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serve in parliament for such county or borough ; and if any returning officer, his deputy, the partner or clerk of either of them, shall so act, he shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

LI. Whereas great inconvenience may arise from the enactments now in force, limiting the duration of the Parliament in being at the demise of the crown: Be it therefore enacted, That the Parliament in being at any future demise of the crown shall not be determined or dissolved by such demise, but shall continue so long as it would have continued but for such demise, unless it should be sooner prorogued or dissolved by the crown, anything in the act passed in the sixth year of Her late Majesty Queen Anne, chapter seven, in any way notwithstanding.

LII. Whereas it is expedient to amend the law relating to offices of profit the acceptance of which from the crown vacates the seats of members accepting the same, but does not render them incapable of being re-elected : Be it enacted, That where a person has been returned as a member to serve in Parliament since the acceptance by him from the crown of any office described in Schedule (H.) to this Act annexed, the subsequent acceptance by him from the crown of any other office or offices described in such schedule in lieu of and in immediate succession the one to the other shall not vacate his seat.

LIII. Any copy of any of the said reports by the said commissioners appointed for the purpose of making inquiry into the existence of corrupt practices in any of the said boroughs of Totnes, Great Yarmouth, Lancaster, or Reigate, with the schedules thereof annexed, and purporting to be printed by the Queen's printer, shall for the purposes of this Act be deemed to be sufficient evidence of any such report of the said commissioners and of the schedules annexed thereto.

LIV. Where separate registers of voters have been directed to be made in respect of the divisions of the borough and counties divided by this Act into two divisions only, if a vacancy takes place in the representation of the said county or borough before a summoning of a future Parliament, and after the completion of such separate register, such last-inentioned registers sball for the purpose of any election to fill up such vacancy, be deemed together to form the register for the borough or county and in the case of a county divided into more than two divisions the clerk of the peace shall, from the separate registers make out a register of voters for the county or original division of the county in which the election may be about to take place, in the same manner as if no new division or divisions of such county had been made by this Act.

LV. Nothing in this Act contained shall affect the rights of persons whose names are for the time being on the register of voters for any county in which the boroughs constituted by this Act are situate to vote in any election for such county in respect of any vacancy that may take place before the summoning of future Parliament, but after such summoning no person shall be entitled to be registered as a voter or to vote in any election for any such county who would not be entitled to be so registered or to vote in case the qualification held by him were situate in s borough other than one oonstituted by this Act.

In the case of a parish wholly or partly situate within the limits of a borough constituted by this Act, the revising barrister in revising at any time before the summoning of a future Parliament the list of voters for the county in which such parish is situate shall write the word “ borough” opposite to the name of each voter whose qualification in respect of the premises described in the list would not, after the sum. moning of a future Parliament, entitle such voter to vote for the county and at any election taking place after the summoning of a future Aarliament the vote of every person against whose name the word “ borough is written, if tendered in respect of such qualification, shall be rejected by the returning officer.

LVI. The franchises conferred by this Act shall be in addition to and not in substitution for any existing franchises, but so that no person shall be entitled to vote for the same place in respect of more than one qualification ; and, subject to the provisions of this Act, all laws, customs, and enactments now in force conferring any righi to vote, or otherwise relating to the representation of the people in England and Wales, and the registration of persons entitled to vote, shall remain in full force, and shall apply, as nearly as circumstances admit, to any person hereby authorized to vote, and shall also apply to any constituency hereby authorized to return a member or members to Parliament as if it had heretofore returned such members to Parliament and to the franchises hereby conferred, and to the registers of voters hereby required to be formed.

LVII. From and after the passing of this Act, the county palatine of Lancaster shall cease to be a county palatine, in so far as respect to issue, direction, and transmission of writs for the election of members to serve in Parliament for any division of the said county or for any borough situate in the said county; and such writs may be issued under the same seal, be directed to the like officer, and transmitted in the like manner, under, to, and in which writs may be issued, directed, and transmitted in the case of divisions of counties and boroughs not forming part of or situate in a county palatine; and any writ issued, directed, and transmitted in manner directed by this section shall be valid accordingly.

LVIII. All writs to be issued for the election of members to serve in parliament, and all mandates, precepts, instruments, proceedings, and notices consequent upon such writs or relating to the registration of voters, shall be framed and expressed in such manner and form as may be necessary for the carrying the provisions of this Act into effect.

LIX. This Act, so far as is consistent with the tenor thereof, shall be construed as one with the enactments for the time being in force relating to the representation of the people and with the registration Acts; and in construing the provisions of the twentyfourth and twenty-fifth sections of the Act of the second year of king William the fourth, chapter forty-five, the expressions provisions herein-after contained,” and “ aforesaid,” shall be deemed to refer to the provisions of this Act conferring rights to vote as well as to the provisions of the said Act.

66 the


LX. Notwithstanding anything in this Act contained, in the event of a vacancy in the representation of any constituency, or of a dissolution of Parliament taking place, and a writ or writs being issued, before the First day of January, Ore thousand eight hundred and sixty-nine, for the election of members to serve in the present or any new Parliament, each election shall take place in the same manner in all respects as if no alteration had been made by this Act in the franchises of electors, or in the places authorized to return a member or members to serve in Parliament, with this exception, that the boroughs by this Act disfranchised shall not be entitled to return members to serve in any such new Parlianient.

LXI. The following terms shall in this Act have the meanings herein-after assigned to them, unless there is something in the context repugnant to such construction ; (that is to say,)

“ Month " shall mean calendar month : “ Member” shall include a knight of the shire : “ Election shall mean an election of a member or members to serve in Parliament: “ County" shall not include a county of a city or county of a town, but shall mean any county, riding, parts or divisions of a county returning a member or members to serve in Parliament: “ Borough” shall mean any borough city, place, or combination of places, not being a county as herein-before defined, returning a member or members to serve in Parliament: “ Dwelling house " shall include any part of a house occupied

å separate dwelling, and separately rated to the relief of the poor: Go The Registration Acts” shall mean the Act of the sixth year of the reign of Her present Majesty, chapter eighteen, and the Act of the twenty-eighth year of the reign of Her present Majesty, chapter thirty-six, and any other Acts or parts of Acts relating to the registration of persons entitled to vote at and proceedings in the election of members to serve in Parliament for England. and Wales.


To A. B.

SCHEDULE (E.) City (or Borough of] Take notice that you will not be entitled to have your name inserted in the list of voters for this City (or Borough] now about to be made in respect of the premises in your occupation in (street or place] unless you pay on or before the Twentieth day of July next all the Poor Rates which have become due from you in respect of such premises, up to the Fifth day of January last, amounting to £. and if you omit to make such payment you will be incapable of being on the next register of voters for this City (or Borough). Dated the

day of June, 18


E.F;} Overseers, G.H. S Assistant


( Overseer,

or I.K. Collector.


Form No. 1.

Claim of Lodger. Borough of To the Overseers of the Parish of I hereby claim to be inserted in the list of voters in respect of the occupation of the undermentioned lodgings, and the particulars of my qualification are stated in the columns below.

Christian Name and Surname at full length.



Description of Name,

House in which Description, and Description of Lodgings situate, Residence of Lodging. with Number, Lanulord or other

if any, and Person to Name of Street. whom Rent paid.

I, the above named

hereby declare that I have been during the twelve months immediately preceding the last day of July in this year, the occupier as sole tenant of the above-mentioned lodgings, and that I have resided therein during the twelve months immediately preceding the said last day of July, and that such lodgings are of a clear yearly value, if let unfurnished, of ten pounds or upwards. Dated the

day of Signature of Claimant Witness to the signature of the said

And I certify my belief in the

accuracy of the above claim.

Name of Witness
Residence and calling

This claim must bear date the First day of August, or some day subsequent thereto, and must be delivered to the Overseers after the last day of July, and on or before the Twenty-fifth day of August.

Form No. 2. List of Claimants in respect of Lodgings to be published by the Overseers.

The following persons claim to have their names inserted in the list of persons entitled to vote in the election of a member (or members] for the City (or Borough] of

[blocks in formation]


Offices of Profit referred to in this Act: Lord High Treasurer; Commissioner for executing the Offices of Treasurer of the Exchequer of Great Britain and Lord High Treasurer of Jreland ; President of the Privy Council ; Vice-President of the Com. mittee of Council for Education: Comptroller of Her Majesty's Household; Treasurer of Her Majesty's Household ; Vice-Chamberlain of Her Majesty's Household; Equerry or Groom in Waiting on Her Majesty; Any Principal Secretary of State; Chancellor and Under-Treasurer of Her Majesty's Exchequer; Paymaster General ; Postmaster General; Lord High Admiral ; Commissioner for executing the Office of Lord High Admiral; Commissioner of Her Majesty's Works and Public Buildings; President of the Committee of Privy Council for Trade and Plantations ; Chief Secretary for Ireland ; Commissioner for Adminis. tering the Laws for the Relief of the Poor in England; Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster; Judge Advocate General; Attorney General for England; Solicitor General for England; Lord Advocate for Scotland; Solicitor General for Scotland ; Attorney General for Ireland; Solicitor General for Ireland.

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