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XotAfter going round and round it repeatedly without being thoroughly fatisfied, I was compelled to have recourse toithe only security within my reach, which were bolts within the chamber they fastened both that door and the other apparently very securely. I examined behind and under my bed, and ass to the windows I was sure nobody could get in that way, for I had discovered, in the night survey I made, that it would be extremely difficult to get out; I did not, however, despair of effecting my escape. "As through the vine leaves that almoft covered the old casement T looked out to the sky and the stars, I recollected my mother's singular story, and particularly the time when she was a prisoner, a sick and suffering prisoner, in the Abbey of Kilbrodie. Her courage, her trust in heaven, did not fail her, said 1, in that trying hour, and wherefore should I allow mine to fink under circumstances of less danger? Oh! my deareft, ny adored mother, were I but fure

menace us.

you do not at this moment endure great misery on my account; were I but fure your health has not suffered, I should feel myself strengthened and supported fo as perhaps sooner to conquer this tempofary tyranny from people fo despicable that I cannot fear them. I found reflection, and the ardent hope I entertained of escaping composed my spirits. Ah! it is well that we know not the evils that

Had I then known, that after I had twice escaped, after I had been restored to my father and to Delmont, this dear, dear mother would not be with us; that we should still deplore her abfence yet be ignorant of her fate, I know not that it would have been poflible for me to have made any struggle against the infolent oppression I underwent."

Medora, affected by what she had faid, could not for a moment proceed. Recovering herself, however, she continued. :

“I thought I might securely go to bed; and indeed I fo greatly wanted repose that I know not if any thing but the

certainty certainty of being disturbed by the daring intrusion of Darnell could have given me strength to remain without some repose. I knew, however, that my flumber, if I could obtain it, would be such as it had been the preceding night, when the flightest noise was to me an alerte, so much were my fears awake; I therefore went to bed, and slept till sun-rise. The earliest rays of light entered my chamber through the vine leaves, and were hailed by an house-sparrow *, which had made its neft among them, and with its loud chirping, the monotony of the chaffinch and the robin, and the shrill short shriek of the swallow, announced the approach of day even before the sun was above the horizon. I found myself restored greatly when, after I had done what I could to supply the want of a more comfortable change of clothes, I sat down to consider once more of my situation, and felt the morning air blow

* This, bird builds at all seasons, except the deadeft months of winter.

sharp sharp and fresh from the hills or wolds ; high heathy lands which 'I saw beyond the house for some miles: My doubts now were whether I thould be confined or po? of which I imagined the transactions of the day would be fufficient for me to judge. The scene foon opened by the entrance of Mrs. Darnell, who once iñore undertook to try her eloquence." She affected the sensible matron who knew the world, and retailed, like many other preachers, an infinite number of very wife and, very true faws and sayings, to every one of which her whole life had probably, and certainly her present conduct, formed the most glaring contradi&tion.". I fored bore, however, to remark this, and even let her say what the would, contenting myself, when she seemed nearly to have exhausted her logical powers, with asking her, whether she really thought any thing could justify Mr. Darnell's conduct towards me? The woman still affected to believe that I had encouraged him; that I had even consented to elope with him;


and I found my absolute and firm denial of it as vain as were the expressions of scorn and abhorrence, which certainly I did not spare, but I was not absolutely confined. The lady bade me walk with her in the garden, and I obeyed, glad of every opportunity to survey the place, from which I was determined to attempt my escape. The garden, however, was surrounded by a wall high and thick enough to have been designed for a defence at the time it was built, which was, I dare say, three centuries ago ; it seemed impoffible ever to surmount, by any powers I could exert, so formidable a barrier, and I regarded it with that fickness of the soul which is truly said to be the consequence of disappointed hope.

Mrs. Darnell still took every occasion to exhort me to a due confideration of my own interest, and pleaded her son's pallion with at least more warmth, though certainly with as little effect as he did himself. From the fight of the old lady to whom the house belonged, I was con

cealed ;

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