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past sins committed, and lastly, such a permit us to exhort you, my dear confession must be accompanied with a reader, to repent of every evil which solemn covenant or promise to sin no we have pointed out to you in this more; and the heart should be fixed article, and of every other sin which and immovable in this covenant. All you may be guilty of. Repent with persons who will do these things will all your heart. Be determined that have a measure of the Spirit of Christ you will neither eat, nor sleep, until resting upon them, imparting humili- you have commenced the infinitely ty, and meekness, and lowliness of important work. Remember how heart. But still this repentance does much you have at stake—that it is not guarantee to them a remission of no less than the eternal happiness of sins; it only prepares the heart to the soul, eternal lise beyond the grave. obey properly a great and holy ordi-Oh, how many millions have gone nance which God has instituted ex- down to their graves in an impenitent pressly for the remission of sins. We state ! you may in an unexpected mean the ordinance of Baptisın. As moment be cut off also. Oh then give this holy ordinance is of so much heed to the warning voice; let your importance, and instituted expressly heart be humble, and your spirit be for the benetit of penitent believers, contrite; confess your sins before that they may obtain forgiveness of God, and forsake them, and prepare all past sins, we feel it our duty to yourself in all things to receive forsay a few words on the nature of this giveness through the ordinance of ir stitution. But, in the meantime, Baptism. before we enter into its investigation,



Having treated upon the subject of , already shown that the first requireFaith and Repentance, in the preced- ment is to have Faith or belief in the ing Nos. of this volume, we will now words of Christ and his atonement , proceed to show the way in which and that the second requireineut is to ihe truly penitent believing soul inay repent with a humble and contr'te be pardoned of all his past sins. lt heart, entering into a covenant to forhas pleased God to ordain Baptism sake all sin. Both these conditions or Immersion in water, as the medium may be strictly complied with, and yet through which the truly penitent past sins remain unforgiven. Why? should be forgiven of all the sins he Because the individual, as yet, has has cummi ted. Baptism does not alone not complied with the third condition for sins, but it is an institution grant- through which forgiveness is granted. ed to man, because of the atonement By complying with the first two conof Christ. The atonement is inade ditions, he has received a measure of by the blood of Christ, but man can- the spirit of Christ by which his heart not receive the blessings of the atone- is melted down into humble contriment legally and fully without strict- tion: This spirit of meekness and ly complying with the conditions or lowliness of heart is imparted to him dained of God. One of the choice as a preparation to receive the holy blessings purchased by the precious ordinance of Baptism acceptably in blood of Christ is the forgiveness of the sight of God, and when this orsins, but all mankind do not have their dinance is complied with by the he. sins forgiven, but only such as claim lieving penitent, then comes the Re. the purchased blessings by complying mission of sins; all former transwith the requirement. Now we have gressions are blotted out. Oh what


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joy now fills the heart! He is indeed, it will be a solemn mockery before a new creature ! born of water! and God, and highly sinful in His sight. adopted in the name of the Father, But who in this generation have auSon and Holy Ghost into the family thority to baptize ? None but those of Christ ! one of the sons of God! who have received authority in the his sins, though many, are freely par- church of Jesus Christ of Latter day doned! they no longer stand recorded Saints : all other churches are against him! Oh who would not re- tirely destitute of all authority from pent and be baptized to receive so God; and any person who receives great a blessing, and to be filled with Baptism or the Lord's supper from such great joy! Alas! there are many their hands will highly oflend God; who care not for these things; and for he looks upon them as the most the forgiveness of sins and the joys of corrupt of all people. Both Cathoheaven, are treated with indifference ; lics and Prote. tants are nothing less and they go down to their graves in than the whore of Babylon" whom impenitence without any preparation the Lord denounces by the inouth of for the great judgment.

John the Revelator as having corBaptism is just as essential to sal- rupted all the carth by their fornicavation, as Faith and Repentance.- tions and wickedness. And any perWithout being immersed in water 110 son who shall be so wiched as man can enter into the fulness of Ce-ceive a holy ordinance of the gospel lestial glory : for baptism is instituted from the ministers of any of these for the remission of sins; and if a per- ! apostate churches will be sent down son does not take the necessary steps to hell with them, unless they repent to obtain pardon of sins, of course, of the unholy and impious act. If he cannot be saved in the kingdom of any penitent believer desires to obtain God. Jesus did not shed his blood forgiveness of sins through baptism, to save us in our sins, but to open a let him beware of having any thing to way whereby man might obtain for- do with the

churches of apostate giveness through Faith, Repentance, Christendom, lest he parish in the and Baptism : and no man can be au ful plagues and judgments, denounsaved who neglects either of these ced against them.

The only perprinciples. Many have been taught sons among all nations, kindreds, to seek forgiveness by prayer, and tongnes, and people who have anthorhave been told that baptism being on- ity from Jesus Christ to administer ly an ontward ordinance would not any gospel ordinance are those called avail any thing, and that it is to be ad- and authorized among the Latter-day ministered to those only who have Saints. Before the restoration of the already received forgiveness: these church of Christ to the carih in the are doctrines of false teachers, and year 1830, there liave been no people they are the wicked traditions hand on the earth for many generations ed down by apostale Christendom. possessing anthority from God to minBaptism is a condition of forgive ister gospel ordinances. We again reness, and to teach mankind to seek peat, beware of the hypocritical falsc for purdon in any other way than the cachers and imposters of Babylon. one set forth in the gospel, is a Another great abomination practiwicked perversion of truth, and all ced among Christendom is the Bapsuch lulise teachers will, if they do tism of infants and little children. not repent, be sent down to hell; for This wicked doctrine was invented curseel be that man or angel who by the devil, in order to blind the preaches another gospel, or perverts minds of the children of nien, and the true gospel of Christ.

make them think that insanı baptism Baptisin in order to be acceptable is all sufficient, and that the baptism in the sight of God must be adminis- of adults for the remission of sins is tered by a man ordained of God and not necessary, provided that they authorized of Jesus Christ, otherwise, were sprinkled in infancy. All in.

fants and little children are free from in water for a remission of all their sin, having been redeemed from the transgressions : and if they will not fall by the blood of Christ, and that do this, the sins that they have comtoo without any conditions of Faith, mitted in their ignorance, will be Repentance, or Baptism. All such answered upon their heads, as if they are innocent before God, and are al- had done them with a knowledge of ready prepared to inherit the kingdom the will of God. Parents who are of heaven. Therefore, for parents to guilty of having their infants baphave their little children bap ized is tized must repent of the evil, or they awfully wicked before God; it is a cannot be saved. solemn mockery of the ordinances of It is unnecessary for us to appeal the gospel; and unless parents re- to the scriptures in proof of the docpent of this great wickedness, they trine of Faith, Repentance, and Bapwill

go down to hell. No doubt but tism as taught in these articles : for many have committed this great evil this we have already done in a series in their ignorance, but now God of pamphlets which we have formerly calls them to repent of this evil and published. of every other sin, and be immersed


Our subscribers are hereby in- present volume, we were in hopes that formed that after the publication of the there would have been sufficient insixth number of the present volume terest manifested by the nation to learn of the Seer, the paper will be discon- our doctrines from our own publicatinued, as the present limited circula- tions, instead of those of our enemies; tion is altogether inadequate to meet but it seems that they prefer falsehood the necessary expenses. The public to truth; and when we would encation thus far has been attended in lighten them and correct the misstatethis country with a loss of several ments concerning us, they choose to hundred dollars. We will send to remain in ignorance and darkness. each of our subscribe's enough of our We expect to leave Washington church publications to make up the about the first of May for Utah. All balance of the other half year's sub- letters for us, arriving after that date, scription. When we commenced the will most probably not be attended to.


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All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, See Ye, when lo

lifteth up an Ensign on the Mountains.—Isaiah xviii, 3.

Vol. II.

MAY, 18 54.

No. 5.



There is no subject which is more sanctimonious, as long as he knows ridiculed by the religious world, at that they haye no faith in New Revethe present day, than that of New lation. The devil rejoices, and his Revelation. All Christendom profess angels are glad, when they look over to admit that the Father, Son, and their wide spread dominions, and beHoly Spirit, are still in existence, and hold countless churches and synathat they are unchangeable in their gogues professedly built to the God attributes, and that there are just as of ancient revelation, and contemplate many angels now as in ancient times; the hundreds of millions whom they but to assert that any of these holy have deluded with the idea that all beings have communicated any New New Revelation is unnecessary. So Revelation to man since the first cen- long as the devil can deceive the tury of the Christian era, is consider- people with this anti-christian and ed, if not blasphemy, something near unscriptural doctrine, he knows that akin to it.

he is sure of them. Now a religion that excludes New How well pleased his satanic maRevelation from its principles, is just jesty must have been, when he prethe very religion that suits the devil : vailed upon the “ Third Council of he is well pleased with it. lle cares Carthage,” at the close of the fourth not how moral people may be, nor century, to sit in judgment upon the how genteel and polished in their de manuscript copies of the word of God, portment, nor how much they go to compiling a few of them into a volchurch, nor how many prayers they ume, and rejecting all the others, and pretend to offer up, nor how pious then passing an ecclesiastical law that they may be in every respect, if they no other books or revelations should will only disbelieve in New Revela- ever be aulded to the canon or voltion ; for he knows well that God has ume. This bound all their deluded nothing to do, nor never had, with followers to reject, in

every succeedany religion that did not acknowledge ing generation, every thing in the form Prophets and Revelators, through of New Revelation. Oh! how the whom He could speak and reveal tis hosts of hell must have exulted over will to his sons and daughters. their signal success in thus cutting off

The devil knows that God never all further communication between had a church on the earth without God and man! having inspired men in it. No other And again : what could have more church gives him any uneasiness. He gratified Satan when he found that likes to see them pray and be very the religion of the Ronnish Church did not altogether suit all the people, ministering of angels, and by the mirthan to have them, under the name of aculous gifts and power of the Holy Protestants, invent some new forms Ghost. All who deny these things, of religion, excluding prophets, and and do them away, will be cut off binding the people to believe in only from among the people, and be sent the sixty-six books of the Bible. This down to hell to suffer with the devil newly invented religion, inasmuch as who has deceived them, and by whom it made the canon of scripture full, they have been led captive to reject and would in no wise admit prophets and deny the gifts of the Holy Ghost to add any new books to the volume, and the powers and glory of God's was just as acceptable to the devil as kingdom. the religion of the Catholics; for If this generation are asked to give what the Catholics did not catch, the a reason for rejecting all revelation other impositions would.

later than John the Revelator's day, But the moment that God sent their answer is, almost universally, angels from heaven to earth, and “ We have enough, and need no raised up inspired men, and once more;” and we reply, yes, they have more restored the true Christian enough to send them to hell, unless Church to the earth, the devil, with they will receive more, when God in all his combined armies of Catholics mercy offers it to them. The very and Protestants, was enraged. For Bible, which they pretend is enough, God to dare restore the religion of the will rise up in judgment against aposBible again to the earth, by sending tate Christendom, and condemn them, prophets and inspired men, by giving because in it is taught the doctrine of visions, and by sending angels, as He continued revelation, which they have did in all other ages when His religion the great wickedness to reject. was on the earth, was more than the But why is the devil so angry with devil could bear without making a a church under the guidance of New tremendous exertion to put it down. Revelation ? Because he knows that To undertake to put it down by scrip- a people who live near enough to the ture, reason or argument, was entirely Lord to receive information from Him, in vain, though this was attempted in will receive by that means a knowlsome sew instances at first, but it al- edge of all his cunning plans, and deways resulted in the most disastrous tect the cunning devices by which he consequences to the devil's kingdom. has blinded the nations of apostate The devil soon found that there was Christendom so long. To have the annot the least shadow of evidence to cient and venerated systems of priestsustain the Catholic and Protestant craft exposed, and the false doctrines, imposition against the doctrine of which he has taken so much pains to continued revelation. This forlorn introduce and maintain for so many hope having utterly failed him, his centuries, overturned by the restoranext and most successful operation tion of true Christianity again to the was to ridicule and denounce the doc- earth, is calculated to make the hellish trine, and lie about it, and, if possible, hosts and all under their influence, to close the eyes, and ears, and hearts who delight in darkness, to tremble of the people effectually against it. with anxiety and through fear of the But even in this thing he will be de- consequences. feated; though he may for a time tri- Fear and trembling seize upon the umph, yet the refuge of lies shall be wicked priests, whenever the sound swept away, and God will show unto of ancient Christianiiy, with its revethe honest in heart, with power and lations, prophecies, visions and the great glory, that He is the same yes- gifts and powers of the Holy Ghost, terday, to-day and for ever, and that approach iheir neighborhood. Their he is a God who delights to reveal craft is in danger—they fear for their Himself by revelations, and dreams, rotten, corrupt forms of religionand visions, and prophecies, by the they fear that the people will get their

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