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things new. Why then, it is to be hoped, the good work is begun, if you are glad to be put down, to be nothing, and that God in Christ be set up to be all in all, and glad to own that, in the whole of this work, from the beginning to the end, nothing is of you, but All things are of God. ,

The End of the Sermon.


A Discourse at tbe Service of the firsi Table.

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N ow, as all things relating to the new creation

are of God; so, here you have an ocular demonstration of it: for, all the good and great things of the new covenant are here represented as in a glass, and we may see them all to be of God. Christ, who is here represented, is the gift of God: his love that is here commem rated, is the love of God: this table is the Lord's table, the table of God: the provision laid upon it, is Gud's provision; and he that bath provided so far outwardly the figns representing, will, we hope, pro. vide inwardly the spiritual blessings represented: “ Here is the fire and the wood, but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?» Why, the sacrificing knife of justice was, by the law, to be put to your own throat, О finner: but, behold, God will provide liimself another furt of a Lamb for a burnt-offering. The name, the old name of our God, is his new name to this day, JEHOVAHJIREH, “ In the mount of the Lord it shall be seen ; the Lord will provide.”

In the same night in which our Lord was betrayed, &c. Behold, my friends, as all things are of God; fo this bread is the bread of God that came down from heaven; look to it through this element: it is the bread of God's giving, who fo loved the world, that he gave his only be. gotten Son. It is bread of God's breaking and bruising :

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“ It pleased the Lord to bruise him.” It is bread of God's sending; “ To you is the word of this salvation sent;" to you is this bread of life fent: to you, finner, it is sent in the word; to you, believer, it is sent in the facra. ment a new : “ He that eateth this bread shall live for ever.

After supper be took the cuj, &c. I am the true vine, says Christ. Indeed, he is a bleeding vine; his blood is fqueezed into that cup: and as all things here are of God, to this blood is the blood of God; and all things that relate to edir falvation vent through this blood, being all the blessings and purchase of this blood. Grace reigns through this righteousness of Jesus to eternal life. Grace does not cease to be the grace of God, because it reigns and runs through the righteousness of Chrift; for this righteousness is of God. The bleflings of the covenant do not cease to be the blessings of God, because they vent through the blood of Christ'; for this blood is also the blood of God.

And now, what blessings do you need or desire ? Want you any facramental grace? Want you grace to believe, grace to love, grace to repent, grace to com. municate worthily? All is of God. Do not think to extract them out of your own heart, as if they were of you; but look up to God in Christ for them; for all things are of him.- Are you destitute of strength and furniture for any work or warfare? All things relating to this are of God in Christ: therefore you may say, “I will go in the strength of the Lord, making mention of his righteousness, even of his only.”—Are you deftitute of light, life, liberty, comfort, peace, or pardon? Why, now you are at the fountaio-head, whence you may draw fupply: All things are of God.

But, say you, though all things be of God, what relief does that yield to me, while I find niyself deftitute of all these good things, and kept empty-handed? Why, is it not good that all things that are of God are put in Christ's hand, and that your stuck lies surer there than if it were in your own hand? You know, believer, that you cannot keep it: what you get this moment, you are ready to lose it the very next moment: and

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Can you well in his handen to you, you are

are you not obliged to God, who puts your all in a hand that can keep that which is committed to him?

What though you thould be kept empty all this day? Can you not trust him with your stock all this day? Is it not as well in his hand as in yours? Whenever any comfortable fupply is given to you, you are apt to abuse it, and dishonour him, by trusting to the grace that he puts in your hand, more than to the grace that is in his hand; whereas you are called to be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus, and not in the grace that is in you: and, lest you thus abuse it, and dishonour him, he keeps you, as it were, at fhort allowance, and that too very scrimp. But, o Sirs, be content, that, as All things are of God, fo all the things of God are in Christ your glorious head : and, if you can be glad of this, it shall not be long ere you get what is needsul froin him, as well as have all your treasure always in him.

Now, if Christ and all things be of God, then let nothing vex and torment you, poor believing foul.-Let it pot vex you, that you find a want of all things in you; but let it ease and please your mind, that all things are of God in Christ. - Let it not trouble you, that you cannot communicate as you ought to do ; but let it afford relief to your heart, that communicating grace is of God.Let it not grieve you, that you want a frame, such as you would have ; let it satisfy and please you, that a communion frame is of God, and you must trust him with that, to give it when he pleases. Let it not afflict you, that you have prayers and bills lying before the throne, and never yet answered: 0 let not your heart be troubled with this ; let it fuffice, that the an. swering of them all is of God, as a prayer-hearing God in Chrift; as a reconciled God in him, who will take his own time and way to answer them.-Let it not disquiet you, believer, that there are some promises you were to hope upon, never yet accomplished : let it fuffice you, and quite ease your mind, that they are all Yea and Amen in Christ Jesus, and that the fulfilling them is of God, a promising God in Christ, who, in due time, will do as he hath Taid.-Let it not make you

'uneasy, uneasy, that you are guilty, guilty beyond all. You may be grieved indeed for the affronts you have done to your Lord; but be not vexed so as to think there is no hope. I think, Christ is now saying to the soul, op. pressed with the sense of guilt, “ Let it not vex and tor. megt you, that you have been so unkind to me; I can put up with a thousand affronts you have done mę. My foul was once vexed, and exceedingly troubled, even unto death, with your fins and guilt, and you need not be grieved to death with them again; only acknowledge your iniquities, and believe, that as all things, fo remisfoon of fin and pardòn is of God, as a reconciled God in my blood.”--Again, let it not vex and trouble your heart, that your lusts and corruptions are so Itrong and malterly, that you have been so many hundred times conquered and captivated by them: but let it give ease to your mind, and pleasure to your soul, that fin-con. quering grace is of God, that fin-subduing grace is of God, as a reconciled God in Christ, who hath said, " Sin shall not have dominion over you.”—Let it nog perplex you, that you have so many running fores, broken bones, and deadly like diseases about you ; let it quiet your mind, and eale your soul that healing is of God, who says, “ I am the Lord that healeth thee.” O! will you sing with the plalmilt, Psal. ciii. 3. " Bless the Lord, O ny foul, who healeth all thy diseases?" He saith not, who hath healed them all, as if there were no more heal. ing needíul; nay, that will never be the fong in earth, , but in heaven: but the fung of faith here, by the way, is of God in Christ as a healer. I find the malady remain. ing, faith the soul; but I fee the remedy, and that healing is of God in Chrift: and let it give me present ease, that there is a Healer, a Saviour here. Fellowship with God in Christ above, is betwixt hiin and saints that are per. fectly whole ; but all the fellowship here is between the Saviour and the finner, the Physician and the diseased.

Let it not disquiet you, that many burdens seem to be laid upon your back, burden upon burden, pressure upon pressure; the Lord knows what your burdens are: but let it give real ease to your soul, that God hath pro. vided a burden-bearer, Mat. xi. 27, 28. “ All things,


serplex you deadly like dilcalcul that healing » ou will

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faith Christ, are delivered to me of my Father,” even that of burden-bearing amongst the relt; therefore, “Come to me, all ye that labour, and are heavy laden, and I will give you reli” to your souls; “ Cast thy burden on the Lord, and he will fullain thee.''-Let it not vex you, that you have fome difficult work and intricate assair us. on your hand, and you know not low to manage in it : let it content your heart, that strength, and counsel, and direction is of God, who leads the blind in a way they know not.-Let it not trouble you, that you have no Strength and sufficiency for any thing; let it cafe and please you, that his grace is to be sufficient for you, and his strength to be perfected in your weakness, and that your sufficiency is of God.-Let it not vex or torment you that you are firaitened even as to your outward circumllances in the world, and that you have much ado to get fuod and raiment: let it give ease and confort to you, that as All things are of God; so the ordering of your lot in the world is of him, and that your provision is cf hiin, who clothes the lilies, and feeds the ravens, and who hath said, “ Bread shall be given you, and your water fhall be fure.?? O trust in and rely upon him: he that hath given you Christ, the best bargain in the world, will He not give, together with him, all things, which are but like paper, and pack-thread, into the bargain ? Without doubt he will...Again, let it not ves and grieve you that you have, perhaps, come under many worldly losses, and that, at such a time, you lost a pleasant child, or such and such a near and dear relation: for, as this was of . God, the Orderer and Over-ruler of all things; fo he can make up your lofs, and shew himself better than all things to you, and that it was expedient, that such an earthly comfort should be taken away from you, that perhaps, had much more of your heart than Christ. It was expedient for us that Christ himfelf ihould go away, otherwise the Comforter had not come; and much more may not the Lord see it expedient, that such an earthly comfort: frould be taken away, that there might be room for a better comforter. --Let it not trouble you, that all things seem to be against you, as Jacob once said when he thought Joseph was loft, and feared that Ben.

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