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are evidently peculiar times. Let us, as God opens the way, throw our talents, our time, and our whole ener gies into them.

We cannot close the subject, then, without referring to those DUTIES TO WHICH WE ARE NOW CALLED both individually and nationally.

AS INDIVIDUALS, may it be our serious coucen each to know and obey the truth for himself. Litt will it profit us that the world shall hereafter be cor verted, if we, in the mean while, fall short of so great: salvation. We shall enter at length on this subject in the following chapter. But the remarkable characte of the present day, seems especially to call Christians to decision of character. It is not a time to h between the church and the world.

It is not a time t

Let us join our

and his people.

delay and put off this great concern. selves heartily and decidedly to the Lord Bear now the reproach of his cross. His religion is not yet above shame and contempt from man. Now then we may prove our fidelity-now we may manifest our love to him-now is the time for probation. He is coming in his providence to punish his enemies, and to bless his people. He will discriminate between those who serve him, and those who serve him not. Let us then take a decided part, and be firm and bold in the cause of God. Never strive to join together both the world and the church, as if, by some happy dexterity, you could secure the favour and good of both. It never will, it never can answer. Come out, and be separate, as, when you appear before your Saviour, you will wish you had. Confess him, and own him, and he will own you in the great day of his appearing.

As a NATION, how important is the present situation, and means, and circumstances of Britain! Elevated


yond every other country for this purpose, what an portunity has England, the storehouse of all that is cellent, the spiritual granary of the world, the moral naros holding forth the word of life to all nations, hat a vast advantage has England at this moment to ess mankind! She is called to a higher office than e deliverance of Europe from the ambition of an arthly usurper who laid it low. She is called to help ■ delivering the whole human race from the more angerous and destructive tyranny of Satan, a worse dversary, and from the more ruinous and galling bonlage of idolatry and heathen superstition. O that there vere but given to us from above something of that courage, and effort, and largeness of contribution, which marked our struggle with our earthly enemy! and O that our hearts were but animated with as extended, but a more pure and holy zeal against this more malignant foe, this infinitely more tremendous, because in its consequences more ruinous and more enduring evil! What Christian heart does not long for this! What Christian patriot can breathe a higher wish for a beloved country! Then would Britain, in a nobler sense than she has ever yet been, be a benefactor to the world; then would her name be enrolled in the annals of all nations as blessed; and then would she wear a brighter crown of glory, through all succeeding ages, than ever she has yet attained.

The Lord enable us all to discern the signs of the times; to devote ourselves to his cause; to give first ourselves to him, and then our talents, our time, our influence, and our substance, freely and liberally, to diffuse his Gospel among all nations. Let us share the sacrifices, and the labour, and we shall assuredly

partake in the final triumph, and all the Saviour's perfect and eternal glory.

The author has given a Chronological Chart with this chapter, as calculated to promote an interest in the subject of which it treats. The chart is taken from Dr. Hugh Pearson's Historic View of the Progress of the Gospel, with alterations and additions.


The Danger of neglecting Divine Truth.

IT is the common opinion of men of worldly minds, that it is entirely optional with them, whether they hear the word, or not; that they may do just as they please, and no evil wiH result from neglecting to hear. As fal as regards human punishment, this may be very true) but there is a far more serious evil than any human punishment whatever, connected with this neglect.

We have all a living and palpable evidence of this Look at that race of men who are a proverb and bye-word among all nations, and have, for hundreds of years, been only oppressed and spoiled evermore. Once they were prosperous; once it could be said of them, Happy art thou, O Israel! who is like unto thee? and what is the reason of the change? they despised words, and misused his prophets, until the wrath of Lord arose against his people, till there was no remedy. In reading the prophecies of the Old Testament,



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