, ex.

ties of refuting those False Teachers, hort with all long- of urging and pressing the Truths of suffering and doctrine. Christianity upon all People ; Correcting their Errors and Immoralities, and endeavouring with the utmost Patience and Constancy, to reduce them to a Sense of True Religion. 3 For the time will

3 & 4. My earnest Repetition of come when they will this Charge upon you is but too not endure found do- needful. For, as I * before observed, . Cbap. iii. Etrine ; but after their those Ignorant Zealots are like to be '3. own lufts fhall they fo far from a speedy Reformation, that heap to themselves teachers, having itch- you will find them grow perfectly ing ears,

impatient of the true Doctrines of our 4 And they hall Religion ; still more passionately fond turn away their ears of their New Teachers that footh them from the truth, and up in their Lusts and Vices; and run Thall be turned unto wholly from the Gospel Principles fables.

to Jewish Fables and Traditions.


5. But

A. D. 67.

5 But watch thou 5. But however irreclaimable and in all things, endure vexatious they may prove, go you afflictions, do the on in the Work of your Gospel-Miwork of an evangenistry, and suffer patiently for the liit

, make full proof Conscientious Discharge of it. of thy miniftry.

6 For I am now 6. I am also now the more warm ready to be offered, in my Exhortations to you, because and the time of my I expect shortly to be taken from departure is at hand.

you, and become a Sacrifice to their

Malice and Obstinacy. 7 I have fought a 7. Nor am I at all discouraged at good fight, I have fi- that Prospect : For I have fought nished my course, I and Suffered for the Christian Cause have kept * the faith.

like a hardy Soldier ; and, as a Racer, am at the End of my Course : For I have been faithful to my Truft.

8 Henceforth there 8. So that I have now nothing is laid up for me a to do, but to wait for that Glorious crown of righteous. Recompence and Reward, which ness, which the Lord the Great and Righteous Judge of the righteous judge the World will not fail to bestow Thall give me at that day: and not to me

on me, and on all such who are only, but unto all conscious of having so fincerely perthem also that love formed their Duty, as to wish for his appearing.

that happy Day of Christ's final

Judgment y Do thy diligence 9 & 10. Come to Rome to me as to come shortly unto soon as possibly you can ; for I am

left almost quite alone; Demas hav10 For Demas hath forsaken me, having ing preferred the Safety of his Life loved this present

before me and my Cause, and is reworld, and is depart- tired to Thessalonica ; and I have ed unto Thessalonica : sent away Crescens and Titus upon Crescens to Galatia, particular Business. Titus unto Dalmatia, 1 Only

11 & 12.


* Ver. 7. I have kept the Faith, TimisTitipuxa, I bave preserved my Fidelity.

u Only Luke is 11 & 12. I have also sent. Tychi- A. D.67. with me. Take Mark cus to Ephesus, so that I have now and bring him with thee ; for he is profi

no body with me but Luke. When table to me for the you come, therefore, bring Mark ministry.

with you ; for he will be very ser12 And Tychicus viceable to me in assisting me to prohave I sent to Ephe. mote the Gospel. sus. 13 The * cloak that

13. When I was last at Troas, I I left at Troas with left a Parchment * Roll, and some Carpus, when thou Books there ; bring them with you, comeft, bring with thee, and the books, but especially the Roll. but especially the parchments. 14 Alexander the

14 & 15. Alexander the Coppercopper-smith did me smith has been a great Enemy to me: much evil: the Lord And I f leave him to God, to be reward him accord

recompenced as he deserves. Take ing to his works. 15 Of whom be

heed of him, for he is a bitter Adthou ware also ; for versary against the Christian Cause. he hath greatly withstood our words.

16 At my first an- 16. When I was brought upon swer no man stood with my first Trial, almost + all my me, but all men for. Christian Acquaintance at Rome forsook me: I pray God that it may not be laid

sook me : Pray God pity and forto their charge.

give their Cowardise. 17 Notwithstand

17. But, while they relinquished ing the Lord stood me, I was Divinely Aslifted to dewith me, and itrength- fend my self; and God was pleased ened me ; that by me

to make me the Instrument of spreadthe


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* The Cloak, Qzabvnv, a Parchment Roll, the same with pesnio Speeves the Parchments. The Syriac reads it a Cheft of Books.

I Ver. 14. The Lord reward Him- This is not to be understood as an Imprecation, but as a Prophet's Expression : As in like manner, is that dying Speech of Zachariah, The Lord look upon it, and requite it, 2 Chron. xxiv. 22. which is in the Future Tense, God will look upon it.All Men for

fook me. Omnibus, id eft à Maxima parte defertum fe effe Conqueritur. Jerom,

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