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The Nature and Properties of Heavenly Wisdom.

Many and great are the evils that lodge within the heart of man, and they come forth abundantly both by the tongue and bŷ the hand, yet the heart is not emptied of them ; yea the more it vents them outwardly, the more they increase within.. Well might be that knew the heart so well, call it an evil treasure. We find the prophet Ezekiel, in his eighth chapter, led by the Lord in vision to Jerusalem, to view the sins of the Jews who remained there in the time of the captivity. When he had showed him one abomination, he caused him to dig through the wall, to enter and discover more, and so directed him several times, from one place to another, and still said, I will show thee yet greater abominations. Thus is it with those whon the Lord leads into an examination of their own hearts, for men are usually straugers to themselves, by the light of his word and Spirit going before theni. He lets them see heaps of abominations in every room, and the vilest in the most retired and darkest

And truly, should he leave them there, they would despair of remedy. No; he makes this discovery on purpose that they should sue to him for help. Do so then, as many of you as bave taken any notice of the evils of your own hearts. Tell the Lord, that those hearts are his own work; He formed the heart of man within him.


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