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C H A P. I.

The Direction and Salutation. The Apostle blesseth God

for the great Mercies and Privileges of the Gospel Reli-
gion. Comforts both Jewish and Gentile Christians un-
der their present Perfecutions, from the Sense of those
happy Blessings, and the Truth and Certainty of them, as
Foretold by the Ancient Prophets, and now exactly Ful-
filled. Exhorts them to the pure and steddy Practice of
their Religion, from the great Confideration of their Re-
demption by the Blood of Jesus Chrift.
Eter an apostle of 1. PEter: an Apostle of Jesus Written
Jesus Christ, to

Chrift, fendeth this Epistle A. D. 66.
the strangers scattered to the Converted Jews of the anci-
throughout Pontus, Ga- ent Disperfion, in Pontus, Galatia,
latia, Cappadocia, A-
sia, and Bithynia,

Cappadocia, the Provinces of the

Lesser Afa, and Bithynia. Not forgetting the Gentile * Chriftians of those Parts.

2 Elect according 2. To all you that have embra- i. 18.—ü.fo. to the foreknowledge ced the gracious Covenant of the and2 Pet. 2: of God the Father, Gospel; a Covenant that is Ratified 1. of the Spirit unto obe. I and Confirmed by the Blood of t'Parris

Christ, and entitles you to the Gifts Pos. See Heb.
of the blood of Jesus and Graces of the Holy Spirit ; Pri- Xail..
Chrift: Grace unto vileges that God originally designed,
you, and peace be and by his Prophets formerly promis'd,

to the Christian Church. Wishing
you the Abundance of Divine Favour and Happiness.
3 Blessed be the

3 & 4. Expressing my humblest
God and Father of Thanks to God, the Father of our
our Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Jesus Chrift, for the inexpres-
which according to fible Mercy of giving us Christians so
his abundant mercy: sure a Prospect of the never-fading
hath begotten us a-
gain unto a lively

and eternal Happiness of Heaven, by
hope, by the resur- the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, our
rection of Jesus Chrift Lord and Head.
from the dead,

4 To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fa.
deth not away, reserved in heaven for you,

5. And

A. D. 66. 5 Who are kept by 5. And for preserving and sup

the power of God porting us, by his Almighty Power, through faith unto

unto under all our Amictions and Tempsalvation, ready to be revealed in the lalt this his last' | and great Dispensation

tations, to persevere in the Faith of V i raspão time. égáte.

of the Gospel, whereby we shall not fail of compleat Glory and Happiness, at the final Day of Judgment.

6Wherein ye great

6 & 7. This is what you, as good ly rejoyce, though Chriftians, cannot but make the Subnow for a season (if ject of your utmost Joy and Satisneed be) ye are in faction. Looking on the worst of heaviness through manifold temptations.

present Evils as only so many happy 7 That the trial of Opportunities of exercising your your faith being much Faith, improving your Virtue, and more precious than of brightning that future Crown you gold that perisheth, are then to receive; and consequentthough it be tried ly to be of more real Advantage to with fire, might be you than all the Riches and fading found unto prane, and Glories this World can afford. honour, and glory at the appearing of Jesus Chrift:

8 Whom having not 8 & 9. Thus upon reasonable and seen, ye love ; in fufficient Evidence, you embrace a whom, though now Messiah you never personally knew ; ye see him not, yet and believe the Doctrine and Promibelieving, ye rejoice ses of a Saviour you never aftually with joy unspeakable, and full of glory

saw. This fills you with the inex9 Receiving the end pressible

and glorious Hopes of that of your faith, even the eternal Salvation which is the sure salvation of your souls. Reward of such as are poffefled with a Faith so rational and well grounded,

10 Of which falva 10 & 11. This is that gracious tion the prophets have Dispensation of Religion for the enquired and searched future Happinefs of Mankind, fo diligently, who pro- exactly described and punctually of the grace foretold by the ancient Proe that should come unto

phets, Men inspired by the Spirit you :

* of

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11 Searching what, * of this very Christ, to foretel both 1. D. 66,
or what manner of the Time and glorious Fruits of his
time the Spirit * of Sufferings in relation to himself, and
Christ which was in
them did fignifie,

all his true Disciples.
when it testified before-hand the sufferings of Christ, and the glo.
ry that should follow.

12 Unto whom it 12. For, as to the Time, they
was revealed, that not knew and exprefly declared it was
unto themselves, but not to be transacted in their Days,
unto us they did mini. but spoke of it as future, represent
fter the things which
are now reported unto

ing it just as it has now been actually
you by them that revealed by Christ himself, and de-
have preached the clared to you and all Christians, by
gospel unto you, with us his Apostles, endowed with the
the holy Ghoft fent fame holy Spirit for that Purpose.
down from heaven ; And this Dispensation of the Gospel
which things the an. is so abundant in Divine Wisdom,
gels desire to look in- Justice and Mercy toward Mankind,

that not only Prophets foretold it with Pleasure, but the very Angels themselves cannot but contemplate upon it with Delight and Astonishment.

13 Wherefore gird 13. Let this Consideration then up the loins of your arm you with Vigilance, Courage mind, be sober, and and Constancy in a Profession athope to the end, for tended with such Blessings as these of the grace that is to be the Christian * Religion are, which mua brought unto you at the revelation of Je you are so certain to enjoy at the fiunéta

'Inox Xpesos sus Chrift;

nal Appearance of * Christ to Judg14 As obedient

14 & 15. Show yourselves true
children, not fashion. Disciples of Christ, by reforming the
ing your selves accord- Irregularities of your former Notions
ing to the former lufts and Practices, and imitating the di-
in your ignorance :

15 But as hie which vine Author of your Religion in Ho-
hath called you is holiness and Purity of Life.
ly, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation ;


16. For
* Ver. 11. The Spirit of Christ which was in Them.
ing is, either the fame Spirit of God, whicn inspired the Prophets
formerly, and dwelt in Christ more fully afterward ; Or else, the
Spirit by whole Inspirations the Prophet's foretold the Time and Cir-
cumstances of Christ's Sufferings, and is therefore called the Spirit
of Christ. The former seems to be the more natural Sense.


Ine mean

17 And if

4. D.66. 16 Because it is 16. For those Expressions (Lev.

written, Be ye holy, ii. 44.-xix. 2. —xx. 7, 26.) where-
for I am holy. in the Jewish People are exhorted to
be holy as God is holy, are much more engaging upon us of
the Christian Church.


17. And this does most specially on the Fatier, why

concern such of you as are newly without respect of fer converted from the Heathen to the fon judgeth according Christian Religion, from the Worship to every man's work,

of Idols to that of the One True God. pass the time of your

Now, that you are receiv’d into the sojourning here in fear :

true Church of God, with the same

Goodness and Mercy as the Jews themselves are, and shall be judged and rewarded equally with them ; you are obliged to particular Care and Watchfulness over your future Conduct.

18 Foraimuch as ye 18 & 19. You ought to confiknow that ye were der yourselves as Captives redeemed not redeemed with cor- from a State of Ignorance and Idolaruptible things, as filver and gold, from try, wherein you were originally edu

cated. And that the Purchase was your vain conversation received by tradition not procured by the most valuable from fathers :

thing this World could afford, but your 19 But with the cost the Blood even of Christ him. precious

blood of self the Son of God; a Person of most Chrift, as of a Lamb exalted Dignity and perfect Innowithout blemish and cence. without spot.

20 Who verily was 20 & 21. Even that Mefiah, fore-ordained before originally designed by God for the foundation of the the Redemption of all Mankind; world, but was mani- but, tho’ promised from the first, feft in these last times and all along described by the Jewfor you ;

21 Who by him dois Prophets, to that people ; yet believe in God that was not actually sent into the World raised him up from for that Purpose, till this last and the dead, and gave great Dispensation of the Gospel;

him glory, that your wherein his Religion was intended I ni imas to be proposed equally to you | and them, by us his Apo

Alles, and demonstrated to us all, by his Resurrection from the Dead, as a sure Pledge of our future Happiness, upon our fincere Obedience. So that, by being Christians, you


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faith and hope might do not forsake God (as the obstinate A. D. 66. te * in God. Jews vainly pretend) but do most effectually * believe in Him.

22 Seeing ye have 22. And fince you have engaged
purified your souls in to reform your Lives, by Obedience
obeying the truth to this pure and spiritual Religion,
unto unfeigned love of one of the chief Duties whereof, is
the brethren; see that an universal Love and Charity to all
gue love one another ġour Christian Brethren; be sure to
with a pure heart fer- practise that principal Virtue with
vently :

the utmost Ardour and Sincerity.
23 Being born a 23. Remember, that by embra-
gain, not of corrup- cing this Profession, you become
tible feed, but of in the Church and People of God, in
corruptible, by the

a Sense much more excellent than
Word of God, which the Jews were by their natural De-
liveth and abideth for

scent from Abraham and the Patri

archs ; or than any Profelyte could be, by joyning himself to their external and Ceremonial Worship. You are regenerated and made the Children of God, by the Belief of those Gospel Doctrines, the habitual Practice whereof will work in you those excellent Graces and divine Virtues, that will for ever adorn and make you happy:ll

|| See Joh. i. 24 For all flesh is

24 & 25. Those Privileges of na- 12, 13. and as grass, and all the tural Descent the Jews so much glory of man, as the boast of, the Succession in Rich and flower of grass. The Noble Families, by any Civil Relagrass withereth, and the flower thereof

tion or Institution, are mere external

and fading Blessings : As Ifaiah for2; But the word of merly represented them. But the the Lord endureth for Blessing of being taken into God's

And this is the Church, by embracing the Revelaword which by the tion of Jesus Christ, is of the utmost gospel is preached un- and everlasting Consequence to us.

And thus the Gospel we preach to you is truly what i aiah there described it, The Word of the Lord that endureth for ever, Isa. xl. 6, 7, 8.

Y 2

C H A P.

bere ver. 24

falleth away :


to you.

* Ver. 21. That your Faith and Hope might be in God, óse shy mis on üprivai iis sóv. So that your Faith-vis in God,

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