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So fishes, rising from the main,

Can soar with moisten’d wings on high ; The moisture dry'd, they fink again,

And dip their fins again to fly. Undone at play, the female troops

Come here their losses to retrieve ; Ride o'er the waves in fpacious hoops,

Like Lapland witches in a fieve. Thus Venus to the sea descends,

As poets feign; but where's the moral It shews the Queen of Love intends

To search the deep for pearl and coral. The sea is richer than the land,

I heard it from my grannam's mouth, Which now I clearly understand ;

For by the sea the meant the South. Thus by directors we are told,

“ Pray, Gentlemen, believe your eyes ; Our ocean's cover'd o'er with gold,

Look round, and see how thick it lies : We, Gentlemen, are your affisters,

We 'll come, and hold you by the chin. Alas! all is not gold that glisters,

Ten thousand sink by leaping in. Oh! would those patriots be so kind,

Here in the deep to was their hands, Then, like Pactolus, we should find The fea indeed had golden funds.

A shilling in the bath you fling,

The filver takes a nobler hue, By magic virtue in the spring,

And seems a guinea to your view. But, as a guinea will not pass

At market for a farthing more, Shewn through a multiplying-glass,

Than what it always did before: So cast it in the Southern seas,

Or view it through a jonber's bill; Put on what (pectacles you please,

Your guinea 's but a guinea still. One night a fool into a brook ;

Thus from a hillock looking down, The golden stars for guineas took,

And filver Cynthia for a crown.
The point he could no longer doubt; ..

He ran, he leapt into the flood:
There sprawld a while, and scarce got out,,

All cover'd o'er with slime and inud. “ Upon the water, cast thy bread,

* And after many days thou'lt find it ;But gold upon this ocean spread

Shall sink, and leave no mark behind it. There is a gulph, where thousands felle

Here all the bold adventurers came, ! A narrow found, though deep as hell;

'Change. Alley is the dreadful name.

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Nine times a day it ebbs and Aows,

Yet he that on the surface lies, Without a pilot seldom knows

The time it falls, or when 'twill rise. Subscribers here by thousands float,

And jostle one another down ; Each paddling in his leaky boat,

And here they fish for gold, and drown. « * Now bury'd in the depth below,

“ Now mounted up to Heaven again, “ They reel and stagger to and fro,

“ At their wits end, like drunken men.” Mean time, secure on Garraway + cliffs,

A savage race by shipwrecks fed, Lie waiting for the founder'd skiffs,

And strip the bodies of the dead. But these, you say, are factious lyes,

From some malicious Tory's brain ; For, where Directors get a prize,

The Swiss and Dutch whole millions drain.
Thus, when by rooks a lord is ply'd,

Some cully often wins a bet,
By venturing on the cheating fide,

Though not into the secret let.
While some build castles in the air,

Directors build them in the feas; Subscribers plainly fee them there,

For fools will fec as wise men please. Psalm cvii, + A coffee-house in Change-Alley.


Thus oft' by mariners are shown

(Unless the men of Kent are lyars) Earl Godwin's castles overflown,

And palace-roofs, and steeple-spires. Mark wherc the fly Directors creep,

Nor to the shore approach too nigh! The monsters nestle in the deep,

To seize you in your passing by. Then, like the dogs of Nile, be wise,

Who, taught by inftin&t how to fhun The crocodile, that lurking lies,

Run as they drink, and drink and run. Antæus could, by magic charms,

Recover ftrength whene'er he fell ; Alcides held him in his arms,

And sent him up in air to hell. Directors, thrown into the sca,

Recover strength and vigour there; But may

be tam'd another way, Suspended for a while in air. Directors ! for 'tis you I warn,

By long experience we have found What planet rul'd when you were born ;

We see you never can be drown'd.
Beware, nor over-bulky grow,

Nor come within your cully's reach ;
For, if the sea should fink so low
To leave you dry upon the beach,


You 'll owe your ruin to your bulk :

Your foes already waiting ftand, To tear you like a founder'd hulk,

While you lic helpless on the fand. Thus, when a whale hath lost the tide,

The coasters crowd to seize the spoil; The monster into parts divide,

And strip they bones, and melt the oil. Oh! may some western tempest sweep

These locufts-whom our fruits have fed, That plague directors to the deep,

Driv'n from the Soutb-Sea to the Red,
May he, whom Nature's laws obey,

Who lifts the poor, and finks the proud,
Quiet the raging of the sea, s

“ And still the madness of the crowd!”, But never shall our ille have rest,

Till those devouring feine run down, (The devils leaving the pofieft,)

And headlong in the waters drown, The nation then too late will find,

Computing all their cost and trouble, Directors promises but wind,

South-Sea at best a mighty bubble.

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