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The Harbors Act.-1913.


8. 13.

with an account of receipts and payments for such year, and such W.A. Act 35, 1906, other statements as are necessary, to be compiled from the books of account and submitted to the Commissioner of Audit for audit.

(2) The Commissioner of Audit shall audit such balance-sheet, account, and statements, and shall report thereon, certifying that he has found the accounts in order; that, in his opinion, the accounts are properly drawn up so as to present a true and correct view of the transactions for the period under review as shown by the books; that all items of receipts and payments and all known liabilities and assets have been brought into account; and that the value of all assets has in all cases been fairly stated; or otherwise, as to any of such matters, as he finds the case to be.

(3) The Commissioner of Audit shall, in respect of such balancesheet, accounts, statements, and audit have all the powers conferred on him by "The Audit Act, 1882."

241 of 1882.

audited and furnished


101. The Board shall furnish to the Minister a true copy of the Accounts to be balance-sheet, accounts, and statements so audited, and copies of such accounts, together with the Commissioner of Audit's report thereon, shall be laid before both Houses of Parliament, if Parliament is in Session, and if not, then within seven days after the beginning of the next Session of Parliament.



W.A. Act 17, 1902,

102. The Governor may from time to time, on the recommenda- 8. 60. tion of the Board, make regulations

Cf. S.A. 237, 1881,
s. 37, 281; 691, 1897,
8. 5.


(1) For the control, supervision, and guidance of officers and
servants appointed under this Part;
(2) Regulating all matters relating to the protection of life and Navigation in
property, and the safe navigation of harbors and the good
order of shipping therein;


Cf. S.A. 691, 1897

8. 5.

(3) Regulating the use, management, and superintendence of Ibid. harbors and moorings;

(4) Regulating the admission of ships into harbors, and into, Ibid. near, or alongside wharves and moorings, and their removal therefrom;

(5) Regulating the receipt by and discharge from ships of ballast Ballast. in harbors and other places within the limits of the juris- 237, 1881, s. 37. diction of the Board, and fixing the places in harbors and elsewhere where ballast may be excavated or raised;


(6) For the prevention of overloading or overcrowding of vessels; Overloading. (7) Regulating the mode and place of mooring and anchoring Mooring.

vessels, their position and government in harbors, and their S.A. 691, 1897, s. 5. unmooring and removal out of harbors;

(8) For enabling the harbormaster to ensure the observance of W.A. 17, 1902, s. 60. such regulations as referred to in subdivision (7) hereof, in



Management of anchors and gear.

S.A. 691, 1897, s. 5.

Shipping and embarking.

W.A. 17, 1902, s. 60.

Dues, charges, and rates.

S.A. 237, 1881, s. 37.

W.A. 17, 1902, s. 60.

Use of wharves, &c.

Lights and signals,

S.A. 237. 1881, s. 37.


Life-buoys, &c.


Communication between vessels.

Lighthouses, &c. Ibid, s. 26.

The Harbors Act.-1913.

case of non-compliance therewith, by mooring, unmooring. placing, or removing a vessel, and for that purpose to cast off or let loose any warp or rope, or unshackle or let loose any chain by which the ship is moored or fastened, first putting on board a sufficient number of persons for the protection of the ship in case there is no person on board to protect it;

(9) For the slacking down or heaving in of anchors, cables, hawsers, and other fastenings, topping or bracing of yards, rigging in of booms, davits, bumpkins, and other projecting gear of ships in harbors;

(10) Regulating the times, places, order, and mode of the shipping, unshipping, landing, warehousing, stowing, and depositing of goods (with special regulations and restrictions in the case of dangerous goods), and the landing and embarking of passengers, and the taking in and delivery of ballast;

(11) Fixing, imposing, levying, and receiving all light, harbor, warehouse, tonnage, mooring, pilotage, and berthing dues, wharfage charges, and harbor improvement rates, and other dues, charges, and rates;

(12) For the exemption of ships in the service of His Majesty or of any British possession, or in the naval service of any foreign power, and of other vessels, from dues, charges and rates;

(13) Regulating the use of wharves, docks, quays, landing stages, and other landing places, the appointment of persons to preserve order, and generally regulating the traffic thereon;

(14) Prescribing and regulating the lights and signals to be carried by any vessel within harbors, and for the better prevention of collisions within harbors;

(15) Prescribing and regulating the use of distress and other signals;

(16) Prescribing and regulating the boats, life-buoys, and lifejackets or belts, and other means of saving life at sea, which are to be carried by vessels.

(17) Regulating the use of lights and the employment of watchmen on board ships and boats when moored or anchored in a harbor or at a wharf;

(18) Regulating the communication between vessels or between wharves and vessels by means of gangways or otherwise; (19) Regulating the conduct, management, superintendence, and protection of all lighthouses, buoys, and beacons, and all harbor marks within the limits of the jurisdiction of the Board, and all wharves and other harbor works;

(20) Regulating

The Harbors Act.-1913.



s. 60.

(20) Regulating the use of cranes, weighing and other machines, Cranes, &c. weights and measures, and conveniences or appliances W.A. Act 17, 1902, belonging to the Board, and fixing charges to be paid for the use of the same;

(21) Regulating the working and the provision of servants and Loading and laborers for the working of cranes, weighing machines, unloading.

s. 15.

and other machines and conveniences erected or provided W.A. Act 35, 1906,
by the Board for use in the loading and unloading of
goods on wharves, and prescribing the rates or charges for
the same, and for the handling and storing of goods;

(22) Regulating the cleansing, repair, and effectual preservation Maintenance of docks, of docks and wharves, and providing for the keeping and W.A. Act 17, 1902,


maintenance of the same in a fit state for the convenience s. 60.

of persons walking upon or landing on or embarking from
any such wharf;

(23) Regulating the duties and conduct of all persons, as well Duties of employés officers and servants appointed under this Part as other

persons, not being officers of Customs, who are employed
in harbors;

(24) Providing for the control and management of ferry boats Ferries.
plying for hire in harbors:

S.A 237, 1881,

ss. 26, 37.

(25) Providing for the registration and licensing of tugs to Tugs. conduct vessels into or out of harbor, and fixing the fees Ibid., s. 37. to be paid for such licences;

of wharves.

(26) Regulating the erection of private wharves, and the granting Erection and lease and determining the conditions of leases of and licences as to public wharves, situated within the limits of the jurisdiction of the Board, or wharves erected, or to be erected, by any person within such limits;

and others.

S.A. 237, 1881, ss. 26, 37.

(27) Providing for the registration and licensing of owners of Licensing of boatmen ballast lighters and boats, master boatmen, boatmen, watermen, ballastmen, bargees, and others; (28) Providing for the registration and licensing of all ballast Ballast and other lighters and boats, tank boats, cargo boats, lighters, and other vessels and boats plying for hire, either for goods or passengers, within harbors, and fixing the fees to be paid for such licences;


W.A. Act 17, 1902,

8. 60.


(29) Providing for the inspection of all such lighters, boats, and Inspection of boats, vessels, and preventing the use of such as are unsea- Ibid. worthy or insufficient;

(30) Providing for the name of each lighter, boat, or vessel and Ibid. the name of its owner being shown thereon;

(31) Regulating the conduct, and for the punishment of mis- Licensed boatmen. conduct, of licensed owners of ballast lighters and boats, Ibid.

master boatmen, watermen, ballastmen, and bargees, and

other licensed persons when practising their callings;

(32) Fixing

PART 11.


Fares for boats.


W.A. Act 35, 1906, 8. 15.

Boatmen, carters, &c.


Traffic on wharf. W.A. Act, 17, 1902, s. 60.

Pilotage and Pilots.

S.A. 237, 1881, ss. 26, 37, 281.

W.A. Act 17, 1902, s. 60.

S.A. 237, 1881, 8. 281.

S.A. 237, 1881, ss. 37, 281.

Ships' surveyors.
Ibid., s. 398.

The Harbors Act.-1913.

(32) Fixing the fares and charges for the carriage of persons and goods in licensed lighters, boats, and vessels of the several kinds herein before mentioned, or any of them, according to either time or distance;

(33) Regulating the charges to be made by licensed boatmen,
porters, and other carriers;

(34) Prohibiting persons from acting as boatmen plying for hire,
porters, cabdrivers, carters, carmen, or otherwise in the
carriage of goods or passengers without previously obtain-
ing and continuing to hold the licence of the Board;
(35) Prescribing the duration of and the fees for any or all such
licences as herein mentioned, and providing that the issue
of such licences and the cancellation thereof shall be at
the absolute discretion of the Board;

(36) For the guidance of porters, cabdrivers, carters, carmen, and
others carrying goods or driving horses, cabs, carriages,
wagons, carts, drays, trucks, or other vehicles for con-
veying passengers or goods and other commodities on

(37) Regulating pilotage:

(38) Appointing pilot stations, and regulating the conduct and management thereof;

(39) Appointing the place or places where pilots shall board and take charge of ships entering, intending to enter, or departing from harbors;

(40) Regulating the licensing of pilots and apprentices, and the issuing, revocation, and suspension of their licences;

(41) Determining the qualifications to be required of persons seeking to be licensed as pilots or apprentices;

(42) Regulating the licensing of pilot boats and ships, and the revocation and suspension of licences therefor;

(43) For the government of pilots, and for ensuring their good conduct and the effectual performance of their duties; (44) Prescribing pilotage rates and determining the nature of the services for which such rates respectively shall be payable;

(45) Regulating the time of payment for pilotage services rendered to any vessel;

(46) Regulating the granting, issuing, revocation, and suspension of pilotage exemption certificates;

(47) Regulating the licensing of persons as surveyors of the hulls and cargoes of vessels, and the issuing, revocation, and suspension of their licences;

(48) Determining the qualifications to be required of persons
seeking to be licensed as such surveyors ;

(49) For the government of such surveyors, and for ensuring
their good conduct and the effectual performance of their
(50) Prescribing

The Harbors Act.-1913.

(50) Prescribing the remuneration to be paid to such surveyors, and determining the nature of the services for which such

remuneration shall be payable;

(51) Regulating the time of payment for the services of such



and dues.

(52) Empowering a collector, either alone or with other persons, Collection of rates to enter a ship in order to ascertain the dues, rates, and charges payable in respect of the ship or of the goods therein;

W.A. 17, 1902, s. 60.

(53) Requiring the master of every ship to report his arrival Duties of masters of within a specified time after his arrival;


(54) Requiring the master of every ship to produce the certificate Ibid.
of registry to any officer on demand;

(55) Requiring the master of every ship to give a copy of the Cargo.
bill of lading or manifest of the cargo, or other proper Ibid. (altered).
account of goods intended to be unshipped, and the
name of the consignee or other person to whom they
are intended to be delivered, and a copy of all alterations
in or additions to such bill of lading, manifest, or other
proper account;

(56) Requiring the master of every ship to give notice of the Ibid.

intended time of unshipment;

(57) Requiring the shippers of goods to furnish accounts of the Duties of shippers. goods intended to be shipped;


of dues.


(58) Regulating the time when dues, rates, and charges on goods Time for payment shipped or unshipped are to be payable ; (59) Limiting the liability of the Board for goods deposited, Limiting liabilities of stored, in transit, warehoused, landed, lodged, or left on any part of the property of the Board, including all W.A. Act 35, 1906, wharves and sheds, in case of damage to or loss of such goods from any cause whatever;

8. 15.

(60) Limiting the amount of liability on each package of goods Ibid.
coming into the custody of the Board, and enabling the
Board to rely upon, and the owners of goods to be bound
by, all statements, exceptions, and conditions indorsed

on ships' receipts, bills of lading, or ships' manifests
for goods, as to declarations of value;

(61) Fixing what are to be regarded as the ordinary working ibid.
hours of harbors or any of them, and limiting the liability

of the Board for the condition of goods discharged at any
time except during such hours;

(62) Exempting the Board from liability for damage to goods Ibid.
caused or contributed to by insufficient protection or

(63) Exempting the Board from liability for damage to or loss Ibid.
of goods which have been delivered on their premises, but
for which the Board or their officers or servants have not
given a receipt;
(64) Exempting

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