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takingobjections to the former, and enacts that the maintain or defend an ejectment, and will the court may upon the application of any person inter- court of Chancery relieve him even from the necesested, and without the attendance of counsel, unless sity of seeing that the proceedings under the act the court shall see fit to direct such attendance, con- are regular? If this statute will do this, every firm the report and direct a sale. Mr. Smythe re- lawyer will concede that it has effected the greatest marks justly, that “the latter part of this section ex- revolution in the law of real property of modern hibits a want of meaning and jealousy of lawyers times. equally worthy of a lack learning parliament." The A new terminus, from which titles to the lands order of the court must be made on application, of this country can start, will be established without if by petition, that proceeding will be more ex. a clog, without a speck; and the title to ten pensive than by motion made by counsel. Either thousand a year may be comprised in a deed not a the report should stand confirmed without further skin of parchment long. order, or if application be necessary, as the act has We feel this to be a question of extreme difficulty, made it, such application should be made by counsel, and whether our opinion arises from caution, or who stand, as it were, between the court and the that the change comes upon us in too startling a suitor. They possess the confidence of the former, shape, we know not, but we incline to think that and are entrusted with the interest of the latter. the court does not warrant title. Thus public business can be despatched with speed The act nowhere expressly exempts a purchaser and safety; the judge, relying on the statement of from seeing to the regularity of the proceedings ; counsel, can dispose of fifty reports in a day, and, if he is obliged to do that--as he would be, whereas if he be obliged to make fiats on the several under the present system of judicial sales he must petitions, and read the reports of the Master, there have an abstract, and must see that every one will be an enormously increased amount of labour having a claim is bound. Yet, though the court unnecessarily thrown upon him, and without any does not warrant title, it confers one that will be saving to the suitor.

good against the world, provided the requisitions The 27th section demands our most anxious con- of the act have been complied with, but it throws sideration. It enacts that the form of assurance the burden of inquiry upon the buyer. shall be such as the Master shall direct-whose We have dwelt—with perhaps too tedious miexecution alone shall be necessary for its validity-nuteness—upon the sections of the act which and directs that it shall be effectual to pass the relate to sales under the order of the court of land thereby expressed to be conveyed discharged Chancery; we have done so because we believe from all former and other estates, rights, titles, that this portion of it only will come into practical charges, and incumbrances whatsoever, of her Ma- operation. We view the measure through neither jesty her heirs and successors, and of all other an exaggerated nor a diminished medium. The persons whomsoever.

The exceptions are: the legislature has done much; it has lessened the rights of any lessee, tenant, or occupier in posses- expense of judicial sales, and given an owner of a sion, and the rights of any lessee, or under-lessee limited estate the power to procure them; but a at a rent, to whose lease or under-lease the incum- great deal of the utility and efficiency of the statute brance or owner was subject-right of common- will depend on the General Orders, which both right of way, or other easement-rent-charge professions are expecting with anxiety. crown rent and quit rent.

Does, then, the court of Chancery warrant title? Has the purchaser nothing more to do than pay his

(Continued from page 16.) money and get the Master's signature to the deed 12. That every person who, after the day named in such of conveyance ? Has the transfer of real estate

last-mentioned notice shall knowingly have in his posession become so simplified that no abstract and no

any arms or ammunition, contrary to this act, shall be searches will be required by a purchaser ?

guilty of a misdeameanor, and liable to be imprisoned, with

or without hard labour, for any term not exceeding two These are grave questions.

years. Mr. Smythe is of opinion, and we concur with 13. That from the day named in any such notice the him, that the saving of the rights of any lessee Lord Lieutenant may by warrant direct a search to be made or under-lessee subject to whose lease or under in any county, &c. named in any such notice or in any bouse lease the petitioning owner or incumbrancer shall

or place within the same at any time whilst such proclamabe an owner or incumbrancer,” will render abstracts

tion shall be in force, for any arms or ammunition which any

person shall have contrary to this act; and all arms and of title and registry searches necessary, because the ammunition found, shall be forfeited for the use of Her purchaser must know, and can only know by a Majesty. registry search, what leases are in existence; and 14. That any county or sub-inspector to whom any such from this follows, as a necessary corollary, that he warrant shall be directed, and all constables, &c. acting in must know who were the lessors, and their title to

their aid may within twenty-one days after the date of such

warrant, including the of the date make leases. The main question, however, still re

hereof, enter into

any house or place at any time between sunrise and sunset, mains as to title and incumbrances ; must the former to execute such warrant and in case admittance be refused be deduced, or the latter be shewn to be discharged ? or shall not be obtained within a reasonable time after deor can the purchaser, with the assurance under the manded, enter by force into such house or place to execute act, executed by the Master, and without another such warrant. document, acquire an indefeasible estate against grant, at their discretion, &c. licences in the form (A.) in

15. That the Lord Lieutenant may appoint persons to the whole world? Can he rely upon this charter the schedule to this act contained, to any persons to have in deed for all purposes whatsoever, both of attack his own dwelling house only or licences in the form (B.) and defence With this single weapon can he in the schedule to this act contained to carry and have with

in the district named in any such, &c. or ammunition ; pro. justice in Ireland, of all facts necessary to authorize the vided that the said Lord Lieutenant, by order, may at any issuing of any such proclamation, warrant, order, or notice; time revoke any licence and after the publication of such and every such proclamation, &c., shall be deemed to have order in the “ Dublin Gazettethe Licence therein men- been issued in conformity with this act. tioned shall cease and a copy of every such order shall, 22. That this act shall be in force until the thirty-first within four days after the making thereof, be delivered to day of December one thousand eight hundred and forty-nine, or left at the place of abode of every person whose licence and from thence until the end of the then next session of shall be revoked thereby.

parliament. 16. That from the day named in any such proclamation, 23. That this Act may be amended or repealed by any if there shall be any murder or any attempt to murder, or act to be passed in this session of parliament. if any justice of the peace or any constable or peace officer

SCHEDULE to which the foregoing Act refers. shall have reasonable ground for believing that any murder has been committed, or any attempt to commit murder, in

(A.) any county, &c. named in any such proclamation, any jus

Form of licence to have Arms, gc. in a dwelling house only. tice of the peace, constable, &c. may give notice to any

I A.B., having been duly appointed in that behalf under male person between the ages of sixteen and sixty, residing

an Act passed in the eleventh year of the reign of her or being within such county, &c. that search and pursuit | Majesty Queen Victoria, intituled". An Act for the better is to be made to apprehend the offenders and may call upon,

“prevention of crime and outrage in certain parts of Ireand thereupon it shall be the duty of every such person to

“land until the first day of December, one thousand eight join in such search and pursuit, and to assist in apprehend

hundred and forty-nine, and to the end of the then next ing such offender; and every such person refusing, shall be

"session of parliament,” do hereby grant to C.D. of guilty of a misdemeanor, and be liable to be imprisoned, [here insert the name, description, and place of residence,] with or without hard labour, for any term not exceeding

a licence to have in his (or her] dwelling house, situate at two years.

and not elsewhere, one gun (or other Arm or 17. That whilst any Proclamation shall be in force, and

Arms or ammunition, as the case may be]. Dated this upon any trial or proceeding under the said last-recited day of

184 Acts or this Act, it shall not be necessary to prove that

(Signed) A. B. the district in which any offence against the said last-reci

(B.) ted Acts, or this Act, was committed, was at the time of Form of licence to carry and have Arms, &c. in prolaimed commission thereof in a state of general disturbance or

districts. insurrectionary movement, or that any such offence or the I A. B., having been duly appointed in that behalf under circumstances attending the same, was of an insurrection- an act passed in the eleventh year of the reign of her ary character.

majesty Queen Victoria, intituled “An act for the better 18. And from the day named in any such Proclamation “prevention of crime and outrage in certain parts of Ireevery accessary after the fact to any murder or attempt to “ land until the first day of December one thousand eight murder in any proclaimed district, may be indicted and "hundred and forty-nine, and to the end of the then next ses. convicted together with, or after the principle offender, or “sion of parliament," do hereby grant to C. D. of may be indicted and convicted of a substantive felony, whe- [here insert the name, description, and place of residence,] ther the principal offender shall or not have been previously a licence to carry and have one gun (or other arm or arms convicted, or shall or not be amenable to justice, and may, or ammunition, as the case may be,] within the county howsoever indicted, be punished in the same manner as [county of the city, county of the town, barony, half barony any accessary after the fact to the same offence may be or other district, as the case may be,] of

Dated punished : provided that no such person who shall be once this

day of

184 duly tried, as an accessary after the fact or for a substantive

(Signed) A. B. felony, shall be again tried for the same offence. 19. That from the day named in and during all the time

CAP. III. any such proclamation shall be in force, the Lord Lieu. An act to give further time for making certain railways. tenant may direct that any person imprisoned in any gaol,

[20th December, 1847.] &c., in any district proclaimed, under sentence of transportation or imprisonment, may be removed to such other

Sec. 1. Railway Companies may apply to Commissioners of gaol, &c. in Ireland as to the said Lord Lieutenant shall

Railways for extension of time for purchase of seem fit, to remain till he be transported, or shall have

lands, &c. served the term of imprisonment, or be otherwise discharged

2. Commissioners may require Company to give notice by due course of law; and every person so removed, shall

of application by advertisement in the Gazette. be considered in the proper legal custody during the time

3. Commissioners of railways, by warrant under their of such removal, and while in the place to which he shall be

seal, may, upon proof that notice has been given, so removed, in like manner if he had continued in his origi.

enlarge the time for the completion of purchases nial place of confinement; and the maintenance of such

and works. prisoners in the place to which they shall be so removed

4. Acts mentioned or referred to in such warrants to shall be paid by the county from which they shall be so re

be construed with reference to the same.

5. Not to revire erpired powers. moved, as same were paid before such removal ; and the

Eristing contracts expenses of such removal shall be charged on the county,

and notices to take lands to be construed as if this &c from which such persons shall have been removed, and

Act had not passed. shall he paid for as provided by 1 and 2 Vict, c. 6.

6. Notices of warrants being granted to be published

in the Gazette. 20. That any person prosecuted by indictment for any offence against this Act committed within such proclaimed

7. Parties aggrieved by extension of time being granted district shall plead to such indictment, and the trial shall

may have compensation for additional damage. proceed, at any special commission, assizes, or sessions of

8. Contracts for new works not to be entered into for the peace for the county wherein such offence shall have

a limited period, except in certain cases. been committed next after such person shall have been

9. Mode of ascertaining consent of Shareholders to the committed for trial or held to bail, or if such offence be

making of contracts for new works. committed after the commencement of such special com

10. Certificate of the Chairman of Company, countermission, assizes, &c., then at the same special commission,

signed by the Secretary, to be evidence of consent. assizes, &c., unless the court shall otherwise direct.

11. Act may be amended, &c. 21. That the production of the “ Dublin Gazette," pur- • Whereas acts of parliament have been passed for makporting to be printed by the Queen's printers, containing ing railways, and in them periods of time are limited the publication of any proclamation, warrant, or notice un

within which only the powers granted for making the der this act, shall be conclusive evidence, in all courts of railways, or for the compulsory purchase of the lands re

• ferred to, can be lawfully exercised. And whereas it is Gazette, according as the works are situated in England 'expedient that in certain cases further time be granted for Scotland, or Ireland ; and all contracts entered into in con. 'the purposes aforesaid ;' that if any railway company, or travention of this enactment shall be void. person authorised by any act, to construct a railway, &c. 9. That to ascertain such consent, a general meeting of or to purchase lands for such purpose, may, at any time the shareholders of such company shall be held within six within two months after the passing of this act, make ap- weeks after the passing of this Act, of which notice shall be plication, in writing, to the commissioners of railways, set- given as adopted for advertising the extraordinary general ting forth what extension of time is desired, and to what meetings of such company; and a circular letter shall be part of the railway, or the works or lands connected there- sent by post to each of the shareholders to his known ad. with, the same is to apply, and the grounds of such appli- dress, describing the portion or line of works proposed to cation.

be executed, and stating that a meeting of the shareholders 2. That if it appear to the said commissioners that there will be held as mentioned in such circular, to determine are sufficient grounds for such application, they shall require whether a contract for executing such works shall be entered the company, or person making the same, to give notice of into within the twelve months next after the passing of this such application having been made, by advertisement, in Act, and requesting such shareholder to signify his assent to form approved of by the said commissioners, once in the or dissent from same, according to a form contained in such London, Edinburgh, or Dublin Gazette, accordingly as such letter, to the effect set forth in the schedule bereto; and railway or works or lands are in England, Scotland, or shall request such shareholder to return such form, signed Ireland, and once in each of three successive weeks in some or to attend such meeting and deliver same to the chairman; newspaper published or circulating in each county in which and at the meeting the chairman shall cast up the number any part of such railway or works or lands is situated, and of shares held by shareholders assenting to such contract, affixed for three successive Sundays on the principal outer and dissenting therefrom, and shall publicly announce the door of the church of every parish in which same is situated; number of shares of the shareholders assenting to such coo. and such notice shall set forth within what time and in tract, and those dissenting, and state whether the holders what manner any person aggrieved by any such extension of three-fifths of such shares consent to such contract : and of time, and who desires to object, may bring such ob. in computing the number of shares of shareholders assentjections before the commissioners.

ing or dissenting no share shall be taken into account the 3. That upon proof that such notice has been duly given, holder whereof shall not have paid all the calls then due and after the time appointed for bringing objections before upon the shares held by him. the commissioners, and after considering same, if any 10. That a certificate under the hand of the chairman, brought before them, the commissioners may, by warrant and countersigned by the secretary of the company, stating under their seal, and signed by two or more of them, extend that such meeting has been duly held, and such letter sent, the period allowed by any act, for the completion of such and such consent given, shall, within one week after such railway or works, or for the compulsory purchase of lands meeting, be deposited in the office of the Commissioners of for such further time as they think fit, not exceeding two Railways; and such certificate, or a copy thereof, certified years from the periods allowed by such act, either as to the under the seal of the Commissioners shall be evidence in all whole of such railway or works, and the lands required for courts, and before all justices and others, that such consent same, or as to so much as shall be specified thereof in such was duly given within the time aforesaid. warrant.

11. And be it enacted, that this Act may be amended or 4. That when any warrant is granted by the commission repealed by any Act to be passed in this session of Parlisers, the act authorising the construction of the railway, &c. ment. referred to, shall be construed as if the extended period

SCHEDULE referred to by the foregoing Act. had been the period within which the powers of such act might be exercised, for the construction of such railway,



No. of Shares Works pro- Whether &c.,iustead of the periods mentioned in such act.

Name of

or Amount posed to be assenting 5. That this act shall not revive powers expired before

Railway. Shareholder. of Stock hela contracted

dissenting. such application, and shall not affect any contract or agreement entered into before the passing of this act; and this act, or any warrant thereunder, shall not authorise any extension of the time allowed for the purchase of the lands comprised or mentioned in such contract or notice ; and same shall be construed and take effect as if this act bad

(1) The Secretary will insert these particulars. not passed.

(2) In this column the Shareholder will write the word “asgenting or 6. That within one month after the day any warrant is

"dissenting," as the case may be, and sign his name thereunder, granted by the said commissioners, they shall cause notice

CAP. IV. thereof to be inserted in the London, Edinburgh, or Dub- An act to apply the sum of eight millions out of the lin Gazette, accordingly as the railway, &c. mentioned Consolidated Fund to the service of the year one thousand therein, is in England, Scotland, or Ireland.

eight hundred and forty-eight. 7. That whenever any such warrant shall have been

[7th March, 1848.] granted by the justices, arbitrators, &c. who under the pro

CAP. V. visions of such act shall award the compensation to be made An act to suspend for five years the operation of certain to the owners or occupiers, &c. of lands taken for the pur- parts of an act of the tenth year of her present Majesty, poses of such railway, shall make compensation for the ad-for making further provision for the government of the ditional damage (if any) sustained by such extension of time. New Zealand Islands; and to make other provision in lieu

8. That no railway company who had not before the 27th thereof. November, 1847, executed or entered into any contract for

[7th March, 1848.] the execution of any part of the works authorized by the

CAP. VI. act of such company, shall within twelve months after the An act to make further provision for one year, and to passing of this act enter into any contract for the execution the end of the then next session of Parliament, for the of any works for the first time authorized by such Act, ex. carriage of passengers by sea to North America. cept contracts for the construction of part of any railway

[28th March, 1848.] substituted by way of deviation, or in lieu of other works 1. No ship carrying passengers allowed to take more authorized by some previous Act, and also contracts for the

than a limited number, according to space and construction of such works as shall be authorized by consent

tonnage. of the holders of three-fifths of the shares of such company, 2. Two children under a certain age to be computed as signified within the time and in the manner hereinafter men

one passenger. tioned, or authorized by an order of the Commissioners of 3. No ship carrying a certain number of passengers to railways published in the. London, Edinburgh, or Dublin

proceed on her voyage without a ship's cook.

Name of


by him.



+ Ships carrying passengers to have a duly qualified proceed on any such voyage, until the surgeon or some mesurgeon on board, else number to be limited.

dical practitioner, appointed by the said emigration officer, 5. When limited, how children to be calculated. shall have inspected the medicine chest of the ship, and the 6. Qualification of Surgeon.

passengers, and shall certify to the said officer that the ship 7. No ship to proceed, until the Medicine Chest and contains a sufficient supply of medicines, instruments, and

Passengers have been inspected by a Medical other things requisite for the medical treatment of the pasPractitioner. Remuneration of medical practi- sengers during the voyage, and that none of the passengers tioner. If no medical practitioner can be obtained, appear likely, by reason of any disease, to endanger the ship may proceed by permission of emigration health of the persons on board : provided that the master,

owner, &c. of every ship so inspected shall pay to such prac8. Passengers affected with diseases may be re-landed. titioner a sum not exceeding twenty shillings for every hun

Penalty on Master wilfully proceeding on voyage dred passengers : provided that in case it shall be imposwith diseased persons on board.

sible to obtain the attendance of such medical practitioner, 9. Passengers so re-landed entitled to recover passage the master may proceed, on receiving from the said officer

money by summary process before two justices. written permission. 10. Her Majesty may issue orders in council prescribing 8. That in case any such surgeon or medical Practitioner

rules, &c. for preserving order, &c. on board ves shall notify to the Emigration officer at the original port of sels. Evidence of orders, &c.

Clearance, or any other port in the United Kingdom into 11. Surgeon or Master to eract obedience to rules and which the vessel may subsequently put, or in case the said regulations.

officer shall be otherwise satisfied, that any person likely to 12. Penalty for refusing to observe rules and regulations. endanger the health of the other persons on board, such 13. Colonial Land and Emigration Commissioners to officer may re-land such person, and his family, and the

prepare an abstract of acts and orders in council. Master who shall wilfully proceed with any such person on Such abstract to be posted up in each ship: Pen- board shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding fifty pounds. alty on Master for neglect; and on person defacing 9. That any person so re-landed, or the emigration officer abstract.

on his behalf may recover by process, before two Justices 14. How penalties to be recovered.

of the peace, as in the said first-recited act is provided in the 15. Bond required by first recited act to be security for cases of monies thereby made recoverable, the whole of the

observance of provisions of secondly recited act monies which shall have been paid by him or them, or on and this act.

his or their account, for his or their passage in such ship, 16. Duties of Emigration officer may be performed by from the party to whom the same may have been paid, or his assistant.

from the owner, Charterer, or Master of such ship. 17. Interpretation of act.

10. That Her Majesty, by any order or orders in coun18. Exemption of ships carrying less than one passenger cil may prescribe such rules and regulations as may seem

to 25 tons. In certain actions as to ships carrying fit for preserving order, and for securing cleanliness and

passengers, burden of proof to lie on defendant. ventilation, on board British ships proceeding on such 19. Short title of act.

voyage, and the said rules and regulations in like manner 20. Continuance of act.

may alter, amend, and revoke ; and that such order in 21. Act may be amended, &c.

council in the London Gazette, or printed by the Queen's * Whereas it is expedient to alter certain provisions of printer, shall be received in all legal proceedings as sufthe 5 & 6 Vic. c. 107, intituled An Act for regulating the ficient evidence of the making and contents of such order. Carriage of Passengers in Merchant Vessels, and of 10

11. That in every British ship the surgeon, or in ships *& 11 Vic. c. 103, intituled An Act to amend the Passen- not having a surgeon on board, the master may exact obe

gers Act, and to make further provision for the Carriage dience to all such rules and regulations as aforesaid; under

of Passengers by Sea: Be it therefore enacted, That no the penalties herein-after provided. ship carrying passengers from any place in the United 12. That any person who shall neglect or refuse to obey Kingdom, or in the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, any such rule or regulation, or who shall obstruct the MasSark, or Man, to any place on the Eastern Coast of North ter or surgeon of such ship in the execution of any duty America, or in the islands adjacent, or in the Gulf of imposed upon him by such rule or regulation, shall pay a Mexico, shall carry more passengers than in the proportion penalty not exceeding two pounds sterling; and the Jusof one passenger to every two tons of the registered tonnage tices of the peace in any part of her majesty's dominions, of such ship, and that no such ship shall carry more pas- before whom any person shall be convicted of such obsengers on board than one passenger for every twelve clear struction or resistance as aforesaid, may order such person, superficial feet, or on the orlop deck, one passenger for every in addition to the penalty before mentioned, to be confined thirty superficial feet; and if any ship shall carry any per for any period not exceeding one month. son beyond such proportions, the master of the ship shall,

13. That the said Colonial Land and Emigration com. in respect of every person constituting such excess, be liable missioners shall prepare an abstract of the whole or part of to a penalty not exceeding five pounds sterling.

this and of the recited acts, and of any order in council 2. That in computing the proportions, two children, under made as aforesaid ; and that six copies of the abstract, with the age of fourteen years, shall be computed as one person, two copies of this and of the said acts, shall be delivered and children under the age of one year shall not be included. by the Collector or Comptroller of the Customs of the port

3. That no ship carrying one hundred passengers, shall of Clearance to the master of every ship carrying passenproceed on her voyage without a cook approved by the emi-gers on such voyage; and that such master shall

, so long gration officer at the port of clearance, nor unless a conve. as any passenger be entitled to remain in the ship, keep nient place shall have been set apart, and apparatus provided posted, in two places between the decks of the said ship, for cooking to the satisfaction of the said officer: and if any copies of such abstract, and shall be liable to a penalty not ship shall proceed on her voyage without same, the master exceeding forty shillings sterling for every day such abstract shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding fifty pounds.

shall fail to be so posted ; and any person defacing such ab4. That any such ship shall have on board a surgeon duly stract shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding forty shilqualified, or such ship shall not carry more passengers on lings sterling. the deck upon which the passengers live

than in the
propor. in such manner, as in the said first-recited act.

14. That penalties imposed by this act shall be recovered tion of one passenger to every fourteen superficial feet. 5. That in the calculation of such proportion every child

15. That the bond required by the said first-recited act, above the age of one year shall be computed as one passenger. to be given to Her Majesty in respect of ships carrying 6. That every such surgeon shall be duly qualified to prac

more than fifty passengers shall be a security, not only for tise in the United Kingdom as physician, surgeon or apothe the matters and payments in the said act, but also for the cary, and not to be objected to by the said emigration officer. observance of the provisions as well of the said secondly.

7. That, except as hereinafter provided, no ship shall recited act, as of this act, and of any regulations prescribed

by any order in council, and for the due payment by the MACHEN'S NEW BRITISH, FOREIGN, Master of such vessel of all penalties adjudged by virtue of the said secondly-recited act, or of this act.

The plan for supplying the NEW WORKS has given such general

satisfaction that the Library has been patronized from its opening by tbe 16. That all powers and duties imposed upon the Emi- LORDS LIEUTENANT OF IRELAND, and many of the Nobility and gration officer before mentioned, may be performed by his Gentry: An unlimited number of copies of each new work added to the

Library, according to the demand. BOOK CLUBS supplied on assistant, or, at ports where there shall be no such officer, very liberal terms for ready money; or by, subscribing to this Library by the officer of the Customs whose duty it may be to grant they will find it a great advantage over the old method of purchasing.

A Catalogue of established SCHOOL and COLLEGE BOOKS, pub. a clearance to such ship.

lished by S. J. Machen, can be had on applicatiun. 17. That term “passenger” shall not include passengers commonly known by the name of cabin passengers; and the LEGAL and HISTORICAL DEBATING SOCIETY.

Fstablished A.D. 1815. term “ship" shall include every sea-going vessel ; and the

The First Meeting of the Members of this Society will be held in their the term “Master" shall include any person being in com- Rooms, No. 45, MOLESWORTH STREET, on SATURDAY NEXT, the mand of such vessel; and that, unless there be something 25th inst, Chair to be taken at Eight o'Clock precisely.

SUBJECT FOR DEBATE. in the subject matter, or context repugnant to such con

Will a Writ of Error lie upon a judgment entered up under Section 7 struction, every word importing the singular number, or of the Interpleader Act,". (1st and 2nd Wm. 1, cap. 58), on a feigned the masculine gender only shall be construed to include issue directed under that act ?

Barristers, Law Students, and Graduates of the Universities of Dublin, several persons, matters, or things, as well as one person, Oxford, and Cambridge, are eligible for admission. matter, or thing, and females as well as males.

Members who have changed their residences, or who have friends to 18. Provided always, that nothing in this act shall apply propose, are requested to communicate with the Secretary

JOHN NORWOOD, Esq. 11, Nelson Street. to any ship in which the number of passengers shall not bear to the registered tonnage a greater proportion than


John Squire and others, one to every twenty-five tons : provided also, that if in any Plaintiffs.

2 PURSUANT to the decree in this

cause, bearing date the 3rd day of July, action, prosecution, or other legal proceeding under this Charles Blake & others,

1813, I hereby require all persons baring

Defendants. act, any queston shall arise whether any ship carrying pas.

charges and incumbrances affecting the estates sengers, did or did not carry a greater nuniber of passen- way, and county of the town of Galway, in the pleadings in this cause

of the defendant, Charles Blake, situate in the counties of Mayo and Gal gers than aforesaid in proportion to the tonnage, the bur- mentioned, to come in before me, at my chambers on the Inn's Quay, in den of proving that the number of passengers in proportion the city of Dublin, on or before Thursday, the 1st day of February next,

and prove the same, otherwise they will be precluded from the benefit of to the tonnage was not greater than that of one person to the said decree.—Dated this Ist day of November, 1818.

EDWARD LITTON, every twenty-five tons shall lie upon the person against

Droner and M'Kay, Plaintiff's Solicitors, 5, Kildare-street, Dublin. whom any such action, prosecution, or other legal proceeding may be brought ; and, failing such proof, it shall, for

WINTER PALETOT, TWO POUNDS. any such purpose as aforesaid, be taken and adjudged that This may truly be denominated both a handsome and " useful coat." the number of passengers so carried did exceed that pro.

It is neat in appearance, excellent in quality, durable in wear. It is really

a gentleman's cout, well cut, nothing outré, particularly becoming and portion.

unassuming in appearance. It can be had of all substances, from a light 19. That in all proceedings it shall be sufficient to cite this Llama walking coat to a milled black cloth for sharp weather, and the

Tiverton Beaver or Pilot for a very cold day, or for car or gig use, act by the title of “The North American passengers Act." For professional men I particularly recommend the black or Oxford 20. That this act shall remain in force for one year from cloth, either of the medium or milled substance.

They can either be made to order, or selected from the passing, and from thence to the end of the then next

THE READY-MADE DEPARTMENT, session of Parliament.

where there are many hundreds, in all varieties and sizes, warranted as 21. And be it enacted, that this act may be amended or

well made as if ordered.

RICHARD ALLEN, repealed by any act to be passed in this present session of

Irish and West of England Woollen Hall, parliament. (To be continued.)





This day is published, price 3s. by post 38. 6d.

ING, Manufactured by RICHARD KELLY, Boot Maker, 16, COL. The new Act for the abolitition of arrest for sums under ten pounds,

LEOE.GREEN, Dublin. and for the recovery of the possession of small tenements before Justices

It makes the Leather soft, pliant and even Waterproof, sold by the of the peace, with a full commentary, Index, notes and forms, adapted for

Bootmakers and Grocers through the City, in Bottles at 4d, 8d, and is, each. the professional and trading classes.

N.B.-Country Shopkeepers treated with on the most Liberal Terms By Willian Gerson Esq.,

Portobello, March 31st, Dublin: EDWARD J. MILLIKEN. Law Bookseller and Publisher, Sir, 15,

“I have examined your Indian Rubber Blacking, and find it made of

those materials which are most proper for such a composition. It has some Preparing for Publication,

advantages in use not possessed by similar articles of manufacture; it is By GRANT & BOLTON, GRAFTON STREET,

susceptible of a very high polish, it does not soil, and its permanent effect

on the leather is of a beneficial character. THE SECOND and CONCLUDING PART of the


" Mr. Kelly, College-green.

Lecturer on Chemistry." cluding the Pleading, Practice, and Evidence relating thereto; with an Appendix of Medical Evidence in offences against che person, Copious Index, Digest of Cases, Statutes, &c. &c.

TROWSERS:--The, numerous testimonials received by By THEOBALD A, PURCELL, Esq., Barrister-at. Law.

JAMES O'DRISCOLL in approval of the elegance, ease, and peculiar

style of bis Trowsers, and likewise the very flattering patronage bestowed ASSURANCE SOCIETY.

on him by the higher classes of society, induces him to apprise his patrons, and those gentlemen who have not hitherto honored him with their



that he has secured the services of a few of the most experienced Parisian Cornhill and Baker Street, London, COLLEGE GREEN, DUBLIN; workinen for the winter season. J. O'D's practical knowledge as a Trow. and Esplanade, Hamburgh,

sers Cutter having been fully tested in the first houses of the British me Instituued A.D. 1714. William Nottidge, Esq., Chairman.

tropolis, he is therefore fully qualified to produce an article in this depart. Nicholas Charrington, Esq., Deputy Chairman.

ment of Tailoring, that cannot be excelled in London or Paris. LIFE.

JAMES O'DRISCOLL, Professed Trowsers Maker, By the plan of the Union Society the profits are calculated upon the sum

9, ANGLESEA.STREET. insured, and not upon the amount of premiums paid, thus giving a most important advantage to young and middle ages, and for advanced lives All communications for the IRISH JURIST are to be left, addressed the Tables of the Union offer the immediate benefit of lower rates of to the Editor, with the Publisher, E. J. MILLIKEN, 15, COLLEOE Premium. All new assurances participate. The premiums are also GREEN. Correspondents will please give the Name and Address, as the much reduced on Insurances effected without profits. Detailed Pro. columns of the paper cannot be occupied with answers to Anonymous spectuses of the extended system of Life Insurances (in one case requiring Communications-nor will the Editor be accountable for the return of payment of only two-thirds of the premium) may be had gratis. oans Manuscripts, &c. granted on the policies of this office. THOMAS LEWIS, Secretary.

Orders for the IRISH JURIST left with E. J. MILLIKEN, !5, COL.

LEGE AREEN, or by letier (post.paid), will ensure its punctual delivery Agents for Ireland. JOHN GOLD, Stock Broker, 17, COLLEGE-GREEN, Dublin.

in Dublin, or its being forwarded to the Country, by Post, on the day of EXHAM and KIFT, 68, Eccles-street,

publication, Doctor GRAVES, Medical Examiner.

TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION-(payable in advance): Wm. Simms, Esq., Linen Hall--Belfast. Dr. Win Burden-Medical Examiner.

Yearly, 308. Half-yearly, 178. Quarterly, 98. Exham and Son, South Mall-Cork, Forest Reid, Esq., Solicitor-Londonderry.

Printed by THOMAS ISAAC WHITE, at his Printing Office, No. 15, Mr. Worrall, Postmaster-Clonmel.

FLEET.STREET, in the Parish of St Andrew, and published at 15, An Engine and body of Firemen are in constant readiness to at. COLLEGE OREEN, in same Parish, by EDWARD JOHNSTON tend fires, at the company's Engine house, No. 10, Crown alley, rear of the MILLIKEN, residing at the same place, all being in the County of the Commercial Buildings.

City of Dublin. Saturday, November 18th, 1848.

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